Today i am extra glad because i have my edition of the Swiza scissors function. I will test this for some time to learn and enhance the knowledge about this design. This model is called D08 Red and I have shown you before the other functions that you get on this particular model except for the scissors function. I am a bit positively surprised that the scissors function is so large. It is a different configuration compared to most Swiss Army Knives and Swiss knives. The design is special and it got a guiding section for the range of motion that you can find on Swiss knives. What is different is the size and operation.

The function is opened in a tradition fashion with a slip-joint design and when open it you can use the fingers to operate the tool for cutting tasks. It got a long sharp edge so you can cut more material at the time. You only need to press down because the spring system with the slip-joint spring will reopen it every time. This mean you get a comfortable functionality and you can get precision for the cutting tasks. It feels sturdy in the hand and it is very sharp. I will use this on many materials for a good time. It is always extra interesting when new functions are introduced. I am very glad for all my friends that are helpful so I can learn more.

Phillips screwdriver........


My first impression is very nice and it is comfortable for cutting. With scissors and wood saw now implemented in the Swiza selection of functions you get a full Swiss product with a huge possibility  for many models.


Traditional scissors on SAKs and Swiss knives are not so large. This depends on the category because large scissors was implemented before. The most traditional Swiss knives on the 84, 85 and 91mm categories to mention a few use/used scissors that is not so large. On the picture you see a Wenger type side by side with the D08. I have used the Victorinox 91mm and the Wenger 85mm scissors much over the years and I like them very much. They are very useful, durable and got the high quality functionality. Swiza implemented a new design that takes full advantage of the handle. You get the maximum amount of size on the function. Usually the traditional scissors are operated by a type of integrated spring or a separate spring. By using the thumb you can cut many materials. The Swiza design is special because you operate the two blades that form a scissor by the thumb and fingers. There are cut sections on the blades for the fingers to rest and the handle functions for stability like normal. It is very interesting. It is fully possible to hold the fingers at different parts of the two blades. You get a versatile cutting tool in deed.


The Swiza scissors got a very good stability and smooth precision. The edges are even and the sharpness is also very good.   The weight of the D08 is about 115grams.


I will test the scissors on different materials. What I can say so far is also that I really like how everything is rounded on the parts for this function so it is comfortable in the hand when closed and when you use it. Because it is rounded you can use the full length of the two blades with comfort. Another detail that I found on their webpage is that it is designed for left hand or right hand use, which is nice. Some multifilament cord and line can be difficult for most scissors and this included. It cut paper like a dream.  In many ways size does matter and in other situations size does not matter. In many ways it is the case that large tools does the job faster and that I agree upon. There is one detail that I noticed right away when you cut cords that can be difficult and you only kind off get it in between. Because the long edges on this you can just use it as a knife and let the flat-webbing, cords or small string just slide with some light pull and you cut it like nothing. Very nice.




The scissors cut paper types in different thickness very well. It bites into cardboard too. It struggle with fabrics and cords. That I expected because of the design. This is best for mono filament fishing line and paper types. The two scissors edges are very sharp and you can if you pull cut many materials including fabrics. Most would say that this is what you use the knife blade for. Well not completely because you can do better precision with this function and you can lock the fabric by pressing the thumb as you pull with the other hand. Or you can as mentioned above just hold it in reverse and pull the materials you want to cut. I always like to let the edges do the job on any Swiss knives. By having such a philosophy you do not use to much force on the functions. Same goes for the screwdrivers and other functions. That said the Swiza knife construction and designs are sturdy. It is smart to use the tools correct and to learn, gather information and get to know it. I will see how the weeks go on how the scissors knowledge become.  What we have now is an alternative to the traditional designs. This is good.




I have tested the scissors some more and learned a few things about it. It can be used sideways on herbs, grass and soft plants. Try it on the herbs when cooking.




I am getting used to the motion and the functionality of the scissors. I tested it on 2,5 mm high quality leather and it cut it rather easy. This I did just to see how the edge sharpness and design takes tough materials. I cannot see any areas of the edge that is changed after this. It is not recommended with such designs for such materials. Basically it comfortable to use but some cords, multifilament or materials will get in between the two scissors edges and prevent cutting. As mentioned before.


One thing I also mentioned is that you got the two sharp edges that form the scissors and you can take advantage of the longer construction. You got in a way two extra sharp edges or blades that can be used for a lot of cutting tasks.  With the main knife blade and the scissors you have in reality three fair size edges and that is a big safety factor.




Edge holding ability on the scissors is good, no change yet. Cuts paper like a machine. It can be used on hair and beard but it is not so well on adhesive bandage. Remember to make sure to keep the mechanism clean and oiled.




I am very glad that swiza implemented a set of scissors with this interesting design. Because of the design it is very easy to cut long straight cuts in paper. It is not so easy to cut round pieces. It requires some practice but possible. It can be used on fingernails to some degree. There is no change on any edge or construction. I would like if possible for Swiza to adjust or increase the precision on the inner section, this to make it better on cords and fabrics. It could be that the precision is there but it may need some adjusting in the design. It could be because it is a longer configuration that makes the scissors parts flex and therefor materials can get in between. By all means it is a high quality product but it got potential to be better. In the outdoors it can be necessary to cut bandage or adhesive-bandages to fit. Scissors are excellent for personal hygiene and maintenance.  It is the same thing in urban areas too. Like I mentioned it is nothing wrong with the sharpness of the scissors edges. It is sharp like a knife.




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