The Dokka is made in Norway from my information.
It was mentioned that Victorinox did have contact with Adler before October 3 1990.

Helle in Norway has made pocketknives or imported folding knives in history before the knives on this picture too.

On the picture are from the top two knives made in Japan for Helle with a lock back mechanism. The handle material is a Micarta type. The surface on all the parts for the locking mechanism are mirror polished both inside and out. The blade with the Helle logo is mirror polished as well.

The number on this knife is 154 and the number one knife 153, the number two knife got a serious blade for sure.

Most interesting to us SAK people are the two knives with green scales and Helle logo. These are made in Germany by Adler Messer GmbH Leegebruch. This is located in the former East Germany.

There is history between Victorinox and Adler and this interesting for sure for us. I do not have any special information for you on this yet. Information on the internet and from collectors did mention knives could be made, by a license deal or so…..

The quality on the two knives from Adler is fair and they could be used as a SAK.

Information from Helle did mention that “we bought for some years knives from Adler Messer GmbH Leegebruch” I would suggest that the knives on the picture are from the late 80s.

The knife with Curly birch is the Dokka! Nice knife and if you want to see some pictures then check out my United Woods gallery.

Update year


The two knives with Micarta material are probably from the 1980s.

Adler knives update

If you have information for me on the two Helle SAK style knives then please let me know.

The blade is stamped Germany Inox, would this be a stamp after 1990? Maybe. There are a few interesting details on these knives. So far i have put them on late 80s.

It is difficult with these knives to be sure on the year or place.

Helle advertising knives update

I just got information from Bjørn about the green knives with Helle advertising.

They are from 1996 and there was some information about them in the number 1 issue of Knivbladet in 1997.

I am glad for this information because since this is not a genuine Victorinox knife it is difficult and not my field.

The Adler history in the 1990s is a bit of a mess. These knives with green scales and Helle advertising can be used as a Swiss Army Knife and it better than many knockoffs. There are a few interesting parts on this the larger one. But at this time and how this knife is made then I would call it a knockoff and it does not have the Victorinox quality.



I just looked on a few Victorinox 91mm knives and i believe i have found what was the the templates for the 91mm green Helle advertising knife! This is always fun.

I believe Adler used two Victorinox knives to copy from or let us call them templates. The original knives are a 91mm Victorinox from 1980-1985 and late 80s. I would call it a knockoff because the functions look a bit different and not with the same thickness and so on. It is the construction, some parts of the springs and a few other details that make me sure. Most of this green SAK is different on many parts for example the corkscrew, shim and liners. I am however sure that a Victorinox knife is involved in the construction with or without legal rights. It is a fun knife and interesting. I would just call it a knockoff style type.

Adler update


I just got some information that confirms my impression and it is surprising. Victorinox did send loose parts for the 108mm GAK German Army Knife from 1986-1997.

It is also my impression that the parts used on the other Swiss Army Knife does not look completely the same.

So it makes sence to me what i wrote about the knockoff impression about the green Helle knives.

Skåla update

Here is a nice knife that i have wanted to show you and talk about. It is a folding knife made by Helle with wood handle.

It is not so different from the Helle Dokka and this is called Skåla. This does not have the laminated blade. This got the Sandvik 12C27 blade and Cocobolo wood handles. The sheath or pouch is the same on both. I am very happy about the finish on the Skåla and it is comfortable in the hand. I am glad to see that so many of the details are well done.

The locking mechanism is very tight and secure.  It is a lock-back type mechanism and it is comfortable and easy to release. I am very interested in this type of lock and I have seen many knives over the years with many different variations on world knives. It is a demanding lock even for a modern production. There is nice structure and life in the wood that makes is beautiful to look at. The guard is made of wood and therefor this part could break if dropped or abused.  There is some thickness on the wood so this is well and the design and comfort make up for this. There are metal liners behind the wood(not behind guard).

 I am not going to use this knife because it is going in my collection of some Helle knives. I have used many of their knives and I know this steel very well and this is razor sharp. This is not a SAK but it is fun for the knife interest. This could be used in combination with a SAK for sure.

On the picture under the Skåla is another Helle knife and not a SAK:)

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Trond | Svar 14.03.2014 17.12

Check out my update on the origin too

Trond | Svar 14.03.2014 15.51

Hei Bjørn
Takk for informasjonen! Jeg skal oppdatere:)

Bjørn | Svar 14.03.2014 14.47

Hei Trond.
Knivene med grønt skaft,kom i 1996.Sto et stykke om dem i knivbladet nr 1 1997.
Serien besto av 10 kniver,med priser fra 68-369,-kr.

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Hi, thank you very much for message and info. Sounds like an interesting one you have there. Please send pictures TrondSAK@SAKhome.com will try to date it. BR

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I have a victoria officer suisse.. But dont know what date.. Also the white tabs that are on the side of every knife almost like a toothpick..

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