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I do like quality slip-joint knives and locking blades too. Traditional slip-joints can be used for EDC and other utility tasks. Slip-joint knives are also some of the best Gentleman blades in my opinion. The precision is very much important for the durability and safety. Slip-joint springs and functions can have different design details that can prevent accidental closing to some degree. This I find very interesting and some you can feel when you close the blade in. The clue when using any such is to make sure you only put pressure against the edge.

We do not know for sure when the first slip-joint design was made in the history of knives. What we know is that you can find countless Makers and designs made. I do believe we will have them for a long time into the future as well.  Victorinox dates back to 1884 and from then we have so many models made that it is difficult to count them all.

If you care for your blades then I always recommend using some oil on the friction parts for the best functionality. It will influence the durability of them much. Slip-joints like the free operation with little or no dirt or substances in the way.

I have had for some years now and I am very glad for all the visits and questions that I get. Please feel free to continue to read my pages and articles on many subjects. Basically I am interested in all fields on knives. Swiss knives are my main interest. I gather information and knowledge where ever I can. The models on the picture are going in my collection.

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30.06 | 09:02

Thank you very much for comment, it is a nice model. Please feel free to send picture to

29.06 | 06:00

than you for this post. I believe I have the 2.2311 model. Do you want a pic of it for your article?

14.05 | 11:59

Hi, thank you very much! Best Regards

14.05 | 10:33

Just a little add to your phantastic website: The knife on top of the page "battle fakes 2" is a pocket-knife from France, the manufacturer ist PRADEL.

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