Wenger United Woods

Laser engraved blade, the knife is America Ranger 60 with Maple Wood. Very Nice texture in a lighter color. Nydelig kniv med lønne tre.

Set is in a lovely box

Afrika Evolution 14 with Thuya Wood, this is a very interesting texture.

Europe Evolution 17 with Olive Wood, oliven tre.

Asia NailClip 580 with Makassar wood

Oceania Ranger 55 With Jarrah Wood. Very beautiful wood grains

For a collecor this is for me incredible. I will try to find words but is difficult,

Wood on knives



Very nice thick catalogue.

Laser engraved blades

her er en enkel bok for folk i Norge, lettlest men med mye informasjon. Mytologi, tradisjon og medisin.

On top is the RangerWood 55 with Walnut, bottom is the RangerWood 55 with Jarrah Wood. Both got much texture or pores.

Did you know that Maple was used for the special animal head poles in the Viking days.

Olive, Walnut and Thuya side by side. The Walnut knives from Wenger vary in color.

Makassar heartwood

Scissors with micro serrations

I really like the Africa Evolution 14 model, very beautiful, The EvoWood 14 is also very nice with Walnut. On the left you see it and there is good texture in it, this model is one the most popular Walnut knives.

The other side of the EvoWood 14, it is nice that no Wood is the same, each knife one of a kind

Walnut and Thuya

The Evolution is for me a great thing on a SAK. Ergonomic handles or shaped is not new in history, but the Evolution that Wenger made for the SAKs i really enjoy

visste du vi har regnskog i Norge, det har vi i Trøndelag. Kriteriene er at det er over 1800mm nedbør jevnt fordelt over året!

Fine kniver!

Ranger and EvoWoods

EvoWood 17, People did eat Walnuts 17000 years ago, in the Neolithic era it was cultivated for food!

EvoWood 17 and Europe Olive Wood 17

Same two

Same again, EvoWood and Olive

Really nice knives

Same functions on these two 17 models, but different handle material. The number 17 got maybe the overall absolute best functions. In General for people around the world scissors and saw combination is popular in both brands. I can also say that the thickness of the evolution 17 is maybe the most comfortable in the hand.

Did you know that walnuts contain a good amount of omega-3, also vitamins and calcium and much more!

This is a nice sheath knife from Brusletto, i know these knives well from before. This is a high quality knife. Nice leather and good steel, plastic inlay. It is mentioned at the Brusletto factory that it is nut wood from a root and from America. Anyhow it is very nice wood and could be Walnut. The aluminium bolster is very well made with tight fit.

EvoWood 14 and Brusletto Tiur

A good sheath knife and a pocket knife goes hand in hand. Always a smart combination.

As a factory fixed blade the Tiur is very high quality.


A formidable combination. The weight of the Brusletto Tiur with sheath is 156 grams. Rangerwood 55 is 160 grams

The Oceania Ranger 55 got Jarrah wood. It is a more heavy material, RangerWood 55 with Walnut is 160 grams and the Oceania Ranger 55 is 167 grams. I can not see any other difference in the construction.

Olive is a multiuse food and tool, it got a incredible history. Healthy food. In history it is sad that it was cultivated from 5000 years ago. Presence in Spain from 6000-8000 year ago.

"tyri Wood" from pine, it got much resin in it and got history and traditions.

A very important detal on United Woods and Evowoods is that the handle is specially made to hide the liner. The Outer liner is hidden.

That the liner is hidden gives the knives extra quality is design and use.

Athens did export much olive oil during the 500s. The olive tree made them rich.

Just got this Brusletto Storbukken with Olivewood. The wood is from Spain. It is very beautiful.

I bought it from Jakt og friluft. It got a thick hefty blade.

4mm thick all the way

High quality

American inspired Brusletto Bamsen with Olive Wood. Very sturdy tang and blade. Very good handle and this knife would be a very good choice combined with a Swiss Army Knife.

Here are two knives - RangerWood 55 and Helle Dokka. I would like to show you some pictures and talk some on The Dokka. I bought it from Jakt og Friluft. I really like the birch handle, this i am sure would have looked very well on a Ranger as well.

The laminated steel Helle use is superior. Normally and i would guess on The Dokka that the HRC is aimed at 59 at the factory. New out of the box the edge was perfect and razor sharp. Comfortable handle with liners inside.

This knife came with a leather belt pouch.

This knife is only for my collection but i do like the warranty. I know the Helle laminated stainless steel well. I have used it well on other knives. It is a world class stainless steel. It is a allround type steel.

Hole for a lanyard and a screw pivot design. If i should mention some negative sides: I would have liked the inside of the wood better sanded and better precision on one of the liners, this is only cosmetic.It looks like the Dokka birch scales are attached with screws from the inside, nice.

Both knives are well made and the handles are comfortable and nice with quality. Only i wish like i did mention that the inside of The Dokka scales should have been better sandes and polished. The Wenger knives with wood are superb here. The Dokka steel is superior.

Helle Dokka got a lockback mechanism with high precision and strong spring. The release is easy, only light pressure needed.

i did not mention the professionals name for the different parts of a lockback because it usually only confuse...It is a well used type locking mechanism in the world. It is not easy to make because it require precision.

My latest fixed blade is the full tang Brusletto Vassfaret carbonsteel model. It got 3mm thick blade with good width. Not sure if i will use this or just have it in the collection. It sure is a formidable use tool. In combination with a multitool or SAK then it is super.

Very good fit in the sheath. Only negative on this knife is some of the sharp edges, it could be rounded some. Nice birch scales.

very good..

The wood is very comfortable and well rounded and worked. Very good fit between the handle scales and tang. There are some sharp edges on the tang.

These are products.

I like the fact that the gimping on the blade is rough because on such a knife this is best. To use the thumb is important sometimes.

The handle can be used in many different positions with comfort. Winter gloves can be used as well.


I have put some oil (on the handle)on a Brusletto Kvassegg large. It is a very beautiful looking wood. In older ads or from the factory it is mentioned Bubinga wood?. I know this wood is very strong and tough. Let me know if you know:)

I have had a EvoWood Walnut in my pocket for a long time together with the keys. No problem:) The Kvassegg on the picture i believe may be from the 1980s

This handle is very comfortable. This design is top of the line.

I have restored a Opinel number 8. I am not completely sure but it looks like olive wood. I restored the wood and made a new edge on the blade.

The 2013 Wenger United Woods Limited Set, this is the best i have seen on a SAK. I will make some articles also so please follow www.sakhome.com

Enjoy the pictures! I will post more

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Trond | Svar 05.12.2013 12.43

Ta en titt folkens på Wenger 2013 United Woods Limited Set, beste jeg har sett noen gang!

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Hi and thank you very much for question. The closest I know is the Master Fisherman 1.4753.72. The. 73 is related to what inlay it got maybe. Best Regards Trond

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Hello Trond,
I received a Mechanic in a red/white Victorinox box. The box is stamped item number 1.47 53.73. Do you know what knife goes in this box? Not Mech

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Hi, sure I would like to see, BR. Trondsak@sakhome.com

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Hello Trond.

Would you be interested in seeing progress pictures
Of my custom Champ with Voyager digital clock scales.
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