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Skrevet av Edward Estes Wheatfield,Indiana USA, 7. sep, 2019
So far I have collected about 97 of these things and I still want more.The 91mm and 58mm are the main collection.I also started to seek out the 60s models with my oldest knife dating about 1968.I also mix and match 91s with plus scales so my EDC Fieldmaster has an ink pen and custom look with yellow scales.My lady keeps buying I keep buying these.I also give as gifts to close family and friends.
Skrevet av Chris, 6. mai, 2019
Great site! Keep up the great work.
Skrevet av John D, 30. mar, 2019
Greetings from Australia I love your page. I have some 91mm Plus scales like yours and noticed that there is a blanked-off tool slot on the narrow end of the pen and toothpick side. I can't find any 84mm or 91mm SAKs that have ANY scale tools on the narrow end of the knife. Any idea what that empty slot was designed for and if it could be opened and used?
Skrevet av Bob Warren, 20. feb, 2019
Hi, I have a Victorinox SAK that has a logo on the scale that I haven’t seen before. It is almost gone, but it clearly can be seen that at one time it was a perfect circle ⭕️, with a cross in it. The knife is old enough to have a brass bail, X pat. on the bottle opener. Can you help identify why it has this unusual logo?
Skrevet av Sebastián, 8. jan, 2019
Friend Trond, your site is the best, with information that is not available anywhere, always updated and with news such as those related to Swiza. The research work you do is invaluable, monumental! Thank you for all the time invested to give us such valuable information. Greetings from Uruguay! En stor klem fra sør!
Skrevet av harm, 19. okt, 2018
i have a renewed interest in SAK's,your site is very informative.
Skrevet av Andrew, 20. aug, 2018
Great site for information.
Skrevet av James Richardson, 7. jul, 2018
Wonderful site. Enjoyable time spent here.
Skrevet av Ali Jones, 1. mai, 2017
Hi! I inherited my father's pocket knife and am wondering how old it is. How do I do this?
Skrevet av John Hansen, 1. feb, 2017
Imponerende og yderst nobel hjemmeside om Victorinox lommeknive. Masser af gode artikler med interessant information og supplerende billeder. Fortsæt endeligt det super gode arbejde, vi er mange som følger med:)
Skrevet av Edward Estes Wheatfield,Indiana USA, 25. jan, 2017
This is a great find.Way more info than the Jackson book.I have always loved these knives and my lady says....why are you buying another one.She just doesn't get it ....I guess
Skrevet av Dan, 4. jan, 2017
Thanks for all the info!
Skrevet av Tim Flaharty, 3. jan, 2017
Lots of help identifying some models. Great site. Tim Flaharty
Skrevet av Alvaro Sanchez, 1. nov, 2016
Great page. Greetings from Chile.
Skrevet av Gustaf Bäck, 31. aug, 2016
Låt mig få gratulera till en fantastisk hemsida.

Stort tack för att du så generöst delar din kunskap med oss!

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19.10 | 18:22

I would say on the economy line without sewing eye up to 1987. With sewing eye 1985-1987 until today. The economy line got variations. BR

19.10 | 18:18

Hi, good observation. The economy line does not follow the regular line. Some times it is close like the sewing eye can be 1985+ couple years on the economy.BR

19.10 | 12:31

For example, if a Spartan economy line has a punch without a sewing eye, is it still pre 85?

19.10 | 12:29

Hi Trond! A doubt. Are the tools dating rules on Vic's regular and economic lines the same?

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