Wenger knives with icons on the scales is collectable. The two new lines from 1976 was the sportsman presentation and personalized line, from this date many special knives got made.

The  icons in this series got embossed characters with silver marking. In the 80s Wenger started with Pad Print. It is normal to find the same characters on different models, remember that the series is to identify with Your interest. It would be difficult to have a different icon every time. The Backpacker icon is world famous. Wenger philosophy is the outdoors but also the philosphy is the variations of the tools.


The Motorist, embossed and pad print.


A selction of knives from the late 70s until 1990s


For collectors:

Wenger makes variations and the combinations to a knife, you will find nail file vs small blade and corkscrew vs phillips in most cases, this give sometimes unknown models without a name. Locking blade and non locking also.

From my research it is possible to find extra special knives like a gift knife to a person, these are extra collectable.

The embossed characters and icons is made of a silver marking tape, used models may have damages to the icons or the tape has worn off. When cleaning them it can be smart not to use a toothbrush to much. Usually on my knives all of the characters are intact even on used knives.


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lynnepenn@bigpond.com | Svar 13.01.2016 15.23

Hello I have the motorist bought new in 1998 in New Zealand. Hardly used because the components are hard to move. Is this typical of the model. Rgds Gary Clyne

Trond 13.01.2016 22.31

Hi Gary, they should be easy to move. It may need oil and then move the functions. In some very rare cases Swiss Army Knives are peened too hard. BR

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06.10 | 15:47

I agree

06.10 | 15:18

Yep - I have seen Packlock in lots of documentation too. It's just as a native English speaker I have NO IDEA what it means! :-O

06.10 | 13:50

In the Backpacker 1979, It is mentioned patented Packlock, by Precise. Google books. BR

06.10 | 13:35

Wenger europe used French language, It is possible error. Packlock became a name that followed it. It will be interesting to see. BR Trond

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