How to fix a net

Clamps can be very smart tools for many tasks. My net was broken because the flexible rubber attachment was worn off. Clamps can be found many places today and they can be reused as well.

I put a clamp on each side that makes the net a few cm shorter but still enough. The mechanism for folding the net together was also broken so it folded together when it should not. It is not fun to always remember what side to use.  I used a large clamp that makes this permanent deployed unless you remove the clamp again. After much use it is many times unavoidable that there will be many holes in the net because the hooks get twisted into it and it is a pain to get the hooks out again. I have had to cut the hook out some times. I just use some rope and seal the holes in a simple way. The result is that the net will get slightly smaller but it will still have functionality.

Do not throw the net in the trash because it can be repair to some degree.

Big nice flat track for the flat screwdriver so the clamp can be secured strongly.



It is also fully possible to use rope instead of the flexible rubber attaching. Then you can have the width intented. Use the clamps to attach the rope on the metal in the same fashion. There are other methods you can use for repair too. The clamps works very well and it is a quick repair. Only the imagination can limit them and they are absolutely valuable tools to bring.



There are different quality nets on the market for fishing. Saltwater and the elements will damage the equipment even if you rinse it after use. Rubber or plastic will get worn. A net is very handy because it is very easy to lose the fish when it is on the surface and in the air. Cod, coalfih, pollock and the fish got different mentods to get free from the hook. Some twist, roll or bend in ways to get free. The net will increase the chances to land the fish...

SAKs and saltwater


If you rinse, clean and oil the SAKs then the saltwater will not damage them.



If you are worried that the clamps are sharp and may hurt the line then you can twirl some tape around them. This is usually never any problem that said. This is because you guide the fish into the net and the line will not contact. Tape works fine if you are worried.





Strips are also very handy and useful. They can be used to repair holes in the net. The large strips can be used instead of the clamps but they are not as secure but they can be used.

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