On the picture you can see the key ring spring attachment that was produced for three months in 1999. The one in the middle is an advertising knife and it got the new tang stamp from 2004. This should suggest that one need to be careful to date a knife into 1999 just by the spring attacment. Both got the notch.

The left knife is a standard range Victorinox line and middle knife is an advertising line.


The two pictures show three knives 84mm and 91mm with the stamp from late 50s until 1974. The three knives on the picture is late 60s(1966) until 1970. There are a few differences in the stamp itself but the message is the same.


The backside on the same three knives.


The extra loop corkscrew on the knives from 1966-1970, the same knives from above. This is usually not to see after 1973. The grooves or decoration contiuned after this.

The bail on the 91mm is interesting. This was officially replaced with a key ring attachment in 1968.



from the left an 84mm

The new can opener from 1951 on the Officiers knives is used today on all the categories. The Alox 93mm knives got this from 1957, from my information is seems the +Pat is usually not seen on most categories from Victorinox after 1971 +-.


On the picture today there is some information about the corkscrew. This is most likely a late 1990s knife. I have discussed some before on the variations with the corkscrew. Between every evolution change done by Victorinox you will find small variations in the design or shape. This is on an 84mm advertising knife. There must be at least 10 different ones outside the regular evolution made, if not more. This can be a simple thing as shown on the picture with the front section of the corkscrew having a larger opening compared to the end of the looped shape. There are different reasons for all these variations. 

The tang stamps on the main blade are interesting for different reasons.  As you know Victorinox use and used many independent markings on a number of categories. Some are for more than one category. It is the same with the stamps as a number of other Victorinox functions with variations between each evolution marking or stamp. It may look the same at first eye. With a magnifier you will see that it is impossible for them to be made by the same module and may contain hard to see design changes.

Back to the corkscrew the modifications can be for a number of reasons and they are best to notice with the mini screwdriver.  The main evolution on the Officiers knives are a bit different compared to the 84mm category. Advertising and economy made knives are also different. I will not let go of the angle differences just yet because there are similar designs with an opening that is a bit bigger. It is not so that hard use forced it in this fashion. The one on the picture is just a bit too much different so it is a variation in itself to me. It is just one of the types that you may see or find with Victorinox SAKs. It is absolutely not a problem of any kind.


The table on the picture to the right is made for the economy knives or EcoLine

Information from Victorinox and my research, with only the basic information for dating. There are dozens of variations with the hot stamp emblems and many variations in the design on each tang stamp section. copyright Trond

29.07.2019 hot stamp

A little selection of hot stamp economy made SAKs. random order mid-1970s -1994

On this picture you can see some hot stamp emblems and in one way or another all are different. Researching the economy line can be demanding and with the tang stamps you can find a satisfactory time window. Most of the hot stamp emblems are around the 1979 type. It is also unavoidable to look away from the fact that the first hot stamp must have been made in the mid-1970s with a different configuration or size. 1979 is a date Victorinox use for the main design on the hot stamp emblem. I have placed the use of such configuration to be approx. mid-1970s until 1994. In many ways it is the tang stamps that give the best indication. Instead of writing too much text I have a picture above that shows many of the emblems in this sphere. They look very similar to the eye and perhaps would go for the same.  In reality there are dozens of small differences and they are not the same completely. This can be obvious production variations and so forth. It is also obvious that some differences must be from the productions and tools made to imprint the hot stamp emblems with heat and color. You can find variations in the depth, size, placing and many other differences that must be deliberate. The information I have on the hot stamp from the mid-1970s is not official and it only reflects my research. With the tangs stamps it should give a strong indication that I am not far from correct. Victorinox have been very helpful with information regarding the tang stamps over the years and also information regarding the emblems. It is about collecting many knives and by doing so I managed to get a better picture. So the picture is just an indication that there are many variations out there with many hard to notice before you use tools to see better…..


On the picture to the right you can see an emblem without any silver color left. It is a very shallow hot stamp on 84mm category knife. It is very precise and shallow and could be mistaken for an inlay fallen out. It is a type hot stamp..............

16:15 new tang stamp found

main side ROSTFREI INOXYDABLE STAINLESS backside blank

Economy made knives are not my first choice collecting. That said this line and category has given me some of the best times and also the most demanding area to research. Today I received a used economy made SAK and this model is not rare by any means. It is the tang stamp that is rare. That will be the reason for this text and picture. In the 70s and 80s you can find the extra bright red scales and this hot stamp is usually found on older economy made knives. It is a wide hot stamp emblem. This SAK has been around more than a time or two. It is used much and a little beat up. I sharpened and cleaned it as always and the edges got the sharp ability again. It will get some oil later as well. I have seen this tang stamp before and I do believe it is original to this knife and that it is a Victorinox product. Because of the scales, the corkscrew (not the best quality) and the wide emblem I somehow want to place this before 1979. I would love to place it early 1970s. The tang stamp on economy made (elinox produced)is? -One thing is for sure I will research it!


Approx. blade thickness on the 91mm ABS models

Today I would like to show two pictures about the models with bright red handle scales that are sometimes referred to as ABS. The color is close to orange. I made some measurements for the main blade. The other picture you see the tang stamps in the same order.


12:01 same order as above. Obvious SAKs thats been around and hard used. date: I could be wrong, these are knives 1970-1985 for now. In general the ABS Bright red economy SAKs are below average in quality still people used them for many years.

One very important factor with Victorinox is the emblem and tang stamp. This is a 100% fact.  For many the hot stamp is one type, which is not correct. The reason why I call them hot stamped is when you clearly see an imprint that is melted into the scale with color. It is also obvious for the eye that the configuration and design on the pictures above is not similar. I have no doubt that production-variations happen. My digital caliper is accurate still I say Approx…..In my research on the hot stamped SAKs I found dozens of small differences…………….




Another factor with the hot stamped emblems used on let’s call them economy made knives, is the relation between blade thickness and emblem which reflects dates of manufacture.  This not always and also the corkscrews are related to it.


last today i can mention that i am aware about the small blade design that got the "from 1973 type" and it is part of my analyzing. From before you know that the wide emblem i place 1973-1975, perhaps up to 1979. Then the new stamp arrived i showed you. It is spice for the hobby!


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i could use some help in dating my knives...

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Hi, sure. Just send pictures of them, i need to see tang stamps, functions and emblem.

Aldo | Svar 03.04.2017 14.16

Thanks a bunch :)

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Hi, thank you for information. Victorinox made these 1982-1992, they are star sign knives. Small v in victorinox tang stamp then it is the early. BR

Mary Mittelstaedt | Svar 27.02.2017 17.01

victorinox army knife keychain in box, it has a ram on top of a rectangle plus cross . i cannot find anywhere this symbol can you tell me date of it?

Trond 28.02.2017 09.44

I can add to answer on top that Your knife is either Aries 0.6203.44 or Capricorn 0.6203.41. If you want 100% conformation send me a pic

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Hello Trond,
I received a Mechanic in a red/white Victorinox box. The box is stamped item number 1.47 53.73. Do you know what knife goes in this box? Not Mech

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Would you be interested in seeing progress pictures
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