tang stamps on economy models
Alox 93mm Pioneer Range stampings, there are more than this. From 1957 FISCHER stamped blades also+more

To date the Victorinox economy or eco line knives is more demanding than the regular Officiers knives. So I will talk on how you may judge the emblem in the handle.

The knives do not always follow the regular evolution on the tools, so here you need to use the evolution as best you can and the tang stamps + the emblems. You need to have attention if the knife is a regular economy knife or if it got advertising (promotion). Another detail is that many knives found by collectors show the hot stamp economy emblem before 1979, in the 70s but with some small differences.

On the picture from the left is the knife that was difficult to say for sure, the Ibach factory sad:

Out of regard for the specialised trade, in particular the Swiss Master Cutlers Association, the Ecoline pocket knives were produced from 1979 to 1994 with a different form of the logo and with light-red handles for a large-scale Swiss distributor.

The next two knives got the emblem used 1979-1994 and it got the 1976-1980 tang stamp. The tool evolution show no 90degree function or sewing eye. Also some other details should put these knives in 1980.

Then on the picture you can see a knife 1985-1994, again I do not trust the normal evolution. The emblem got a small variation but this you can see in many dates. The flat screwdriver got a 90 degree function and it got a sewing eye. The tang stamp is the 1980-2005 type. There is also a big V in Victorinox on the tang stamp + some other details say I would recommend it to 1987-1992. The last knife show the emblem used from 1994-2007 and this is a more secure emblem and one may use the evolution on the tools. After 2007 the emblem is almost the same but:

The connecting beams are depicted in the cross since 2007. If the knife is a promotional product the dates may vary.

I recommend collecting eco line knives they are fun, I am lucky to have some older knives than the knives (emblems) shown here but they got no emblems.  They got an inlay or icon in the handle.

The emblems on the picture are on knives that is some of the most fun to research!



Hot stamped emblems with silver color.

The Eco-line knives with nylon handles gives much value for the money.

About the economy models:

These are good knives and they are durable, from the 1980s the economy models is better made with more precision and in general much value for the money.  

For collectors the models 1957-1975 got the highest collector value, especially the models with inlay.

Pad printed or painted in white color


Here is an interesting emblem on a knife with advertising. We can not follow the normal evolution but only use it as a certain guide : The tang stamp is the 1980-2005 but big V so 1987-2005. The scissors is rivited so 1991-2005 and multi purpose hook. From 1994 nylon handles. So this knife is 1991-1994. As we know the 1979-1994 emblem is usually hot stamped. This on the picture is pad printed. I am pretty sure this knife is made in 1994!

This knife also got the key ring attaching on the spring. This came in on the normal line in 1991 (the second type used from 1991-1999).The knife is 1994


Did the economy line corkscrew influence the normal Officiers line corkscrew ? This is the latest part i am researching.


System develop


Why we collectors are so interested in dating a knife:

it is important to know the evolution of the functions and have knowledge in milestones. Learn on tang stamps and emblems.

To be able to date a knife influence the value, one know how old it is, when using the system you can find variations and rare models. There are collectors of both.

We also like to date a knife for fun and training.





Different emblems on different knives. From 1975-1994 with all the known stampings.

It may sound complicating for dating; it is my belief that the hot stamp emblem was introduced more early than 1979. I would put it in around 1975. If you use my information on this page above + this information you will be able to navigate to an answer.

Even if Victorinox say the hot stamp and the special scales from 1979 it is so. I believe Victorinox speak the truth. Probably it was used more early for some applications.

On the picture from the left is the emblem that is early and to the right the 1994 type with pad prints.

I put emblems from 1975-1994, except the pad printed on the right all of these are hot stamped in silvery color. None of them are the same. I used all my knowledge on the tool evolution and stamps + emblems to get this line as best as I can.

The economy made corkscrew

First I must say that the dates on the change from 1976 got a plus minus 2 year margin.

It is just what the general case is.

On the picture you can see the line of corkscrews from 1973 until 2010. When this early one got introduced I do not know yet. The older Elinox or economy line from before had a different corkscrew and it had inlay emblem.

On the picture the 1973 type got a smaller loop diameter and a different tint on the metal. The second one also got this tint and smaller loop but the there is a change in the opening loop.

The third type is a more modern corkscrew with only a few small differences from the one today.


On this picture it is easy to see the early one vs the modern.

You will always find variations in history. The early one on the picture got a cheap looking style.


On the top of the Victorinox stampings you can see the stampings used on the economy line.The stamp 1980-2005 got one detail that can be helpful. Around 1987 the small v i victorinox was changed to big V in Victorinox. This date is not 100% but it there around.


Another detail on dating the knives is like on other categories. The tang stamp may have vairiations on the place it sit. By this i mean high or low and sometimes the Rostfrei may be partially hidden when opened. You will find production variations on the depht and even sometimes it looks like the stamp used was worn.


In 1985 Victorinox introduced the 90 degree function on the flat screwdriver. Also a sewing eye on the awl. I have looked at many economy made knives. and I can not see that the change mentioned in 1985 on the Officier evolution on the standard range happened at the same time on the economy made line. It seems maybe a bit later and so far i put it in 1987. Then to the picture:

The spring is different and easy to see. I have put in so far at 1987 combined with the 90 degree function on the economy made knives.


The phillips from 1952 with file:

this is usually not to see after 1972 but there will always be variations. Usually it got the slot from 1970.


Another interesting observation is.

It is a thicker blade/tang on the Elinox(the left type) stamped models, usually pre 1973.




The economy made knives was made from 1957 under Elinox.

Form my research it seems the economy made Elinox pre 1973 had a better quality than the early to mid 70s knives. The old had inlay emblem and good quality. There are few details that you will see with the scales and some on the finish and fine details. Then I can see from 1980 there is a jump up in quality and details. The economy made knives become better in the scales and functions + the finish.

The change started in 1976 and in 1980 the quality is better again.

It from 1980 we see the factory expanding! This probably got influence on them, this I cannot say for sure. What I can say for sure is that the economy made knives from 1980 are very good.


In history we can read about the souvenir trade in Switzerland and on the legal problems with the foreign knives. Until 1969 there were only foreign made knives in the Swiss Souvenir shops.

Like we know from history the Elinox was made because of this, it is from 1957.


Here is a very interesting economy made knife! It is a 84mm category and not 91mm like the others i have discussed here. The model is 2.0511 and got the combination tool that was introduced in 1982. This date is probably more correct to 1980.

The 2.0511 was produced until 1986 and could be one of the early 1980s factory produced knives. If we say 1982 on the combination tool then the 2.0511 was produced from 1982-1986 like so.


Then in 1986 the 2.0511 got a new identification 2.2311 and was manufactured until 1995 and sold until 1999. This is important to know!

The model 2.2313 produced from 1994


Here is an interesting detail for dating that can be used. On the Nylon handle economy made knives from 1994 it seems everything usually follow the evolution. To the left is the key ring spring attachment that was used from 1991-1999. On the right is the one used from the year 2000.

On silhouette you can easy see the difference.


Back to the hot stamp emblem. On the left is the emblem with a wider configuration that i believe is from 1973-75 (most likely 1975). The one on the right i believe is a hot stamp emblem that was used already from 1976.


Also from 1999 or 2000 we see the notch on the flat screwdriver. This to prevent accidental closing.


Not much difference on the economy made hot stamp emblem from 1994-2007.

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Trond | Svar 10.11.2021 17.07

Received pics, It is the Luxury Automobile with St Christopher inlay, 1961-1966. For sure rare and collectable. Congrats! BR

Donna Perry | Svar 10.11.2021 17.03

Trying to send pics

Donna Perry | Svar 10.11.2021 15.37

Pre 1951 I think is rare cause I can't find one like it. It's a Victoria, officers suisse. But says it's a rostfrei and it's a st. Christopher's.

Trond 10.11.2021 16.04

Hi, thank you very much. I received the email too. Please send pictures for date and identification. BR Trond

Israel Sanchez | Svar 26.07.2021 16.51

Thanks for this unvaluable information. I´ll translate to spanish for other victorinox fans.

Trond 26.07.2021 19.31

Hi, thank you very much. I am very glad to hear the infirmation is helpful. Best Regards Trond

Kim | Svar 28.03.2021 21.58

I have one with the capital V on Victorinox (1987), but the spring mentioned isn't there, and the date suggested is pre 1986.

Can I send some pictures to you?

Trond 29.03.2021 00.28

Hi, thank you very much for message. Yes please send pictures to Best Regards Trond

Lucas | Svar 08.11.2020 03.11

Hello, I have one, but I’m not sure what year its from. Can I send you some pics?

Trond 08.11.2020 08.59

Hi, thank you very much for comment, sure:

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Hello Trond,
I received a Mechanic in a red/white Victorinox box. The box is stamped item number 1.47 53.73. Do you know what knife goes in this box? Not Mech

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Would you be interested in seeing progress pictures
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