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Here you see my two latest knives. One is a really nice and educational shipping advertising 74mm blue Hoffritz Executive configuration. There are many factors on the functions that guide me into the mid 1970s, the scissors, tang stamp, Orange peeler function design and so forth. On Sakwiki you can find some information on such too. When the inlay advertising was made is a question. The other one is a very nice EKA advertising knife for SANDVIK! 12:45 The Hoffriz SAK got the four line backside tang stamp, also notice the older design on the nail-file. The Orange peeler tool got the serrations, fine screwdriver and sharp hook. The tweezers got the aluminum head. The scissors spring got the older design. There are several variations on the Orange Peeler, to me it could be a 1975 design on the waves/serrations and design. This SAK is very educational both in the advertising and the SAK with functions. I believe this executive is extra interesting for the date purposes. I have mid-1970s for the SAK itself for now. The advertising itself could be close or later. I am not sure about what material is used for the inlay. It is difficult to tell. Another interesting factor on these is that the liners are not aluminum, it looks to be nickel-silver. Not 100% sure. 13:36 There are several collectors you can look into for 74mm, example LEAF. I have seen a good number of blue 84mm with Hoffritz over the years. I have never seen this configuration by Hoffritz with shipping advert......For sure it is a Victorinox SAK:)

Welcome to Trond and 100% good knife philosophy

23. nov, 2020
The remake of a very nice Wenger SAK. What about the Victorinox one?
19. nov, 2020
18. nov, 2020
17. nov, 2020
16. nov, 2020
I was asked a question some time ago about «if I am an expert» I am grateful for such a remark, I answered that I am not an expert because there are no experts outside the Swiss house. I am just a specialist. Across the world there are many of us. We are enthusiasts and understand the versatile sphere. Most of us are slip-joint connoisseurs too. On a level about SAKs compared to knife people which is not familiar with SAKs then we are on a higher level. But not always:)
13. nov, 2020
12. nov, 2020
11. jul, 2019
Welcome to
Hi! I am Trond Ole and i am a collector, researcher and enthusiast about Swiss Army Knives and other Swiss knives. I have had for about 6 years now. I am independent, free and do not represent or work for any Company. Best Regards
Big Smile :)
This must be Captain Jack Sparrows knife :)
Here you see some of my hot stamped economy made SAKs. There is also one with only Paint. It is the advertising one b.l The emblem design is not only for economy line because you see it used for other knives. I so believe the economy line also used this design with paint too for the economy made knives after 1994 and on other knives. The advertising line used it too? I wonder if this is economy made or not? I really like the hot stamped ones as you see. One of the identifications for me is hot stamp itself, together with the tang stamps they are usually easy to identify but not always! Another thing is all the variations in them. Victorinox must have used a great deal of different ones. I got more of them in original box. The SAKs are good even if economy made. It is absolutely not a negative thing to find this design in only print. I do believe Victorinox use this emblem from time to time and it can also be special.

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 "PS I do not answer emails unless it is on topic, SAKs or such a sphere"

Information found on comes from dozens of places over my many years including Victorinox, forums, manuals, emails with Victorinox people, Wenger, Wenger people, internet, patent databases, magazines, enthusiasts and many other. The list is very long. 99,9% of everything on is done by me. I am one man doing everything including personal research, writing, pictures and designs. This is not an official page representing any Company. All the knives are mine, bought or traded from hundreds of places over a period of 15 years. Some i have also recieved from friends. If a knife or picture is not mine then i inform about it as borrowed and so forth.

Owner and administrator: Trond (contact me for further inquiries by email)



some of my interests:

Absolutely everything about Swiss Army Knives and Swiss knives

Some other interests:

Knives, including Helle, Brusletto, Strømeng, Leatherman, Fallkniven, Casstrom, Mora, EKA, Gransfors Bruk, Benchmade, Spyderco, Kizer, Gerber. I can also make my own knife handle and sheath. 

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OK Sender... | Svar 21.11.2020 18.18

Scissors file and knife opens on 1 side and Phillips #2 on the other. Wenger delemont Switzerland stainless, I can't find this knife. What's the value and date

Trond 21.11.2020 18.40

Hi, thank you very much for question. I will try to identify and date. BR, Please send pictures :

Agung Waluyo | Svar 20.01.2020 03.07

Hi Mr. Trond. is there any special way or rule to sharpen and maintain the sharpness of the awl and chisel? I haven't found such tutorial. Would you make some?

Trond 21.01.2020 09.08

Hi! Thank you very much for question. The awl and chisel can be sharpened by following the grinded angle on them. I will have it in my mind. BR Trond

Sebastián | Svar 11.01.2020 11.51

Hi Trond! Question, do you know if victorinox at any time reduced the surface of the nail file like wenger did? I saw this in a couple of classic SD nail files

Trond 11.01.2020 19.20

Hi! Good observation. Yes it seems there are some differences on them, both Wenger and Victorinox.
BR Trond

Sebastián | Svar 19.10.2019 12.29

Hi Trond! A doubt. Are the tools dating rules on Vic's regular and economic lines the same?

Trond 19.10.2019 18.22

I would say on the economy line without sewing eye up to 1987. With sewing eye 1985-1987 until today. The economy line got variations. BR

Trond 19.10.2019 18.18

Hi, good observation. The economy line does not follow the regular line. Some times it is close like the sewing eye can be 1985+ couple years on the economy.BR

Sebastián 19.10.2019 12.31

For example, if a Spartan economy line has a punch without a sewing eye, is it still pre 85?

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21.11 | 18:40

Hi, thank you very much for question. I will try to identify and date. BR, Please send pictures :

21.11 | 18:18

Scissors file and knife opens on 1 side and Phillips #2 on the other. Wenger delemont Switzerland stainless, I can't find this knife. What's the value and date

08.11 | 08:59

Hi, thank you very much for comment, sure:

08.11 | 03:11

Hello, I have one, but I’m not sure what year its from. Can I send you some pics?

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