The Victorinox SwissTool is a milestone in the multitool world. There are many variations and models.

The Evowood is a milestone in wood handle knives. Alltid beredt modellen er en liten milepel for Norge

Magnifyer, Works well!

The Tomo knives was designed by Abitax in Japan. Introduced in 2011.

This is a very nice product

Older Picture of the Soldier with WK+ ( Waffen-kontrolle), each knife was inspected by the army and stamped. The quality was so high. So after 1988 no WK+

Alox mix, Popular, Harvester, Rancher, Pioneer and some of the sacking needle alox

It is very normal to find that the red color on the Alox gets worn off. This on used knives, they are very solid knives. Color on Alox is anodized, Not hard. Even hard anodizing will get worn off after some time. This is why silver color on Alox is the best.

Old picture. The 111mm saw

Wenger and Victorinox knife handle philosophy They are very different in design and shape. Victorinox use a more compact construction, both are high quality. The Wenger design is more or better designed. The Delémont factory has also used a scale design for a very long time that hides the outer liner, used on different categories. Victorinox usually let the scale flush with the side plate. It is a more minimalistic design but also very nice looking. The problem will be if there is warping, not so nice when there is a gap between the plastic and the side plate. The Victorinox 111mm dual density scales got very good fit.

Swan family; notice how they rest one of their swimming feet.

A very tasty fish and spotted wolffish are most relevant in farming, it is more hardy and grows much faster than catfish. The Wenger magnifyer works well

The magnifyer is helpful to read the Russian so i can try to translate.

Skjelbergholmene. The landscape is special here at Tromøy, Merdø, Jærken and Hasseltangen.

Special landscape


Old picture from a kayak day, i only got this picture in a small format. It was special to find a huge number of swans together. 28 of them on the picture, it was probably 35 together that day.

Victorinox Fireman

The Wenger Clava lighter is a very good product!

It is smart to learn how to sharpen the blades. The quick sharpeners work if you use light pressure. The best is to use a fine Diamond rod or a stone.


The sheep was really curious about me and the kayak.

The mackerels in spring was large but very good, many of them 400 grams and up to 500grams. Got some with roe. The smaller fish we got late summer and they tasted even better. The biggest mackerel we got this year 2013 was in september and it was large. Fillets on the picture was from approx 300gram size fish

Quality stamp for sure!

Rescue wessel out on exercise or maybe a call from a boat. They do a very good job

Fall 2013

Did not have so much luck with the lure "Møre silda"

I did try the Øyo knife first run and it is a good product. The handle is not the best for work on fish.

Look away if it is to much but this picture show how important a knife handle is. It is a safe handle but not comfortable in reverse. Even if it is made in China the steel worked well. The handle did suck up moist and water to fast.

My impression on a «tollekniv» handle: On the picture you can see one of my self-made handles and without a doubt I feel this tradition shape or close to it is one of the best. It is an old traditional shape and I will explain my impressions. The fit in the hand will prevent the handle to twist or slide forward or backwards even if wet, one really do not need a guard in the front to prevent the hand to slide forward. The best surface on the wood I feel is oil. The oiled surface will prevent water and moist

The handle is thicker in the middle than in front and back. The handle can be adjusted for personal feel. The lenght is almost 11cm long.

The "tollekniv" handle got advantages, one may use it on reverse and use the thumb in different positions. Also use the special side cutting well.

Old Elinox Farmer from 1961-1966. Elinox stamps was used 1957-1974, one may also find old knives even with the old awl with Victoria stampings or other. This knife got the new awl from 1961

The Elinox got high quality but after 1974 i feel the quality got better.

The Farmer and Pioneer was introduced in 1957. The flat screwdriver always had the 90 degree function. The +Pat on the can opener until 1971, after this more rare.

Old saw 1957-1966

I feel Victorinox Alox got a remarkable quality all the way. Maybe the models with old cross and red color + the steel center rivets are my favorite.

Alox knives are beautiful and timeless. Very strong and durable knives.

old style Phillips on the Motorist. If am correct this style or function was introduced in 1952.

The Wenger Swibo is one the absolute best knives i have used. The steel is very good and with a very durable edge. The handle is very good.

Even an old root is beautiful.

The large tollekniv in the middle i made with some small left over wood. I used an old Mora Carbon blade that had much rust. It is now useable. modified tollekniv handle. Not the best looking but there is absolutely no opening between the blade/bolster and tang.

I made it some time ago, here you can see the shape. I got a bit to much oil on the surface, it will wear off in time.I did fit the wood completely under the bolster and used two component glue. I also peened the tang. There are also some leather in the handle

Almost 16 cm blade, these old Mora knives had good steel. I sharpened it and luckily the tip was in perfect order. The red handle they used had a large opening between the wood/bolster and tang. There was corrosion on the whole blade + some inside the tang. If it had been used at sea like so it would have been a real mess.

Did you know? : in Norway the shore-flint that came from the drift ice was used to make tools

here are two axes, a Wetterlings and a Fiskars. Both good axes, the steel and shape of the Fiskars is good. The composite handle will break if to much force is used so i do not trust it fully. The steel on the Wetterlings is very good and the wood is solid.

Wood is durable and the handle on the sledge is older than me.

The 58mm range may be small but it is very useful.


The SwissChamp got some variations in history with the tool evolution and more. The mini screwdriver can be used on the modern corkscrews.

Wenger fish shell scraper with line guide and hook disgorger. Serrated scissors and special flat phillips driver.

what made these tracks?

It is cool!!


To use the blade in reverse is very important when cleaning fish. The Rangers and beacuse of the design + construction allow you to use the thumb. This make it possible for a much better constrole on the cut.

Wenger got a special function on knives, it is a flat phillips screwdriver. The part for key ring on the Rangers could become a flat phillips function. I will not change this but the possibility is there.

I have used a Tica seaspirit SS348C multiplikator reel for several years with good results. It is good with the depth function and line distributor. The reel is now worn, the depth function and gear is worn so much that it sometimes does not lock. It is also too weak for big fish, I have used a more powerful Kinetic reel but I did not like it without the line distributor. It is smart to rinse the Seaspirit reel everytime and put some oil on the entire line distributor mechanism from time to time.

On the picture you can see the places that starts to corrode or rust easy. It is also smart to put some grease on the screw mechanism that drives the line guide.

Old picture. The Libra SA3500 reel has been a very high quality reel!

In the kayak i just use an old rod and a cheap reel. Also take notice on the front scupper on the kayak. It is chewing gum :)this was before i used a more permanent device.

The Victorinox Cybertools are very good models. I like the CyberTool 34 very much. The CyberTool was introduced in the late 90s, approx 1999.

I usually bring with me a multitool and a pocket knife + a sheath knife. I use different knife models. usually always Wenger and Victorinox

Old picture of a farmer and a Led Lenser V2, this was one of the first good flashlights from this brand here. It is a good light, only negative is that it discharge the battery when not used. This mean the the circuit is active when switched off.

Older picture of already outdated technology. I like the Led Lenser T7 and P7.

I remember the first time i started to read or study about the lens technology. The 200 lumen output is good. More than this output around people then you will be a hazard for the eyes at close range.

Great knife!. About the race on LEDs and to get the best or strongest light: this was taken to far in the world. Today there are great lights but i also read about fantasy outputs and names on light measuring that does not exist.

I use a headlight with about 30 lumens and this is more than enough for safety. I do understand that people need very strong lights for different jobs. It is good with a strong light searching for crab.

There is a phenomenon with strong lights. If people use this to much in the dark then the eyes will only need more light. One will loose the ability to build night vision. Before people could manage with a Maglight(old style) today this is almost not useable for many.

1000 lumens is a limit for me, if we can call it lumens :) Some flashlight get so warm that it is close to a firestarter.

Old lure. The triple hook broke so i did put on a new. It is good to have a SAK or a SwissTool to open the ring so the triple hook can be attached. On this lure most of the paint is gone but it worked still. Maybe it can be repainted later on.

It is not good for the fingernails to open the rings. Some of them are very strong or rusted together.

Outside Merdø this summer 2013, much fish out here.

fall 2013

Marlin spike on the Victorinox Skipper

The sewing eye works well for the small shackles. Or one may use the shackle opener at the smallest angle. This tool is a more gentle opener than a plier.

Old picture

The Maglights got a timeless design. The construction and materials are good. This one got an LED and the output is not so high. It will be enough for many tasks. Differnt and interesting modes.

extra old picture from my old page.

This one too

from my old page and show some of the functions on the Skipper. This model got from my new information some special steps in the production.

This was a test.

The new stainless metalfile/saw worked very well.

jelly fish

Very good tools, Ratchet with bits holder and selected bits

Used in the perfume industry

Smart to have the lures and fishing gir in order. The Lures last longer if they are rinsed from saltwater and stored dry. Same goes with most equipment used at sea.

Important evolution! Picture borrowed...

Spartan green pin stripe and Companion 58mm alox

My information on the pin stripe knives say these got introduced for the sales market in 2009. Different colors,

Picture from my old page. Do not forget how to use a stone with water.

The SwissTool leather sheath can be used for the New Soldier. The sheath got good quality. I have used the SwissTool and sheath for many years.

I was very lucky to get this showcase box. It is for the 58mm Classics(plastic) and Limited knives. It is a metal Box with high quality. I got it from a store. Tusen Takk! I will use it for different knives. Just some felt and wood inside and it was done. This is easy to remove if i will use it for the 58mm.

Here is the Led Lenser P2. This little light i have used for many years. It is probably one of the LED lights i have used the most. The ring is worn off. The LED give just as much light today as it did when it was new. It has been very helpful and useful. 10 or 11 Lumens is not much but it makes the difference. I will contiune using this for as long as possible. It also got a fun mode that most forget about.

Upgrade for the Bear Grylls survival set. SAK and a flashlight fit well into the set. It is room for this.

I also put in extra matches and an old survival set with fishing line and hooks + some more goodies. Not on the picture.

A picture from the Navy visit some time ROV for KNM Tyr, upgraded.

Det ser ut som om vannliljer også er brukt i medisinen.

January 2014. The swans are eating some seaweeds

It is difficult to imagine the power of the ice and elements that has worked on the rocks.

Tomorrow is the 13th of January. St Canute chases Christmas out, the old new year`s day. This is the day for choosing the tree for woodworking. Should be chopped down with an axe.

The Wenger flat screwdriver works well for adjusting sights. I got myself the Leatherman set with the flat bits. Leatherman is a good product. One can never have to many bits.These i will use for different other work.

Good old "hand nail drill" Three different sizes. I just got these. They are new, old invention!

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