Sharpening the awl and chisel



I received some questions on sharpening or maintenance on the awl and chisel. I have sharpened or done maintenance on both before for my own use. The picture today and writing will only be to show. It is for sure possible to sharpen both to maintain the sharp and good abilities on the functions. I recommend only using a finer diamond stone or device. If you want to sharpen the awl you can follow the grinded part that is flat. It is important to maintain a flat motion and you can do it crosswise back and forth by using a medium pressure. If you can hold the SAK and hold the function open with one finger it is the best. Then take you use hand and do the motion crosswise. You can finish up with very light pressure lengthwise.

The burr on the awl will be removed when you use it

The chisel is also the best to maintain on a fine diamond stone. Even rather dull ones it is the best with a finer surface device. If you use a coarse side you will have to do a full stepwise work with coarse, medium and fine surface device. This is the case on the awl too. Diamond fine surfaces are so aggressive removing metal that if you are smart the fine device will do everything. When you sharpen the chisel you do it best by having the diamond device on the table, perhaps making sure it stay still. Doing maintenance on the chisel you use your use hand and put finger pressure on the chisel function and keep the angle and slide it forward or backwards. It is possible without practice that you will round it some. Use light pressure only and keep the angle and it will do the trick. You can do it. Most of the mistakes happen when people use pressure and coarse sharpening devices. The fine diamond surfaces are a blessing in deed. It will be some burr on the opposite side which your remove by using very light pressure with you diamond surface on that opposite side.  



If you have a ceramic fine stone that can be used on the chisel after you have used the fine diamond one. It will polish and give it that extra superior ability. The best edge on a chisel in my opinion is very fine with a very smooth edge.



Another tip when you do maintenance on the awl is to make sure that you avoid touching the tip. When you follow the edge and flat side just make sure to stop when you approach the very end, if you slip the tip could be rounded. If you follow my guide the tip will automatically become pointy and sharp.


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10.02 | 20:29

Hi Paul. Thank you very much for message. If anyone know where to get them I can forward the info. Email sent.
Best Regards Trond

10.02 | 15:52

I need 1 or 2 of these smaller 5ml bottles. Know of any still available? Used, empty ... doesn't matter.

16.12 | 08:36

Hi, thank you very much for question. Yes they work well together with nailfile. The traditional Victorinox is perhaps better there. Best Regards Trond

16.12 | 01:26

do the serrated eges work good on fingernails? I really like the victorinox for that but i haven't been able to compare them

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