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23.07.2021 I am very glad I managed to secure this years Helle knife. This is a Brand and knife I like very much. They are so sharp it is just crazy. On the picture you can see my safety knife I have used this summer in my belt for my Vest. Several years ago I got the interest for safety and looking at the world today it is obvious and clear this is more important than ever before.

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Hi! I am Trond Ole and i am a collector, researcher and enthusiast about Swiss Army Knives and other Swiss knives. I have had for about 6 years now. I am independent, free and do not represent or work for any Company. Best Regards
17.07.2021 I have used my kayak rather much this summer just for the joy. This is a picture from today. The water temperature is very nice now with some over 20 degrees celsius. There is some wind. The air temperature is very high. This is a wonderful summer.
10.07.2021. The Seagulls knows us very well and they always receive a good eating. Stopping here to clean the fish and then they get some. There are a few different fish now with a very good amount of mackerels. This summer I have just enjoyed myself on the water in small boat and my kayak. I have with me a Victorinox SwissTool, Victorinox 111mm safety knife and a Swiza pocket knife always. I also use a floating device on me everytime. Accidents can happen at any moment. This year many new boat users are on the water for the first time because of Covid virus. Safety is more important than ever before. In a kayak it is very smart to increase your strength so you can get away quickly. In general it is very nice on the water still. Modern boats got some incredible engines and speed. It is like rockets on the water.
01.07.2021 Some Goodies:)
23.06.2021 I got this beautiful 85mm Wenger SAK in the mail today. This model is the number 512. It is probably a 1965-1972 type construction. It looks like late 1960s to me. Older corkscrew with decoration groove, old nail file cleaner, old scissors. Wenger had many hand operations back then. The condition is super nice with strong springs and precision. Wenger used a different method for attaching the scales at this time with only one visible area(inside). This model is interesting because there is no awl on it. There are design features on the springs and assembly that can be extra interesting. The date is only for now. BR 13:02 I can also mention a thicker blade on this from the tang towards the tip. Wenger used a few different types depending on models. On some SAKs the blade could be thinner to fit other functions for example. This 512 blade is probably from the older production.
15.06.2021 Beautiful color Fomitopsis pinicola with guttation drops today.
A completey fresh and new Victorinox Hunter XT with me today for the joy of being on the water and use the body some. This knife is for sure very good for hunting. It is a formidable safety knife too.
On my way home i found this Polypore on the remains of a birch the beaver took. They are all over the wood on all sides. I believe it is Ganoderma applanatum without the spores. Really cool growing over water in the shade. Closer in there are some very flat ones. I will see...............15.06.2021 Yes it seems like this is artist conk...I will check from time to time for the interest.

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Information found on comes from dozens of places over my many years including Victorinox, forums, manuals, emails with Victorinox people, Wenger, Wenger people, internet, patent databases, magazines, enthusiasts and many other. The list is very long. 99,9% of everything on is done by me. I am one man doing everything including personal research, writing, pictures and designs. This is not an official page representing any Company. All the knives are mine, bought or traded from hundreds of places over a period of 15 years. Some i have also recieved from friends. If a knife or picture is not mine then i inform about it as borrowed and so forth.

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Absolutely everything about Swiss Army Knives and Swiss knives

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Knives, including Helle, Brusletto, Strømeng, Øyo, Leatherman, Muela, Buck, Fallkniven, Casstrom, Mora, EKA, Gransfors Bruk, Benchmade, Spyderco, Kizer, LionSteel, Gerber. I can also make my own knife handle and sheath. 

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Varga József | Svar 05.06.2021 09:14

Hello! I'm Joseph from Hungary. I've been collecting Victorinox knives for a while.
Now I have a Watch Case opener with cellidor grips.Secretary shape.I can't find anything about it.What I find are alox panels.
Can anyone help me when?
Thanks in advance f

Trond 06.06.2021 20:17

You're Welcome. BR

Varga József 06.06.2021 11:50

Thank you for your help!

Varga József 06.06.2021 11:49

Köszönöm szépen a segítséget!

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