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The Wenger RangerGrip 79 is one of the best SAKs i have ever used!

24. feb, 2017
bloggy update :)
Mad scientist update :)
22. aug, 2015
Welcome to
I have been into SAKs for over 12 years and i have had for about two years. I am an enthusiast and like both Brands in history. 99,9% of all articles and pictures are done by me. Hope you like it here!
Some of the Rank i hold :)


SAK enthusiast:

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some of my interests:

ergonomics, locking mechanisms, stamps, evolution, milestones, functions, quality, sharpening, technical mechanic functionality, durability, history, maintenance and fake products.

Other interests:

Fishing, LED technology, crafts, ufology, history and the nature


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Trond | Svar 16.02.2017 08.48

Thank you everyone for visting and following Please continue to take a look Do not hesitate to send me questions.

Trond | Svar 23.12.2016 20.55

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Joe | Svar 13.07.2016 23.20

Thanks again, Trond.Very interesting. I also prefer the Eco-Line model.

Trond 14.07.2016 10.25

Thank you very much.

Joe 13.07.2016 23.27

I should have searched this site much more closely. There is a fascinating report on these gardening-type knives here:

Joe | Svar 13.07.2016 16.16

Thanks Tround. Version I have does not have serrated blade. View here:

Trond 13.07.2016 22.44

I can also mention that red is economy /Eco-Line with hot stamp emblem. Black is normal line with brass liners. This knife i prefer Eco-Line made.

Trond 13.07.2016 22.37

Hi Joe, yes it is practically the same as the Gardener. Used by Gardeners, Electricians, Fishnet makers and for twine cutting + much more, very good knife! BR

Joe | Svar 12.07.2016 23.14

Hello, Is there any information about the Victorinox Twine Folding Knife (described as such in the US) and called a Biltong (jerky beef) Knife in South Africa?

Trond 12.07.2016 23.59

Hi, could be the same as the Gardener knife with key-ring. Sheepfoot style blade used by Gardeners, electricians and craftsmen + much more. serrated blade?

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19.02 | 11:20

You are welcome :) Wenger used the Chain 1975-early 2000s. It is not easy to get separate. My advice is to get a used one from a Wenger knife and attach it :)

19.02 | 02:21

Thanks for answer! Also do you know where to buy the Classic Wenger keychain? I will send some pics when mine arrives to home.

18.02 | 00:08

Hi, Thanks! It can be both, the normal Classic red got an inlay. It is also made in red with pad print. My email : to be 100% sure. BR

17.02 | 22:44

Great article! Do you know if the Wenger shield is print in the late Tradesman? Thanks!

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