This is my latest knife book and it is a joy to read and study. It got wonderful pictures and nice information. For many years I have studied knives from the world to learn and to get a better understanding about knives with history. It is not possible to become fully learned about any knives and especially Swiss Army Knives is an everlasting study to educate myself on. It is a smart philosophy to always have the mindset of learning from everyone. This book on the picture show fixed blades, folding knives and versatile pocket knives from London. Many quality knives come from England from Sheffield and London area.  Over the years I have read many books and I learn every day from this. Knives are so important for the history both positive and negatively if we say so. Regardless the history must be remembered. Knives are just as important today as before and without cutting tools the world would stop. What is important to remember is how the large knife centers of the world and especially Europe influenced each other. I show this book if you are looking for further knowledge about knives because it will help to get a better knowledge. The London Knife Book 1820-1945 by Ron Flook.

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28.04 | 20:00

Hi, maybe you can find one on online actions or ask big sellers on ebay and so on BR

28.04 | 06:25


You still have Wenger Ranger 51, I am looking for one.

Bye, Janez

19.04 | 08:35

Hi, thank you very much for message and info. Sounds like an interesting one you have there. Please send pictures will try to date it. BR

19.04 | 04:24

I have a victoria officer suisse.. But dont know what date.. Also the white tabs that are on the side of every knife almost like a toothpick..

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