My handle design. Before oil.

Here is a junk knife that was going to be thrown away. It is a Frosts Mora Laminated steel knife with some age. It had a very interesting tang that I could learn from. The blade got a little slant to one side that is probably original. The front section of the blade is bend but this is not much that is not any problem nor will I do anything about it. The blade was red with rust and the edge was full of damages.

I removed the old red handle that was damaged and when the stick tang was exposed it was full of corrosion and rust. I filed everything and sanded it clean, it was interesting to see that tang construction that is very well designed for the bolster and handle. At the end it was pinned and that I removed. The tang was designed for a bolster and simple tollekniv handle. When i made a new handle everything gets sealed. The tang was designed very well for a handle and when sealed it will not rust inside anymore.

I reused the ferrule/bolster and fit wood inside it with Masur-birch. I used some left-over wood and a leather spacer. Used two component epoxy and glued it tight.

When I make a handle for such a knife then I like to experiment with a bit more fluid ergonomics and to test a few things. It is just a use handle that fit my hand and my need very well.

Then i took some force cuts to see how it performs. I did not bother with making a super surface on the wood or making the blade very shiny. I put some oil on and now it must dry.

The blade still got serious cutting abilities with a new and different handle design. An abused knife ready for the junk is saved. Made with simple means.

before oil...


Go and experient! Kul 

PS use your SAK in the process......


This blade can now see years of use and the little bent area can just be. It is not smart to correct such.


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30.06 | 09:02

Thank you very much for comment, it is a nice model. Please feel free to send picture to Trond@Sakhome.com

29.06 | 06:00

than you for this post. I believe I have the 2.2311 model. Do you want a pic of it for your article?

14.05 | 11:59

Hi, thank you very much! Best Regards

14.05 | 10:33

Just a little add to your phantastic website: The knife on top of the page "battle fakes 2" is a pocket-knife from France, the manufacturer ist PRADEL.

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