Ranger knives

Gammel og ny Ranger kniv, disse har det lille ekstra. Meget gode Sveitserkniver.
To typer for frigjøring av lås, for å kunne lukke bladet inn.

On the old and new Rangers:


I like the old Ranger knife, it is a very interesting design, in 1990 Wenger introduced new knives in a 120mm category. Even knives in collaboration with Buck in the USA with special handle designs.

The old Ranger is a good size construction with larger tools, all of them fit into a more professional use. If we look on the difference between the old and new then we see that the evolution Rangers got many changes.

First on old – the locking mechanism and slide button operates the liner, and the way it is done with two hooks is just brilliant.  Another very smart design is how the liner will lock the blade.

Det er forandret litt på plasseringen av funksjoner. Wenger introduced the New Rangers in 2007


Then Wenger designed a new construction and knife, now we see a fully developed 130mm knife designed new a-z. It is a knife with many differences from the old. The push button emblem will release the lock so one can close the blade.  It is a safer and more comfortable design.  The lock is only to prevent accidental closing like the old.

The blade and functions has changed places into a more comfortable placing.  The evolution scales on a medium thick knife like the Ranger 55 is very comfortable.

Another detail that may be very important is the rivets, they look to be a different material or changed, on the old it is a brass.  I got no special info on it.

Knivblader, den gamle nederst.

The blade now got a different shape and the edge is better on the new, it is sharper and it bites wood better.

The design, as i did mention that the old is a nice knife and fully usable for the more heavy work.  When it comes to comfort and design then the new is just top notch. It is not difficult to see that this Swiss Army Knife with the functions is made for the active outdoors.  A Swiss Army Knife must perform and I am not wrong when we SAK enthusiasts say “it is an advanced knife”. It is a technology in the hand.

One thing I also did notice – the use of the steel liner for the key ring is a very nice invention on them(on both, placing is better on new). I am sure that Wenger had much to say making these knives but I would love to talk to the main designer.  It is something extra done here I would say.

Glimrende kniver. Wenger designed the New knives new a-z, and the company got history from 1893, i would love to talk to the main designer at the Wenger Delemont factory. They are really nice knives.
both old and new Rangers had the liners and springs side by side without sharp edges.


From 1990 Wenger started with the old Rangers and larger tools and handles for more outdoors professional use. Also the old Rangers did use the press fit handles!

The construction of the liners and springs side by side got no sharp edges so you can use the thumb without scratching the skin. This is perhaps just a minor detail for most and i do not hurt if a SAK got some sharp edges on a liner. It just show the detail work from Wenger. The new Ranger got a blade that follow the spring and they use jimping for the thumb.Very nice design. I am not sure if any of the old Rangers had a similar design on any time in history?

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Parent company is Schiess AG:

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