To give a little insight on what is going to be the future this article will give some directions.  The knife world today makes so many high quality products and it is a joy to follow for the believers in the Gods of knives. The main goal is always the Swiss products with versatile designations. Knives with many functions and utility sphere are my topic usually. It is also so that it cost more than a dime to have such a hobby so the constant lookout for a bargain must always be there and what I have been doing. It is possible by doing some priorities and planning to be able to take part. A couple years ago this sweet Spyderco came to my attention. Somehow a few Spydies entered my collection over the years. It is a sweet model on the picture that is made with very high quality materials. Over the years information I gathered from and about Seki City Japan and the steel all suggests they know how to harden steel. The whole process with the blades and quality is up to a serious standard.  The word tactical is really of no significance for me besides this model represents something that is superb for utility or safety, everything but violence.  Mine do not have any serrations. Knives for violence are not any topic and really I do not like misuse of any knife. I do like to know how to defend against knives.

Also on a picture you see a Helle Temagami with laminated carbon steel. This is a knife made with superb and high quality materials and pleasing for any knife tech person out there. The Spyderco got laminated VG-10 stainless steel while this Temagami got laminated carbon steel as mentioned above.

I believe

Swiza is a Brand i will follow more in the future

The Hunter pro by Victorinox is another example of a folding knife with locking mechanism in this case “lockback” like the Endura. It is made with high quality materials and components. It is one of the most comfortable handles made by Victorinox while the Spyderco also got a comfortable handle, not as good as the Hunter pro with polyamide. The most comfortable handle is the Helle Temagami that is not possible to improve. I would say that the Hunter pro and Temagami are ergonomic wonders and both are into the “handbliss” class.

One of the most important parts of quality steel is how it is treated with the hardening and process for the type of steel used. Helle, Spyderco, Victorinox and Swiza know how to make the best out of the materials for their products. From time to time it is nice to stay in the realm of quality products from the world and not only Switzerland.  Knives like I show here in this article are something worth owning in a collection and fun to know about.

By looking on the beautiful design on these knives it gives much joy and it is made by true believers of Cutlery.

Swiza is a Brand I have learned more and more about during the last years and it is a truly great choice in deed. It is made from High-Grade materials, with precision, versatility and with a nice design to add further for the knife delicacy. Truly a Swiss up going Brand that is just perfectly made for EDC.

I wanted to make a feat of performance with knives to show that it is possible to be a good collector and to do a deed. On this picture you can see some 111mm knives by Victorinox. I have not forgotten about Wenger either, this you can see on sakhome.com. Wenger the makers of the genuine SAKs used high quality components and especially the 130mm New Ranger category sat a serious standard.

15:55 serrations, waves or combination edges information

“It is good to spice up the synapse or s, lol. Well I have been very much into the different edges you find on SAKs and knives. I love serrated or combination edges very much. It is in my opinion nothing anywhere near to do with violence-related products. Serrations, wavy edge and combination edges represents a vital and seriously important detail when it comes to safety, rescue or the prepared mindset. Therefore I practiced and learned to sharpen them or to do maintenance

16:30 hot stamp

some hot stamped Swiss Army Knives some used as well


I also like questions about the economy made hot stamp SAKs. Do not stop sending questions.

19:23 internet is powerful

Not all the time is it possible to find a good bargain or lowered price for new knives. It is a good idea to have a small crowd of collector friends; maybe you collect different things and can therefore help looking. During my 6 years with SAKhome.com I have found a lot of knives sold for discount or for a campaign price. New knives that are in perfect condition for nice money and that is always a good feeling. I also recommend to get a contact network with people that share the same interest that can make you aware about a shop selling for a nice price in case you somehow let it slip through your radar. Internet is truly a powerful tool and by being very active looking I found nice knives on a regular basis. It is also very helpful to go to many markets and to look for online sources where people sell knives or auction places. It is all up to the imagination and one should not let a dry period stop you from finding new things. Because dry period will arrive, come and go. It is also smart to be sceptic to private people and to do your research and to develop your personal touch for deciding where to buy. You can also trade yourself up. Combine going to markets on foot and use the internet.

17.07.2019 Advertising knives

During the last years the hobby wandered into more advertising knives. If you talk with knife researches you will find that collecting this side of the Brands can be giving and educational. It could be nice by humming a song too, just joking. I mention many times how knives with a Company logo on could really mean something extra to the individual receiving them. Because it is a quality product it is a gift really worth something special and appreciated. My reason for venturing into this field and side of things is simply to learn more and i do like the colors and the varieties that really speaks to my interest. So why not? I do not regret it for one second. For me it must be a wide spread interest, I just have to be in the open area with air to breath.  Because I am a collector is important to mention that it must not be misunderstood that I am doing any type of promotion for anyone. It is not any promotion! Knives are made and they appear on the markets, and so it is. Stay on the route my friends.


To become acquainted with knives you must have a real enthusiasm and passion for it. The Swiss Army Knife is not any normal versatile knife in the world because it is iconic and historic too. To be humble is important because in the world today you can find people with incredible knowledge and therefore you must use the mechanism in the mind to learn from it. One good advice can be to accept and to evolve with it. Some people do not understand tools and functions and have a negative impression on all knives. This is strange because without cutting tools and functions then the world would stop. It is simple as that. I did the mission to specialize as best I could do. If people look upon SAKhome.com without knowledge with knives then some would not understand what I am doing. If people got no positive regard for knives and is set to scrutinize or research a page then good luck. To really understand you must be a person with deep insight and love for versatile knives, history and development.  The moment of the person’s joy with knives and the knowledge is not to be tampered with. That is my motto in life and together with respect for cutlery I continue. It took me over 15 years and I am still learning every day about knives.



I would like everyone to feel welcome here even if you do not like knives, I am not angry if you do like knives (joke) There are no doubts here that many times a life is woven before I get there. Like the eyes are sat on all the leaves on the tree at the same time and it explains how things are. I wish you all a wonderful day!



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I agree

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Yep - I have seen Packlock in lots of documentation too. It's just as a native English speaker I have NO IDEA what it means! :-O

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In the Backpacker 1979, It is mentioned patented Packlock, by Precise. Google books. BR

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Wenger europe used French language, It is possible error. Packlock became a name that followed it. It will be interesting to see. BR Trond

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