Mange glemmer tre sag på en Sveitserkniv siden de ikke trenger en sag, men den kan være mer nyttig enn hva man skulle tro. Ingen tvil om at den moderne tre sag på en SAK er bedre enn de gamle, de er mer utviklet og mer korrekt.

The wood saw.


This is a multifunction tool and it is interesting, the modern saw on Swiss Army Knives is the best. They are more developed and correct.

If we study human history then we see the stone-age and the tools, nobody know when humans first made a tool that could be used for a sawing motion!

Who made the first saw on a pocketknife? I do not know

Many look upon the wood saw on a SAK and say I really do not need a wood saw, many then forget that it is a multiuse function. On lighter work it can saw bone and for me most important is that it may be a safety function for people.

Some rope today is super strong and may be difficult for a normal edge on a knife. This is why many need a serrated edge.

Some rope is thick and difficult for the edge to bite into, so I recommend using the wood saw.

It will saw rope and plastics easy.


same length


On the picture you can see three Ranger types large wood saw. I am curious on the old Ranger on the top with the differently cut teeth, this knife is from 1993 and this style is seen on the old Rangers. It looks like the saw got developed further because the old Ranger in the middle got almost the same like today. It is difficult to date the middle knife and I would say approx early 2000s. When this more developed style was introduced I am not sure about.

On the bottom is a New Ranger saw with the fully modern construction and cut. All of the three got the drastic angle from the body of the knife. This angle got advantages.

Then to the shape of the saw: on the top knife it is not fully developed also here. It got a slightly thinner backside compared to the teeth.

The middle old ranger got the developed shape with the thinner backside vs the teeth and tip. These wood saws are very developed tools!

On the bottom is the fully modern developed style and it also got the edges(backside) rounded some.


I got a Wenger SwissGrip from approx 1998 and this got the fully developed wood saw!

Strength vs. controlled use update

Strength vs controlled use “blade and wood saw”


I have talked some before on the proper use with tools. Usually with correct motion and use of the functions one may not need much force.  Everyone knows the saying that “a sharp knife is a safe knife”

A very important factor with multi-tools and SAKs is that the size of functions gives a designation or a guide for what kind of use it can take. It is obvious that a small multi-tool with a little knife blade will get dull fast if you are going to cut larger objects with it. If you do not have a sharpening device with you then you are in trouble. There are different technics for finding things to sharpen it with. Some hints are glass, metal and flat stone objects. This may be time consuming!This can be smart to know and it gives a confidence for further knowledge in deed. The wood saw is one of my favorite functions on a multi-tool or SAK. This is because it can take the load cutting larger objects or materials that would put strain on the blade. It will also save time. A wood saw like you know can also work as a serrated blade and cut extreme rope or materials that the blade cannot do. If you would use the little blade and cut like a wild man it would probably damage the blade because you would use too much strength to save time. The wood saw would do it faster and more secure. Some use too much strength when cutting materials with the wood saw as well. This is wrong use and you will damage the function and maybe damage other parts as well. When using the wood saw one will apply enough force so the teeth grab into the material and remove enough material at the time.

If you press the saw into the wood to hard you will only cause fatigue to your hand and arm without cutting more material. Some speed and pressure must be present to remove material. Remember to make sure to wipe away wood from the teeth and track you are cutting. If not the wood saw will slide over and not remove further material. The design of the cut teeth will influence this but no matter what design there will be material in the way. A larger wood saw will do the job faster and more secure. The Wenger New Ranger saw is the absolute best ever made in my opinion. There will be a difference in the performance with wet materials vs. dry materials. There are differences with harder materials vs. softer materials. The Wenger saw is made to be an “all use” type best suited for the outdoors. This is the best philosophy! On the larger side gives it the edge over the rest. It is a far more comfortable experience with it. Wenger did understand the need for larger functions without a doubt. The large blade on the 130mm category together with that saw you get the ultimate combination. It is not possible to make larger functions and have this comfortable experience.

The danger with small multi-tools and SAKs is the time it takes to cut and do a job. It takes patience and “many would use strength to save time and it will not be a comfortable performance”

Strength vs controlled use is important and it is sometimes faster with a controlled motion!

29.10.2020 Swiza Swiss knife design


The Swiza design is interesting because it is so different. It got many of the factors for good cutting abilities. It is a short but stable design. I have several Swiza knives with this function. I have tested one for my own knowledge. The handle is comfortable to use and it is durable. The handle is not large so it is an impressive ration and construction in a pocket knife. The cut teeth are something most SAK users are familiar with so no need to go into this. This is a nice Swiss product. I feel it is something between the 91mm wood saw and the 111mm/130mm ones. It got a different feel still easy to use. Look into my Swiza collection pages. I have placed some "use" information around there if you are interested.

07.11.2020 latest

Here you see a Swiza wood saw on the latest Hunting tools. On their website it is designated to be wood saw with 31 teeth. The difference between this and the type above is the size of the cut teeth that clearly are larger. There are also differences in other dimensions. Enjoy! Clearly this Company is developing the quality. I would also believe it could do some bone work. All the measurements on this and above are approx...

really aggressive design 09:57
05.12.2020 111mm slide-Lock wood saw with factory burr. From the Outrider model...

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