Wenger and Victorinox modern scissors

The modern scissors on Swiss Army Knives


This is one of the functions that I use the most, on the picture you see Wenger and Victorinox scissors. 85mm and 91mm main line knives.

They are very different in shape and construction, the Victorinox evolution on this function is well known. I will therefore talk some on the Delémont type. Wenger began in the early 70s to develop a new design. This design got developed further in the years after. We see a scissors in the late 70s that is a more known type. From the early 2000s we see a rivet more often on the assembly instead of a screw. There are also other differences in the design.


The differences in the construction of the two brands: Wenger use a lever or what we call an integrated spring. It got micro serrations and it is self-sharpening.

The scissors from Victorinox is very good and it is durable, a very nice type. The only negative is the separate spring. It may hook on to a fabric or other with the result of a bent spring, but they can be replaced easy. It will not cut multifilament easy. A serrated edge is needed for multifilament.

The Wenger type is also very good and durable. The lever design the factory in Delémont use is very good.  Only negative is that cutting paper it will because of the serrations not get a super fine paper edge.

Honestly today I just enjoy the two types and it would be sad if one is retired from the production.





I can add on the multifilament line: by this i mean multifilament fishing lines and some of these when new I did notice that the fishing line is covered by a layer. It is not so easy to cut with the normal scissors. I found the serrated better, especially when cutting the knot of. It is absolutely possible with the Victorinox type, it is just what is most comfortable and fastest i mean.


update 2

The Wenger scissors works very well on felt.

Modern serrated scissor update


A serrated scissor got advantages and disadvantages

When using this on paper one does not get the very fine edges on the paper. When using it on felt then some threads may stick on the serrations and enter the area of the rivet. This may be alittle difficult to remove but it does go away by itself after some time. The Wenger scissor is a very high quality tool.


Modern scissors update 19.12.2014

 Time for an update on the scissor used on the 85mm modern Wenger knives + some more.  I have never sharpened the serrated scissors because there has not been any need for it yet. Nor do I know about any method of sharpening them. This is because of the micro serrations that are self-sharpening. We know these types of edges stay sharper for a longer time and with self-sharpening design it is no need. I have tested one Wenger scissor for well over one year with rather hard use. I have tested on many materials and used the scissors on materials and for tasks that would be considered abuse. There is no damage and it is still very sharp. Very high quality.

The Victorinox scissors used on 91mm knives is a very good function and it is a very high quality tool that i have used for many years. Perfected!

Serrated scissors update



Did you know that the scissors on a modern Wenger knife can be used as a nail file if you got a knife without the file function blade? Yes it can! If you hold the scissor together and then you can use the serrations for different things along the construction, for the finger nail or on softer materials as a file. The side without the nail nick is the best. If you are into micro building of models then this can work well.


I am bit proud of my new personal quality milestone today. I have now further knowledge on the quality in the modern Wenger 85mm scissors. I am close to "fully educated" on it

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Sebastián | Svar 14.10.2019 12.45

Hi Trond. These wenger scissors with lever system ever had their flat edges? Or were their edges always serrated?

Trond 14.10.2019 22.21

Yes for sure the lever spring scissors started without serrations. These you find 1973-1977. Thank you very much. BR

Trond 14.10.2019 22.09

The super scissors 1977 got the lever system, got serrations and is self sharpening. The period 1971-77 May contain variations. Wenger started the future. BR

Sebastián 14.10.2019 22.01

So the scissors with lever system were once had plain edges? Wow, I would never have imagined it! You have the best information about SAKs in the entire Web. Thank you very much, regards!

Trond 14.10.2019 21.44

It is the same lever system from the early 70s, Wenger designed this because it is a safer and more durable. In the late 70s it got serrations.

Trond 14.10.2019 21.37

Hi, yes from the early 1970s you can find the lever spring scissors without serrations. Both 85mm and 65mm types. From 1977/78 New super scissors, serrated. BR

Geir | Svar 24.05.2017 03.02

Dette er trolig en 2mm skrue med rettspor, saksen hopper ut av sporet som det er i dag pga denne manglende skruen. Du har ikke tilfeldigvis noe slikt liggende?

Trond 24.05.2017 09.36

de har en liten ekstra feste del fra fabrikken på andre siden som holder skruen i tillegg. Om du kjenner noen som kan nagle så er det ett alternativ. MVH

Geir | Svar 24.05.2017 03.00

Hei igjen,

Jeg har en Wenger tradesman som Jeg vil ta i bruk, den er av gammel type der Saksen har skrue og jeg mangler skruen som skal inn i hylsen....

Trond 24.05.2017 12.04

Bare hyggelig ja de vil ordne det greit.

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22.09 | 18:02

Hi! Very nice to hear. Best Regards Trond

22.09 | 17:01

You're welcome. I participated in the said NOCUS meeting in 1987, and received one of these knifes. Stil have it :)

13.09 | 20:43

Hi, thank you vert much! Wenger used the name Packlock for the locking mechanism also called Packlock system. Best Regards

13.09 | 16:04

Hello - Love your site - Please can you clarify if this system called the paclock or padlock system? Thank you

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