Accidental closing


Accidental closing and correct use during force

If you study the you will find information at different places about accidental closing and correct use.

The Swiss Army Knife spring for the slip-joint construction is advanced and it can be made to have additional contact areas or parts that can help for preventing accidental closing. Lock to prevent this does not have to be a liner that supports the tang. It can also be like the Wenger design with a push lock design to prevent accidental closing.

On the picture you can see two giants in the evolution on a larger professional outdoors design.

It is unavoidable during force with push and turning motion that the function may close in. That is called accidental closing and the result may be injury or damage.

It is not possible to turn a flat head screw design without pushing towards it. Because it is a slip-joint design and the support is on the back of the function it is unavoidable that the function will close in where it is not supported. With practice it is possible to have a rather secure turning without a lock because the design of the construction with the tang, rivet and support is balanced as best possible.

The dimension on the slip-joint spring follows the size of the function itself and for what can of use it is intended.

At some point a locking mechanism must be made to prevent accidental closing and best performance. Wenger had already made push lock designs on the 85mm knives from the early 1980s and Victorinox has made different additional parts to avoid accidental closing on their knives in history.

The large Ranger Wenger knives incorporated the push lock design because it is unavoidable. The correct use for turning a screw must involve a pushing with the hand if not the screwdriver will slip out of the track and you get problems.

Swiss Army Knives got precision in the assembly, riveting, slip-joint spring. The Wenger spring is very advanced to able to take the push lock design. When you push it will enter the correct angle and be locked into the spring, rivet and construction.

The liner lock for the Victorinox flat screwdriver is very interesting and it is made exactly for all the correct reasons.


To better understand the reasons for locking mechanisms i have made some new pages lately:






Survival is not complicated at all and it is not about much money at all.  Some tools can be the difference between life and death.

On the picture you can see the picture I made with for the survival article.

The next picture is about another factor that is important and that is to be able to swim and that is one of the best survival factors to know.

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07.01 | 18:25

Thank you very much for question, yes, it should be from the second half to late 1970s i believe til tool configuration entered. BR

07.01 | 18:17

Thank you very much again, the Wenger Champ tool configuration continued to the end in 2014 if i remember correct. From the late 1980s it was not the largest BR

07.01 | 18:09

Tusen takk

07.01 | 15:52

Hello Trond. In what year Wenger Champ went on sale? Do you have that data? Ecxelent page, great investigation work and great data for collectors.

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