MultiTool oil

Older test on oil i did, i have used the multitool oil for many years. I only use this.

Victorinox recommend using warm water when cleaning a SAK, if you worry about the soap for the galvanic issue, then just use water. I personally use some mild soap when cleaning a SAK. Rinse very well. I have never had any problem with galvanic damage.

 Victorinox-multitool oil


 Corrosion resistance

 My impressions

Used over 3 years

Use only this oil now, when storing Swiss Army Knives this oil will last for years.

On knives under use it will last long enough for functionality, if knife is in pocket the body temperature will/can make part of the oil flow out over the function but this is no problem.

Very good resistance against corrosion and stains, much better than other brands. From before I have used others on stainless and carbon-steel knives with not good result, rust or stains could happen.

So I tried the Multitool oil on the knives and I am especially happy about the Carbon-steel, there is no rust starting at all.

I find that after I got this oil It is a luxury for the knives, for a collector and user it is important, smelly and toxic-oils is not recommended at all.

All together I have used around 3 bottles and on number 4 now.

I am happy about this and hopefully it will still be produced.

Taste and smell free is a safety feature.

Spray cans can not be used on Swiss Army Knives, almost impossible to get the right amount of oil(most of sprays is not the best lubricators)

Other uses

Carbon-steels, Wenger knives and other Multitool brands. Very good for Leatherman tools also. Helle and Brusletto with top result.

Last Wenger I cleaned I thought the integrated spring had been damaged somehow since it would not work after cleaning, after oil the scissor was like new.

Very good

Wd-40, Diamond and  Weapond oils is only good for special cleaning but not for Swiss Army Knives at all. There is inexpencive vegetable oils of course. Still this is my choice.

Special features

We have had a cold period now again and since i last used the Fireman and last night aswell at -16/17 degrees Celsius the oil is still enough around the friction-points.

The special tube or point on the oil bottles is a real luxury.


No negative to say, only that maybe a bigger refill bottle could be nice to have.

When I have found older used knives it is often that the functions is so dirty that people have a hard time opening them, usually this is just that a very good cleaning and oil make them work very good again.



No rust or other stains with this oil, important to clean tools after use around salt-water.


I have cleaned knives that I had used this oil on, I use alittle  warm soapy water and rinse proper, the thicker consistency makes this a kind of layer oil, instead of a micro thin layer that disappear right away one get a oil that will disappear layer by layer. So alittle more cleaning is needed with this oil.

Other brands I have used seem to disappear very fast, this last. And the micro thin layer for protecting sad by them does not work. It is my impression that protecting oils for storage need to have a thicker consistency.




Not matter what is written on the internet about WD-40, it works for removing rust or dirt from a SAK. I just would not use it on knives because it is difficult to use a spray and it is smelly. If one have a knife in the pocket it will damage clothes. I do not believe WD-40 can or will damage the knife, i have used it for cleaning very dirty knives.



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18.04 | 23:15

You are welcome. Thanks! Stay safe. BR

18.04 | 22:28

Thank you, stay safe

18.04 | 17:49

The absolutte best is the Polyamid handles, the wood is more beautiful. Folding knives with wood is best for light outdoor use. BR

18.04 | 17:33

Thank you! What are your concerns about the fastness of the wooden scales of Hunter Pro? The blade itself is big, which encourages the user to do some hard work

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