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Here is a Swiza knife that got a camo system that need to be written some about. The model on the picture today is the C01 Moss green. Typically for many models with extra nice colors and variations are difficult for the camera to catch. The pictures are ok I feel. They are the best in the hand in reality. The camo or decorations on the handle got these special lines and angles that are nice to look at. If you have spent time in the forests or in the nature you see that moss got several variations in appearance and color shades. It is very beautiful to look at moss covering rocks, trees and places. It is the home for many important mechanisms in the nature. It is about the carbon balance and environment. In wet areas of a forest you can find moss with a very intense color that is beautiful. Not all moss is easy to remove because it can attach itself to very hard materials very well. Moss has been used by people for a number of things in history. This Swiza knife got a design that can very easy become a design and appeal that gets people talking. This is because it gives a different impression for the individual eye. Moss is also a nice hiding place for important insect.

In some angles this camo design or decoration gives the impression of altering the position of the design like you find used on navy ships for example.

The C01 is a very slim model that is very nice in a pocket for EDC. The best models for EDC got some extra functions still it is very smart to have. The colors and decoration is enough so you find it if you drop it Kul

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30.06 | 09:02

Thank you very much for comment, it is a nice model. Please feel free to send picture to

29.06 | 06:00

than you for this post. I believe I have the 2.2311 model. Do you want a pic of it for your article?

14.05 | 11:59

Hi, thank you very much! Best Regards

14.05 | 10:33

Just a little add to your phantastic website: The knife on top of the page "battle fakes 2" is a pocket-knife from France, the manufacturer ist PRADEL.

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