KNI.0040.2050 Silva khaki


Here is my latest Swiza knife and it is the C04 Silva Khaki. The functions I have shown before on my pages to the left. It is a very cool looking handle scale design that is special. I am very glad for these Swiss products that have high quality.

The special blade design and the angle it got from the handle from the hand when gripping increase the cutting strength. The design helps you. This knife is going in my collection.

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I går | 09:36

Hi, yes the information you sent are very good. BR

16.02 | 22:30

Very interesting stuff. I love to read more.

15.02 | 10:01

Hi. Thank you very much. Yes i agree with 1994 in general. It takes some years on different categories. Very good observation with 1994!

14.02 | 22:53

According to my observation change from touched cross to separated cross happened aprox. in 1994. Letter me and I'll send you evidences.
Thanks for your blog.

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