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I do not have so much info on these Professional series 95mm Wenger knives. They are made for professional crafts work and there are a good selection of knives and different functions. Also in this range you will find the curved blade and special purpose functions that can be used for many tasks.

What is extra nice with this series is the date on the blade with a year number and the 95mm knives got open rivet construction, very solid made. I know there are collectors of this range of Wenger knives and this range with the functions had the size and functions to compete with the Victorinox 93mm Alox line.

The 1.71.01 is only 40 grams and this I must say is very lightweight for a larger pocket knife.

What Wenger did was to use aluminum liners under the plastic scales and used an open rivet design. They used a stronger and larger spring (similar to the 93mm size) and the result is a lightweight product with strength. The blade to me looks very similar to the blade used on the 93mm Soldier type.

I like the use of the spring for the key ring attachment.

Take a closer look on them if you find any, these are good knives!


Here are two knives from 1987, a Si Alox and a 95mm professional. On a brochure with the professional range the Si is shown together with the 95mm range.


The 95mm is not as solid made like the 93mm Alox but they are very good knives. The alox 93mm really is timeless.

The spring for the blade looks very similar to each other, the 95mm got a different key ring on the spring and is longer.

Two very good blades.

I am surprised on how lightweight the 1.71.01 is with approx 40 grams or 42 grams to be fully exact.

Good products!

Here is the 1.71.01 and the Victorinox Solo Alox and these are two very lightweight knives. The Victorinox is about 45 grams. Two very good knives.

02.02.2021 Contender

Wenger was a pioneering Company with many solutions for EDC, professional and outdoors demands. The 130mm category could for sure have been a contender for the Soldier knives for the Swiss Army in 2008. They could have a made a grip model with all the functions and new innovations. What is for sure is that the 130mm New Rangers from Wenger was their take on a professional outdoors product. They made knives for Hunters, sportsmen, explorers and the general outdoors person.  Size matters and by implementing the larger functions you automatically entered a different and higher sphere. You will find 130mm Wenger New Rangers with functions that is around the Victorinox New Soldiers knife 2008 type here on Please check out my New Ranger pages.

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27.07 | 19:11

Thank you, Greetings from Norway! This is very interesting I did not know this. Thanks! Best Regards

27.07 | 18:35

Greetings from Hungary! Did you know that the head curve "inspired" the Spyderco Hungarian folder?
Exactly by a Hungarian designer who works for Spyderco (I can't remember his name)

26.07 | 19:31

Hi, thank you very much. I am very glad to hear the infirmation is helpful. Best Regards Trond

26.07 | 16:51

Thanks for this unvaluable information. I´ll translate to spanish for other victorinox fans.

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