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This year 2014 i experienced not only wind, current and twisters. It was heavy fog. It is smart to check the weather forecast before-hand. One time the fog came in faster than I could paddle with my kayak. I sat course for nearest land instead of taking the route that would enclose me in the fog. I took a good look around me to see if there were any boats near. The distance I was from land required no compass, even so it is dangerous in the fog because one may actually be bewildered and set a course outwards. I have heard stories from local people that this happened to. Have in mind the wind direction with the fog if any. Sounds, current and waves are helpful. If on a small island and the fog set in then it can be smart to wait. If you do go on the water with the direction home then paddle along the island and take a course for the nearest land you see and follow inwards towards home. This can be a longer route but more safe. A good head lamp can be helpful, the light does not go far in the fog but it is better than nothing. If you hear a boat coming closer then make noises.  Listen to the direction it is coming and be prepared to accelerate.  Stay close to land because even in the thickest fog you will be able to see some meters ahead or around.You are safe along land because you can go ashore. One time i managed to paddle faster than the heavy fog because i observed it from a distance. Remember that you will burn energy in such situations and that the elements may influence you more heavy.


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19.04 | 08:35

Hi, thank you very much for message and info. Sounds like an interesting one you have there. Please send pictures will try to date it. BR

19.04 | 04:24

I have a victoria officer suisse.. But dont know what date.. Also the white tabs that are on the side of every knife almost like a toothpick..

05.04 | 18:41

It is maybe a compromise related to batches, models, thumb pressure depending on what side, ergonomics, riveting and the very solid design. BR

05.04 | 18:32

When in closed position the blade sits deep for protection and construction. Avoids opening by mistanke too. Thank you very much. BR

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