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My latest Victorinox Camper with camping logo, late 80s
Unused functions,just some small scrathes on the scales
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Slide Lock Skipper

Welcome to Trond and 100% good knife philosophy

13. okt, 2019
Vibramycin advertising 91mm Spartan configuration
3. okt, 2019
1959 Richard Eichenberger can opener dates
30. sep, 2019
24. sep, 2019
11. jul, 2019
Welcome to
Hi! I am Trond Ole and i am a collector, researcher and enthusiast about Swiss Army Knives and other Swiss knives. I have had for about 6 years now. I am independent, free and do not represent or work for any Company. Best Regards
Superb safety SAK!
Nickel-silver, automobile Victorinox
One of the 111mm SAKs that made the biggest impression on me!
Bike Tool
Really cool item

SAK enthusiast:

Kontakt meg privat(contact me private):

 "PS I do not answer emails unless it is on topic, SAKs or such a sphere"

Information found on comes from dozens of places over my many years including Victorinox, forums, manuals, emails with Victorinox people, Wenger, Wenger people, internet, patent databases, magazines, enthusiasts and many other. The list is very long. 99,9% of everything on is done by me. I am one man doing everything including personal research, writing, pictures and designs. This is not an official page representing any Company. All the knives are mine, bought or traded from hundreds of places over a period of 15 years. Some i have also recieved from friends. If a knife or picture is not mine then i inform about it as borrowed and so forth.

Owner and administrator: Trond (contact me for further inquiries by email)



some of my interests:

Absolutely everything about Swiss Army Knives and Swiss knives

Some other interests:

Knives, including Helle, Brusletto, Strømeng, Leatherman, Fallkniven, Mora, EKA, Benchmade, Spyderco, Gerber. I can also make my own knife handle and sheath. 

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Aaron | Svar 14.10.2019 19.43

Hello, Trond. Thank you for your Website . Do you have a Wenger Spotlight in your collection?
If not , would you like to have one ? I would send you one :)

Trond 14.10.2019 20.40

Hi, thank you very much! I do not have a Wenger Spotlight, very interesting.
My email :
Best Regards

Sebastián | Svar 14.10.2019 01.32

Hi Trond. In the Wenger Evolution section, when you put "Change in the grind of the scissors" what do you mean with Grind? A synonym to help me translate it?

Trond 14.10.2019 08.23

Hi, thank you very much for messages and question. Yes, it is the change to serrations. Best Regards

Sebastián 14.10.2019 01.39

Do you mean the cutting edge of the scissors? Change From flat to serrated?

Bob | Svar 04.10.2019 02.18

Hi Tord, I found a new in box Wenger. The only tools are diamond file, blade, and scissors. It has a fly fish symbol on the scales. Do you know much about it?

Trond 04.10.2019 15.47

I believe it is a special model but made in some numbers, a comfortable price is 60-80 USD in New condition , BR

Bob 04.10.2019 12.30

Yes it has a diamond file on it. The owner asked me to make a “reasonable” offer and not waste his time. I’m not sure what to offer. Any suggestions?

Trond 04.10.2019 11.25

I also believe Wenger had a special model with the fly symbol

Trond 04.10.2019 11.23

Hi, Nice find! It is probably a variation of the Angler. I have never found much info on it besides it got a quality diamond coated fish hook sharpener. BR

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14.10 | 22:21

Yes for sure the lever spring scissors started without serrations. These you find 1973-1977. Thank you very much. BR

14.10 | 22:09

The super scissors 1977 got the lever system, got serrations and is self sharpening. The period 1971-77 May contain variations. Wenger started the future. BR

14.10 | 22:01

So the scissors with lever system were once had plain edges? Wow, I would never have imagined it! You have the best information about SAKs in the entire Web. Thank you very much, regards!

14.10 | 21:44

It is the same lever system from the early 70s, Wenger designed this because it is a safer and more durable. In the late 70s it got serrations.

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