Luraba 1981

Here is a very interesting philately letter with cachet and from the information I could find on the internet this international exhibition was held in Lucerne Switzerland in 1981. On it was told that the “ cachet designers in the Soviet Union added the Columbia space shuttle by mistake and within days this was pulled out in the Soviet Union”

This letter is from 1981 but it was used in 1992 after the fall of the Soviet Union so it is interesting.

Maybe someone had it stored and used it in 1992 or the post office had it stored away, let me know if you have any information.  Then on the wiki I found some information on the Soviet Buran shuttle program. This was developed because there was concern in the Soviet Union on the US space programs in the 1980s. The only orbital launch with The Buran was in 1988.

From history we know the story with the Swiss Army Knives used on the space missions and if you search on the internet you will find information.

April 12, 1981 the Columbia was launched into Space.


It looks like the Luraba 1981 is genuine with the year on the backside. The postage stamps are 1992.

Usually the year on the backside is correct on CCCP letters. It is very interesting!


It seems from the internet i could find that the Buran program started in 1974 and there are some different information out there.

On the picture above on a letter printed in 1993/94 and with a 1992 postage stamp on there is a drawing of a shuttle that got the Russian flag on it. It must be the Buran program shuttle. It is interesting with these drawings because it seems they have mixed more than one time. But this i believe to be it. From translation it looks like the writing and drawing refers to the Samara city and plant. Samara progress plant!



The Samara progress plant got history from 1894 and on the picture you can see the 100 year number, meaning 1894-1994 Samara progress plant. The plant participated in space programs and exploration and development of the shuttle Energiya-Buran!

information from

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28.04 | 20:00

Hi, maybe you can find one on online actions or ask big sellers on ebay and so on BR

28.04 | 06:25


You still have Wenger Ranger 51, I am looking for one.

Bye, Janez

19.04 | 08:35

Hi, thank you very much for message and info. Sounds like an interesting one you have there. Please send pictures will try to date it. BR

19.04 | 04:24

I have a victoria officer suisse.. But dont know what date.. Also the white tabs that are on the side of every knife almost like a toothpick..

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