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Today i would like to write an article on what i have been doing with ufology lately. From time to time I keep up the speed about the latest development and new knowledge that arrives. Because of this I get into ancient civilizations, cataclysms and religion. This is do as a hobby to learn and develop.


 It is very interesting the emotions and picture that comes out of studying ufology. It is only a small percentage that is good enough to be taken seriously. What I learn from listening to the bigger names in ancient civilizations researching is the problem with cooperation. Archeologists, Egyptologist, geologists, religious leaders, astronomers and people into ufology get problems with cooperating knowledge. What happens when an independent researcher discover a possible theory that got great possibilities for education for the world on earlier civilizations that may or not have had contact with extra-terrestrial entities will clash with each  other. This is understandable. Then it is about new discoveries with the discoveries of remains of earlier civilizations that cannot be wiped under the table. For example Gobekli Tepe that can be dated to early as 10000BC. If this is 100% correct then it is an evidence of earlier civilizations that was far more advanced than hunter gatherers. Knowledge about astronomy, construction, carving and agriculture around it suggest a society well above the traditional hunter gatherers. Scholars are afraid to let it sink in that the first civilization is far older than traditional teaching teach us. If we study the ancient Sumerians we see a civilization that was very advanced with buildings, astronomy, mathematics, writings, and the wheel just to mention a few. Knowledge like the Sumerians had is not something that happens overnight. It is a culmination of knowledge over a very long time influenced by other cultures as well.

The problem today is that archeology is political and when discoveries happens that disrupt this we get a development with a slow and almost impossible possibility to make progress.

I strongly believe that people like, Zecharia Sitchin, Erik Von Daniken, Immanuel Velikovsky and great Journalists like Graham Hancock are and was into some of the beginnings of human beings correctly.

If we study ancient civilizations we learn that cataclysms and disasters have happened because it is written down. When scholars study it they find evidence of it but it takes time in deed. I am a firm believer in that the human civilization on planet earth is far older than what is believed today. I also do believe that cataclysms happened that caused the close to extinction of human beings on this earth. I do believe that the human civilization witnessed the cataclysms and the colossal environmental changes. This caused them to migrate and find a place to start again.

I have studied history and I know what wars and conquerors did to ancient texts, art and buildings. Vandalism happened for thousands of years. Why Gobekli tepe was buried is extra interesting because it seems to be buried in such a way that it is intact after so long time. To bury such large areas like this site with numerous sites must have been a big project itself. This was done to preserve it.

The human civilization got a collective amnesia that prevents us from accepting evidence in plain sight.  It is only the beginning with such finds and we will discover that what the Bible tells us about cataclysms is true. Also what the ancient civilizations from all over the world teach us are true. We will learn about civilizations that had advanced knowledge 10000BC. How they started to build on even older remains of civilizations. I believe in a cataclysm hypothesis that happened at the Younger Dryas.

I do believe that the planets we have in our solar system once had a different placing and I do believe in a large undiscovered planet within our system that scholars and NASA are already looking for that the ancient people on earth have known for thousands of years. I do believe ancient people witnessed cosmic events and how the gravity caused havoc.

The true impression I have in my mind after the development within the last ten years is how the ancient Egyptians technology keep on growing in magnitude and the feats of performance done is a culmination of old technology that they continued to build on top of, the amount of knowledge they had would take thousands of years to learn without all the culmination of knowledge before them.

There is something missing in the history of our world from the transition of hunter gatherers to a society with agriculture. It is a scary amnesia in our history with a gaping hole.

I love the possibility for human to evolve into space but I do wonder why we are so reluctant to know why we are in a state of collective amnesia.

For sure we have had contact with extra-terrestrial beings in history that helped the humans to evolve both positive and negatively.


In the bible there is mentioned that God will never again destroy the earth by flood. In my opinion it is very important to respect what is talked about there and how people before lived. With ufology it is not about destroying any religion, causing fear or deliberate influence archeology. It is just to open for information and research outside the box.

It is no longer any doubt that during the history of the earth there has been many objects from space hitting us causing many disasters.

In or around the Younger Dryas the earth could have been hit my several objects from space causing extra ordinary cataclysms on this earth. It is very interesting to listen to videos and discussions about this. Events like this are not to joke about because we are talking about large parts of the world on fire, flooded and destroyed. It is talk about waves so large that it is unimaginable to comprehend. We are talking about the rise of the sea level and rainfall that is so extreme it is to be considered a destroyer of civilizations. All structures on a low level above water would be wiped away like nothing.

It may be difficult to write such information without sounding scary. It seems to me that the reason for why people in ancient times had such a fear for the skies. People had an extremely good knowledge about astronomy. With the intelligence human beings have it is totally understandable that we continue to have a slow progress getting more and more advanced. If a culture builds on older cultures that may have gone-under because of disasters and events then they had an advantage and a leap could be made.

The ancient Olmec made objects that were advanced and they passed on knowledge to other people. I have also studied some books about manmade disasters caused by chopping down the forests and fauna. Cultures developed as long as they had possibilities for agriculture, expansion, trade and infra-structure. All this depended on a stable climate in this area. When agriculture or harvest failed things slow down and eventually it could cause collapse. This is not something new because modern studies and excavations reveals that several cultures caused their own or at least influenced the end of their high cultures by deforesting just to mention one factor.

Climate change is not something new but rather a phenomenon happening during the complete history of the human race. That human beings influences and caused disasters happened before and today one of the main focuses of the world is climate change.


In ufology today i must agree that things are sliding out to much. Well I understand enthusiasm and in one sense it can be helpful.

All cultures around the world had religions and all looked to the skies. It is mind boggling to read about the Maya culture and astronomy. To read about the Egyptian culture that desired a religion perfecting the knowledge about life after death. There are mysteries around and under the great buildings there and the famous Sphinx seems to be several thousand years older than the pyramids. Eroded by water from a time when Egypt had a very wet climate. This is already older news but perfected today to be even older in date than first anticipated in the new theory. I read about Plato and Atlantis. I discover the sea peoples and their buildings. Slowly everything seems to build up to the next level of human awareness.  In ancient Heliopolis stones that are so large that it is mind boggling were used in the different buildings there. In Egypt stone coffins are found that are so large and well-made that it is unimaginable to understand how they could be made and placed. According to research they were made for holy bulls. How could the ancient Egyptians have so advanced mathematics and astronomy that is not possible today to reveal? This is because they learned from earlier cultures.

Cataclysms caused extinction in several areas for a long time causing people and cultures to migrate. When sea level and climate became more stable it was possible for people to rediscover ancient buildings and structures.

Ufology for me is the possibility that the earth had contact with extra-terrestrials that increased the amount of knowledge making it possible for great civilizations to evolve and stay for thousands of years.

Most intrepit ufology to be false but at the same time accepting the bible?


The scientists on the pyramids in Egypt had for some time in our modern world every answer about how they were built and why. At least that was what many thought. Then new theories arrived on how they were made and why. Most had the idea that every cavity and room had been accounted for. Then we learn about new much larger cavities. Then we hear rumors on cavities under and inside the Sphinx and in front of it. It turns out we are in chaos theory already again. More and more mysteries arrive on the construction and technology. In other words we do not know how the pyramid was made. We do not know all cavities in them. It is a real mystery that only grows instead of being solved. Modern technology and scientist cannot reveal it.


Modern technology makes it possible to look deeper into the ground to get detailed information much better than before. This will give new possibilities to discover ancient cultures but this depends on how willing the governments are. It is frustrating for me to wait for new information to arrive so we enthusiasts from all over the world can learn some more. It is little willingness and sometimes countries consider new finds to be so important for their history that they decide to put a lid on everything.

It is very little smart to believe that cultures did not develop to be great seafarers much earlier than the known exploration of the seas and oceans. If you read history you discover that trade routes were larger than anticipated and the reach by boat was larger than anticipated. It is many times an underestimation of people’s abilities and intelligence that is responsible for it. If a culture developed in astronomy, trade and infrastructure then it is highly likely they explored every bit possible for their knowledge and safety. If a culture existed that was seafarers and explorers then they would without any doubt try to explore and push the limits. The astronomy and navigation would without any doubt have existed earlier than known today. If people could build the pyramids in Egypt then they would be able to cross the seas too. Most great civilizations had large trade routes. There are certain things that never change with our genetic design. People inherit genetic knowledge and technology but the human psychology is the same always. We do not evolve as a species at all in such a fashion.

Man made big monuments in ancient time to show other people how advanced they were and to honor the Gods. The humans do not stop making wars and we do not change. Only an external outside help can change and help for a better development. If the world should collapse it is not for sure that we will continue a technological development like we have today. I do not believe the world will collapse and I do have hope for the future. Objects from space like comets and meteors can be stopped with modern technology.


In ufology I discovered modern ways to interpret the use of nuclear weapons used on the earth in ancient times. This may sound scary and unimaginable for most. It may actually be some truth in ancient nuclear weapons used on earth.

I really like to learn from archeologists, geologist, astronomers and Egyptologist when they speak on TV or on YouTube. To believe in ufology does not mean that we should abandon theories and knowledge. It only means that we should be more open for possible influence by extra-terrestrials in our history and that the world may have been corrected from time to time. Today if you ask scientists if we are alone in the universe you may get an answer that is clear that we are not alone. Scientists are looking for life in the universe on a large scale. We have actually come in a time where this option is growing. So are we wrong to like ufology?




Some impressions in my head that I have been wondering about lately again…..I like to have things like this going on in my mind to dwell on…


I write almost everything in English without any correcting programs so please forgive me if i have some writing errors.  It is unavoidable but I do believe most is understood. Today there are some great minds working in several areas of ufology and astronomy that can deliver some serious good theories and possible cosmic events. That people see things on the skies that are not possible to identify I can guarantee is true. All kinds of people experience situations and strange things that are very difficult to explain. Before when I read about mythology I had a hard time to understand why people could write and believe in such. I have been interested in ufology all my life and if you look upon mythology with the mindset of ufology then a different impression arrive. Astronomy has been one of the absolute key elements in ancient cultures and civilizations. The planets and our solar system represent together with key astronomy the making of pyramids and monuments.


The planets in our solar system may have had life in earlier times and space exploration and research are looking for life there. Earlier civilizations on earth got an almost morbid relation to the planets.


Planet earth got protection against meteors and extra-terrestrial objects that can collide with earth. One event that makes a big impression on me is the Tunguska event in 1908 that was an explosion from an object from space that exploded in the air. The moon, Jupiter and the earth atmosphere protects us from impact.


If earlier cultures without writing only passed on knowledge mouth to mouth then I would believe the precision of the astronomy would get large gaps and mistakes. They made objects and buildings to represent the knowledge to make sure it is everlasting. Still I wonder about how high cultures could develop and suddenly start to build incredible buildings that today cause great discussions and heated debate.


I am fascinated with the ancient words by Plato, Solon and the Egyptian priest. I will look more into that again.






So what do i know about unidentified flying objects?

I know about radar plotting and objects that appears doing impossible acceleration and navigation. This is something that can cause problems for several countries on earth. There are several times every year such objects appearing on radar screens in the world that send jet fighters up to investigate.

The UFOs are not made by any military organization with a guarantee. Such technology does not exist yet. These UFOs are extra-terrestrial and what they are is as the name "unidentified". We do not know what material they are made of and or if they are intelligent or just represent phenomenon’s but they are there and people see them. Radars are also no joke and should be used with care around people. They can be dangerous if they are very powerful. I have not kept up my knowledge on radars and equipment. Pictures and the camera on a mobile phone or an action- camera can actually be better than any sophisticated modern equipment to show strange events. The reason for this is that nothing can explain UFOs anyhow. Weather phenomenon’s and cosmic play can explain many things. The best radar plotted UFOs cannot be explained by any such today. That some military powers may have secret aircrafts I do believe in but not like those UFOs. I do not believe in conspiracies but I do believe objects are found on earth that cannot be explained yes. I do not believe in abductions or any x-files similarities. My impression is that human beings must do most of the tasks alone. When we get the first contact again it will be under very orderly forms and I have no fear in any of this subject.

Thank you for following me today....

20.02.2018 concrete

I found much talk about stones used on the great pyramids could be made of a concrete type. It is interesting and I have no doubt that such “concrete” containing elements for such a possibility could be done or made. I do not believe this is the case with the pyramid stones because if this was done then it would be found a lot of other things in the stones. If modern equipment is used scanning the stones then it would have been found several other materials in them including pottery, metals and other man made things polluting the stones. 




It is easy to "imagine and wonder" on how ancient megalithic structures were made. In a way it is very good for the human mind to wonder on things that is so incredible that it is not possible to not be baffled.  Some of the structures made in Peru are even more unbelievable to understand how was done. It is not so unbelievable if we look upon them a bit different. For example imagine that these people were just as advanced as anything today and that it was done by a much older civilization than modern scholars may say. We must not forget that educated people are schooled in their profession and that we must respect this. That said I believe that the structures and stones are far older than what is believed today and yes they must have been built by other civilizations and clearly show signs that the older parts are much more perfectly made. The megalithic stones are not an advanced form of concrete because if they were it would have been polluted by other things. I do believe that these older civilizations had better tools than most would give credit for, somehow we do not believe. The tools found are most likely for the work done on a later date. Some form of cataclysms happed several times and some of these are what we read about in the bible too. Some stones are so gigantic that it is just too advanced to even try to comprehend. Clearly this earth has been visited and ancient unknown civilizations walked this earth that we have not even a clue on. Clearly something is very wrong when the older structures are the most advanced!




It is very important that people in the modern world soon realizes what times we are entering. Modern equipment is getting so good that it is opening up new possibilities of human origins and civilizations. On YouTube you can find a large number of videos with the latest news on several topics. Gobekli Tepe and Gonung Padang is probably just the tip of the iceberg.


I have no doubt that information and excavations will be prevented and worked against by the Governments and scholars. The only reason for this is to halt the evolution because this has been done for decades on purpose. Megalithic sites are found all over the world giving signals that human civilization was far more advanced 10000BC. Information regarding Gonung Padang says it is much older than Gobekli Tepe so it leads up to a climax the world is not willing to admit and fulfil.


I listened to horror stories other places in the world about ancient sites being damaged on purpose so ancient people will look less advanced.


Something happened in the world that caused ancient civilizations to disappear and the next people built on top of the older sites. This is the case all over the world.


There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and I agree on this.


So back to the start of this text…. People must be aware that there are large pieces missing in the history of the humans. It is a collective amnesia and one of the reasons for this amnesia is the problem with the preventing of new information being revealed on a political level. I have no doubt that in some places of the world it was a crude Stone Age society and at the same time other places in the world it was large cities with infrastructure and advanced mathematics. That could read the stars and build monuments according to the stars.


When you are dealing with granite rocks that actually look to be machined then one must realize that it cannot be correct that this was done with a small copper saw, copper hammer and copper chisel. Where are the tools? On YouTube you see videos made by very trustworthy people showing drilling, saw and machine marks. Somehow people were able to build massive monuments then suddenly decided to make less quality buildings. One theory is that they used copper or bronze tools similar to a saw. It was thin, flat and with a certain length. This was used to cut granite so flat that it looks machined. I do not believe this was the case and when granite is shaped with curves and decorations then it is a different world. This is so difficult to do with copper and bronze that it could not have been done.


I do believe when listening to researches that there were massive cataclysms that wiped out the ancient world to be true.





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