Wood handles

United Woods Set is limited to 2013 pieces!

This year has been surprising in many ways, again I see the Wenger brand surprise me with innovative thinking and products, no other knife company in the world can compare to this philosophy of products shown in the last years.

This set represents the continents America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Oceania.  During the last years I have read on tree`s. I have done study on Mythology, medicine and traditions. So that Wenger made a knife set like this is just delightful.  What other material in the nature can represent the humans than wood. Here in Norway wood is the same as culture, life and traditions like no other materials.  From before I have read and learned on medicine from a tree, when I tell people about this some do not believe me, well it is true.

Many on the internet wonder why the Evolution S557 with red plastic handles is in this set, this is mentioned why in the catalogue, it represents Switzerland and the Wenger factory. With its place and this knife is a good representative of a Swiss Army Knife.  This knife of perfection and exclusive functions.

Nydelig lønnetre, meget god i handa.

First about the America Ranger 60 with Maple wood, it is light and nice in the color. I have used maple myself many times. A good and nice wood that is not difficult to work with. The knife got the main functions with Phillips screwdriver. The surface is very well rounded, sanded and polished.

Oseania Ranger 55, meget vakker. Utvalget av funksjoner er godt kjent fra for eksempel RangerWood 55

The Oceania Ranger 55. Jarrah wood, a lovely dark wood with deep texture, slightly red In color. Same on this knife, it is perfect rounded and polished. I know the Swiss love wood with deep pores. The Ranger 55 is well known with Walnut. This knife got the main functions + a wood saw

Herlig kniv i 85mm kategori

The Africa Evolution 14, it is the first time I have had this wood in my hand, actually it got a nice smell. The texture and wood is from light to darker with dots. Looks very special and perfect rounded and surface on this as well.  Much life in this handle.  This SAK got the main functions and scissors. This knife got Thuya wood.

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The Europe Evolution 17, with scissors and wood saw. Olive wood, changes between light and dark color, very much life in this texture. Impeccable workmanship.

Asia NailClip 580. Makassar wood, this is lovely dark wood with waves in the pattern. What a 65mm knife! The surface feel very good in the hand and i can`t find any negative to say.

Please check out my United Woods gallery as well!



Here is the knife with Thuya wood, in the catalogue it is mentioned this wood may have a slightly reddish brown color. On my knife it is more brown. Light and darker shade, beautiful.

This is what is extra nice with wood, no one is the same. All wood grow differently and personal.

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10.02 | 20:29

Hi Paul. Thank you very much for message. If anyone know where to get them I can forward the info. Email sent.
Best Regards Trond

10.02 | 15:52

I need 1 or 2 of these smaller 5ml bottles. Know of any still available? Used, empty ... doesn't matter.

16.12 | 08:36

Hi, thank you very much for question. Yes they work well together with nailfile. The traditional Victorinox is perhaps better there. Best Regards Trond

16.12 | 01:26

do the serrated eges work good on fingernails? I really like the victorinox for that but i haven't been able to compare them

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