Locking mechanism



The Wenger packlock mechanism is a very interesting  part and it got variations in history. Our date on this is from 1979 and in catalogues from this year there are many knives with this lock.


I would not be surprised if it is a Wenger invention from 1977 and please feel free to share information if you have inputs.


This lock is only made for the purpose of preventing accidental closing and it is a safety feature for normal use. The release button is easy to see and one only needs to press it down and move the blade into the body of the knife. When the lock is released and blade is in the body the lock serves no purpose. The blade is also held in and out by the spring like usual; the lock is only active in out position.


It is normal that one can move the release button up and down some when the blade is in and out.


On the picture you can see part of the tang on a knife to the left, this is on a wenger knife I have been researching and it got very high precision because there is an extra step, if it is better I do not know.


The packlock is a very incredible invention because it requires miniature precision on an 85mm knife. It is not easy. Only imagine the precision one need to make a normal Swiss Army Knife and now one get the additional parts and locking. And this was done in the late 70s! To make the spring fit into the "tang" part of the blade requires precision. The release button is pressed down to lift the spring out so one may fold the blade in.





The knives on the pictures: the two knives on the bottom is from 1980 +-. The knife on the top to the right is from the early 1990s.


 Bottom picture show the evolution S and (the S111 knife from 2010).

In 2006 Wenger released the Evolution S lock and this is a variation of the packlock mechanism. Only now we get an extra function for the blade. This is a safety feature to prevent the blade to snap over the fingers when releasing the blade. There are a few small other changes on this mechanism. It is a packlock!

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21.01 | 09:23

Hi, thank you very much! I believe it could be because of them having different additional functions, example scraper and so forth. BR Trond

21.01 | 09:08

Hi! Thank you very much for question. The awl and chisel can be sharpened by following the grinded angle on them. I will have it in my mind. BR Trond

21.01 | 04:14

Now my question: how come that Vic has got TWO versions of an orange peeling tool in their "small" series. Oranges are not really that important here....

21.01 | 04:08

Hi there, first of all, compliments for this great compilation. the best for SAKs i've seen so far. just one question that only you may anwer (?): see next post

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