I just read on the news today about two people being saved by a flashlight. Without any other form of communication the only way was to use a flashlight and signal SOS. It took two hours before the signal was observed from land. They were saved! This is a very good example that it is the same today. On the sea a fire or a flashlight may be life savers. Never go to sea without a knife/multi-tool and the means for signaling. Many are surprised that today with all the forms of communication that one must use a flashlight. Never go without it because it can also be used if you have no light on the boat so you will be seen by other boats in traffic. It does not have to be that you are in distress.

Check out my LED and Rescue blades pages!


There is one important factor with flashlights. It is smart to have it with you home. Have one extra in the boat. I would recommend bringing the main flashlight home. This is to have a better control of batteries. A SAK, Multi-tool or a knife should always be personal safety equipment in reach all the time. It is the same with a flashlight.





 It is nothing to gain by having a low quality flashlight. Today it is possible to get a fair quality one for a rather low cost. In my LED pages I have discussed the importance of quality, with the circuit and contacts for comfortable use. It is smart to have an IPX standard that at least can take rain, the best is a standard that can take to be under the surface or completely soaked. The IPX-8 is a very good standard in my opinion. The materials used on the flashlight must be good enough for the sea. Today it is normal to use aluminum alloys/grades that are anodized for protective surface. This is important as well. It is important that if the flashlight have been soaked or splashed with salt water that you do some maintenance at home.





There is an advantage with a focus possibility on a flashlight. At least it must be a light that can be seen from a good distance.

SOS can be used with holding the hand in front of the light or by using the operating button. It is an advantage with a SOS signaling function because this prevents hand fatigue and more comfortable use.


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01.08 | 13:44

Thank you very much for message. Sure, send pictures of SAK, functions and tang stamps. Best Regards . Trond@sakhome.com.

01.08 | 12:49

Hi, love your site, found my father's 50's (?) knife, a tourist SAK vis a 234u with a different can opener and 'swiss flag', marked MONTRICHARD... info welcome

30.06 | 09:02

Thank you very much for comment, it is a nice model. Please feel free to send picture to Trond@Sakhome.com

29.06 | 06:00

than you for this post. I believe I have the 2.2311 model. Do you want a pic of it for your article?

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