It is important when researching Swiss Army Knives to follow the articles in magazines. During the last years the Wenger knives has become a real contender in the marked. It is always interesting for me to read what the hunters and users write and talk about.

In the Norwegian magazines Villmarksliv and Jakt og fiske we can read about tests and how people like the product. These articles got importance for a collector, this we have seen many times. It is good to know the quality but also in the future they will be collectable. When researching I did discover how helpful the information and pictures was to me. In the Backpacker magazine we could find old pictures and information.  No doubt -This gave us much knowledge.

Informasjonen I Villmarksliv og Jakt og fiske er best for vi som leser norsk, de er viktige for kunnskap og de vil ha nytte i fremtiden. De vil bli samleobjekt.

In the last Jakt og fiske magazine the Wenger AP snow 50 got top score.

Some of the last years magazines


In Jakt og Fiske number 3 march 2014 Wenger set of three knives for hunters did a very good test. It is going to be interesting to see how the Swibo line will be marketed in the future with the Victorinox stamp.

Lighter update

Top score for Wenger Mira!

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Love wenger news ranger Nguyễn Hiếu -PD Minh Trí Amitabha

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