Wenger and Victorinox philosophy


The two brands also got a different philosophy on the place for the wavy or serrated edge for combination-edge knives.

Victorinox place the wavy edge on 2/3rd of the blade from the tip and in. Wenger use the complete opposite from the inner part and the normal edge on 1/3rd to the tip.

If people are looking for a combination-edge then it depend on their own need. For wood cutting it is absolute best with the normal edge on the inner part because the best leverage is there. So here the Victorinox is best. It will work on wood, rope and webbing material.

On rope and webbing the wenger got an advantage because of the same thing with wood. You will get the best force and leverage with the serrations on the inner part. The serrated part on the Wenger blade is about the same length. The Wenger blade all together is a bit longer and better for use on rope and webbing.

Wenger got serrations on knives with one hand opening like also Victorinox does have.

The Chisel grind is a controversy but is does get really sharp.

If any doubts I would have two blades with one normal edge and one with serrations. Victorinox got special knives with locking and one hand opening on both blades.  Maybe the Ibach factory got an advantage with safety knives. Then again the comfort of the Wenger knives and locking release is very good. The blades are very developed.

There are completely different philosophies on the locking mechanisms when it comes to comfort. Wenger is best.  Maybe the Ibach type is stronger.

It is one company now completely from 2014 and we will follow the future with interest. The only part we knew from 2005 is that Victorinox took over Wenger but that the Delemont factory should run independent on knives.

What is for sure is that the two knives 111mm and 130mm are completely different in construction and they are different knives.


There are plenty of different serrated edges in the knife world. I will explain some of my information and self-learned experiences, regardless of knife Brands. Informations also from other collectors, users and knife people.

 Like you know a wavy or a serrated edge got some advantages and dis-advantages depending on what use it is intended for. The design on the serrated edge and curve on the blade may influence the cutting performance. It can influence sharpening and durability. The angle on the edge, the steel and hardening is important for the quality, durability and cutting performance. To be called a rescue-blade it required all of the factors mentioned in the philosophy. The use of a locking blade is of vital importance for the safety.

There are different systems for the design and use of serrations in the knife world. It can be a science to create the correct edge for a cutting task or for an “all use” serrated design.  The length of the blade influences the cutting performance and how comfortable the handle is also influences the performance.

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06.10 | 15:47

I agree

06.10 | 15:18

Yep - I have seen Packlock in lots of documentation too. It's just as a native English speaker I have NO IDEA what it means! :-O

06.10 | 13:50

In the Backpacker 1979, It is mentioned patented Packlock, by Precise. Google books. BR

06.10 | 13:35

Wenger europe used French language, It is possible error. Packlock became a name that followed it. It will be interesting to see. BR Trond

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