This LED head light is the most used light by me ever.

It is an Energizer made in China and it got very high quality. This is maybe a surprise that I give this light ten out of ten points.  I have used this for many years and it did not cost much money, it was probably around 250 NOK.  This light I have used in much bad weather like snow blizzards, rain, cold and any seasons. It got four modes included a red mode. The light output is not high but it does work without any problem in traffic and for the usual tasks you need a light for.

The output is not dangerous for the eyes and it is possible to use this around people at close range.

It is useful to have both arms free and this is why a headlight works for me. I always have the light in the direction I turn my head.

I am surprised that the battery compartment shows no signs of any water or corrosion and I have never had the light start to blink because of contact problems. It is very easy to open and replace batteries. On the backside there is a soft material for comfort. Even the elastic headband is original.

The plastic front face can take impact without breaking. I have bumped my head hard against a wall without any break in it. The operation button for the modes is operated by the waterproof orange button. This is easy to use even when on the head. I found this light helpful when walking on ice and slippery surface.

The angle on the light can be adjusted just by moving the front face forward. When I got this light many years ago I thought that this part made of plastic would get worn out very soon. It did not and it is does not wiggle.

The quality of the LED used is good and it got the same output today like before. I use quality batteries. Three AAA is needed to function.

There is a US patent number on this product.

Small plastic grooves and counter part operated and hold the angle.



It is time for a update on this light

I have continued to use this LED light and I really cannot believe that it is still working and is intact.

I used it this in the early spring in my kayak in saltwater. The light is fully operational and there is no damage inside or outside. The strap is a bit less firm but I can adjust it some so it is secure on the head. Wow! Used for many years and it is a quality product for sure. It only got some small splashes from the saltwater. But everyone thats been around salt know how fast this can corrode.

Remember to use a light when you are at sea or around motorized boats or traffic. A light will save your life and it is also more comfortable for the safety for the people driving the boats. With a light they can see you more early and they can adjust their course the best.


Update 05.02.2015


Yet another year has gone by and i have used it this early spring(2014) in my sit on top kayak fishing. It is a very helpful tool for this because my hands are free. All i have to do is point at the area i need with my head. This light is the ultimate LED product i have used as mentioned. The soft material on the back of the light show some signs of wear by small pieces falling of it but not much. The head strap is also more worn and i continued to use the light fall (2014)and this winter(2015). It is still going strong!


Advantages and disadvantages


There are many advantages with a head lamp and some disadvantages.  The biggest advantage is the comfortable use and the advantage with free arms. A head lamp is perfect in combination with a second light as a backup. The combination can be to have one head lamp and one second flashlight with different abilities than your head lamp. This will increase the tactical possibilities and the functionality. The biggest disadvantage is the light discipline and to get used to not look at another person when it is on. It is important then to use the angle downwards and this will prevent another person to get disturbed.


Head covering

A head covering is no problem and i have tested this head lamp on a head covering type hat. Because a head covering follow the shape of a person’s head then it is no problem. If you use a hood over it then it is more difficult and may have some disadvantages. Still very helpful.



Combination update


A head lamp in combination with a multitool, SAK or any knife in the outdoors is just perfect. I have tested it!

quality light update

On the picture to the right is a textbook example on how the quality should be on a head lamp. I say this because this is how it looks after many years of use. It is intact completely and clean. This lamp did cost me many years ago 249 NOK and it would be able to compete with lamps that cost x 10.


This is inside the construction and it is clean. It is very well made!

On the picture above you can see the only damage on this LED Lamp construction. A few cracks around the rubber sealing for the switch. The switch itself is in full order.

The crack on the top is my fault because i bumped my headKul

I have continued to use it with the damage and there is no corrosion or damage on the electronic components/circuit yet. I will seal it from the outside today with something!


Angle construction update


There are 2 screws for the attaching of the front LED house module and this controle the angle set attaching as well. It should be tight enough to be firm and sealed and make sure to adjust both sides correct so it is both firm and easy to operate.

On modes


The modes are enough for different uses and the light output is fair. It is an interesting design with the front reflector/lenses design. This material did take hard use and it’s now sealed again because of the bump. I would expect or maybe it could be that the material will become more brittle in time, not sure.




The biggest advantage is the very long battery lifetime on the light. The three AAA lasts long and if you use high quality Alkaline batteries then you get an even longer lifetime. I must have used 100 batteries during many years for this. One test you can do is to see how even the LEDs are when on. On the picture above are the on modes and see on mode 2 for example how even the three are. Quality LEDs will be similar!




Another tip is when the batteries are dead not to take the head lamp of your head. There is a fair reflecting ability on this construction. This means when an external lightsource hits you then you will be seen.




The Patent number on this head lamp is US Patent No. 7,461,944 and it can be found on the internet.


One must also remember that sometimes there are some variations on the products but I am not sure yet. The Nichia Corporation is mentioned too.


I found the technical drawings on the lenses interesting!




There is also a patent number US D596,770 on the front module + China under. I recommend reading about that patent number as well.

On the picture you can see another very nice detail on the construction. There is a gap so one get the possibility to use different straps or attachings faster. Or replace. The edges on the complete attach area are rounded not only from use but also from the factory. This is why the strap is still the original one.






I cannot find any negative things to say about this light. It did take a hard hit by accident in a wall at home without any damage, the second time it hit hard under thick spruce branch and the result was the small crack on top. No water or dirt can be found inside or any corrosion. I have sealed it now.

Good luck



I forgot to mention one more detail and that is the age of this headlamp. I believe it is approximately 5 years and the reason for why i call it many years is simply because electronic devices that has seen much use in a hard climate or surroundings usually breaks before this time. The LEDs may last a very long time but the plastic casings or construction would fail. It is also because of the low cost and how much joy it has given me. It is still working and I will continue to use it. It has always worked for me!

Quality LEDs are very durable and they may last for many more years. I have put this headlamp under far greater strain than it was designed for maybe. I have never abused it on purpose because everyone that tested canoe, kayak or walks in the woods knows that sometimes it is unavoidable to not bump into an obstacle or when fishing from the shore on a slippery ground. It is just unavoidable to not experience the fishing gear and equipment spread around.  Same things if you are doing maintenance or other situations. It is a user and then five years is much, I hope you agree? It would be a bit different with a flashlight made of aluminum. This headlamp is completely different in construction and it is lightweight for many reasons.

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Hi, maybe you can find one on online actions or ask big sellers on ebay and so on BR

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You still have Wenger Ranger 51, I am looking for one.

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I have a victoria officer suisse.. But dont know what date.. Also the white tabs that are on the side of every knife almost like a toothpick..

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