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The Wenger RangerGrip 79 is one of the best SAKs i have ever used!

19. mai, 2018
Survival is many things
Just a little note about survival because we that are into SAKs, MTs and Swiss knives wonder a bit.
I am not a survivalist but I am very interested in knives and tools. It is very trendy today with survival videos and people into this. It is no problem and it can be very interesting. From time to time I like mention that we must be careful and be very grateful for all the quality knives and tools made today. I get a bit sad when people complain on the internet about fixed blades and knives that breaks during so called survival tasks. To be honest I am rather shocked that survivalist can say that this and this knife cannot be used for survival! The reason for this is that will be able baton or be used as an axe. If we look upon people in the stone-age that managed to survive with a flint knife and today people would not manage this with a stainless steel full tang fixed knife 5mm thick. The answer for this is simply it is nothing wrong with the knives and tools but rather a wrong survival philosophy and limited skills.
To be able to use only one knife for everything is great and I am impressed but we must not forget that people before managed this with very simple tools but today people destroy knives on the internet and say that this cannot be used for survival. Again I am a collector, researcher and user of knives and tools and not a survivalist. I do have some knowledge anyhow. A fixed blade knife, an axe and a multi-tool then you have the best philosophy for survival. To build a complete survival mindset around just one blade and start to beat on it then I am not following completely no.
14. mai, 2018
13. mai, 2018
4. apr, 2018 continues to be a independent free-service for information and any questions. Please feel free to ask any questions. I have been into SAKs for 14-15 years as a collector and researcher. Emails you can use are listed below under SAK enthusiast. Best Regards
24. mar, 2018
Wenger display cabinet!
14. mar, 2018
23. feb, 2018
Victorinox article in Blade Magazine
22. aug, 2015
Welcome to
I have been into SAKs for over 12 years and i have had for about two years. I am an enthusiast and like both Brands in history. 99,9% of all articles and pictures are done by me. Hope you like it here!
Some of the Rank i hold :)


SAK enthusiast:

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some of my interests:

ergonomics, locking mechanisms, stamps, evolution, milestones, functions, quality, sharpening, technical mechanic functionality, durability, history, maintenance and fake products.

Other interests:

Fishing, LED technology, crafts, ufology, history and the nature


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Thor Danielsen | Svar 31.10.2017 18.59

A great page. I love it!

Trond 01.11.2017 19.59

Thank you very much Thor!

K | Svar 26.04.2017 00.50

Hello, I'm interested in genuine Wenger scales. Were the genuine ones always made with inlaid metal logo? Or was there a version with a painted on logo?

Trond 08.05.2017 11.22

it may be that the SAK you have must have the older scales, it Depends on the design and attachment Methods. They are very difficult to find BR

Trond 08.05.2017 11.18

Hi, could you send pics of the 2 knives to The most modern inlay is made of plastic, metal and color, made to follow the surface of the scale.

K 08.05.2017 10.27

I looked everywhere for replacement scales (red) that have the same metal inlay, but without success. I know that Wenger stopped in 2013. Where I might find it?

K 08.05.2017 10.22

I have two Classic 07's, one bought around 2000, the other - a week ago. The older has metal logo, the newer - sort of plastic or ceramic... I cannot be sure.

Trond 26.04.2017 09.12

Hi, Yes Wenger used inlay, hot stamped and painted/pad-print. Depending on category if it was Main line, Budget line or advertising line.

Trond | Svar 16.02.2017 08.48

Thank you everyone for visting and following Please continue to take a look Do not hesitate to send me questions.

Trond | Svar 23.12.2016 20.55

I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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14.05 | 11:59

Hi, thank you very much! Best Regards

14.05 | 10:33

Just a little add to your phantastic website: The knife on top of the page "battle fakes 2" is a pocket-knife from France, the manufacturer ist PRADEL.

14.03 | 18:55

Hi, thank you very much for question. I have received the email. I will research it today. BR Trond

14.03 | 17:12

Trying to identify date on a Victorinox believed Mod 53751 0.6200.10 Companion Red Alox with no key-ring. Also the Victorinox stamp is at a right on tang.

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