Knives and my hobby

A small example on my economy made knives.


Many also know how i contribute to the knowledge about the economy made knives. Usually I only collect main line knives, limited or more specialized knives. I also like to collect economy made knives with the hot stamp emblems. I exchanged emails and received nice information from the factory and also other people. I had to dig out information myself too. In many ways you will discover that to research SAKs can be both difficult and challenging. It was educating to learn from archives and it also provided satisfaction to learn more. Many of you that are into SAKs also know that to be able to pin point years can be extra difficult if not impossible sometimes. It is the individual freedom to discover this and also the private sphere of a person to research whatever he or she wants from their knives. To be able to pin point is up to each and every one to do and as long as it is processed and explained. I will not stop doing this and I have my freedom to do so. I always explain if people ask me that if you follow the directions and information provided from the factories then you should be ok and it is all well. These dates are usually within years and anything in between this is blank.

It is the same with main line evolution and years for the official 91mm evolution we know to also be protected by the Companies which I like and enjoy. For my personal knowledge I like to add in dates and information in between the years provided from a Company. The same goes for the Companies milestones. It is important to remember and I do respect the rules and protection of the history made by a Company and also the information provided by private collectors and other wonderful enthusiast from the world. It is never my intention to step on anyone. My only goal is to have my individual freedom to express my love and passion for a product that I believe in and enjoy. In my milestones I have most in my own language as a sign that I am always careful and have had it as a factor for protection. I have made extra information again on my page that these come from dozens of places. Sometimes I place information from the milestones and historic sources into English to fill it into an article. Many years ago I had another page that I explained over and over again where information comes from.

In many ways it becomes detective work to be able to learn more. It is never about taking anything for my own. If it should be that some information or parts of my interest is not liked by any person or Company then I am sorry but I will continue. For me the hobby must be playful and free. I always recommend to people to do your own thing and it is not impossible to not do mistakes from time to time. The source you become and for my own I can say that I always express on my front page that I am a collector, researcher and enthusiast. This should sum up every part needed and if you have questions then I have email provided always for further information. All over the world we see collectors and enthusiast that all provide a form of contribution. To be able to have our playful and to have a sphere in our private space should be respected too as I respect the Companies and the Brands, people and sources. It is important to remember that a Company can protect their products and history.


In my experience I have had an adventure. We never know what changes that could arrive in the future. The makers and protectors must also not forget that when people got their products and maybe they have accumulated collections then they got their individual rights to express their thoughts and impression as they like. This is my mindset and if this is not welcome then it is just a difference of opinion. When you enjoy a product or have passion it means you have love for it. I never make any excuses for not having a top notch interest which everyone I know are aware about. For many years I provided research which I did share with collectors and we exchanged information in different sources. This was my own time and hard detective work together with well information from many sources. I am very grateful for the Swiss Companies that made the opportunity possible. I believe to be able to become well experienced with knives you have to research anything you can and to combine it with being around a lot of knives. There is no way around it. Victorinox and Wenger provided great information which I am eternally grateful about. Because I have a very wide spread interest and hobby I was into most categories and products.




Furthermore today I can put in some more input and information regarding The Companies. I can inform that no Company in Switzerland caused me any trouble. They have always been very kind and helpful to me. Especially the Elsener family and Robert Elsener provided me with wonderful information by reading handwritten information from archives.  I have always personally experienced that the SAK community is well liked and appreciated.  Regarding the problem with facebook I know it was not done by any of the Swiss Companies. I have backup of everything so for me it is no problem. I do care for my followers and so on very much.




During my time and collector life I somehow got pulled into an adventure. One thing is for sure and that is that passion can also lead to unchartered territory. I never make any excuse of my hobby and somehow and I know I am top notch interested and therefore I got pulled into the Fragrances which led to a Swiss man that were going to cross Australia on a bicycle. Still today I have never seen anyone on such a bicycle that could have such a speed in such a climate. Truly the most impressive endurance and speed I have seen. I also met Jose Amorim that is a truly great person. During my time I got friends at the former Wenger Company and talked to several people there by exchanging emails and knowledge. I also got in contact with Robert Elsener and some of the Victorinox staff that helped me to gather very important information that I could learn from each and every time.  They did hard work to find information.


One time I sent a question to a special part in the Swiss military and the answer I received is epic and my favorite: ? you


I also got pulled into the internet with following the Patagonian expedition race. I also learned from Wenger about the ambassadors and Ueli Steck that tradically later died.


I also somehow got into many forums and I met many knife people. Somehow I also got involved in forums in non-English speaking countries and that was not easy to do, lol


I stepped into the world of Swiss Army Knives and it became a fairytale. I am a bit sorry that I am not part of forums anymore so much because it took so much time of my life. I am very grateful and hope everyone is doing fine.


I have only mentioned a few things of my life with SAKs that really helped me getting back to life. Sometimes I also got involved in aspects on social media that I really did not know much about but I learned and adapted.





I still have the Unlimited Limited edition Fragrance i won that Beat gave me for my support. I have used some of it from time to time and it is in the same condition as when i got it many years ago. Really nice quality design with functions and a really nice scent. It got some cool functions.


not the best picture, it should show it ok anyhow. I have no doubts about my interest and hobby!

I have also managed to find, get or buy some advertising things, here you see some of them.


Today I got some input on how the development on will be. It is upgraded to https/SSL. My only goal for the future will be to talk and show some knives. In 14 days I will have a cleaning on everything that is not knife related and some more pages regarding LED lights will be removed because it takes space and they are old articles and pages I made. So you have plenty of time to see everything and to read. My goal for will be to show more knives like Victorinox, Swiza and Wenger + a few others. I have several picture pages and galleries. Just take the time for the page to show up because it is much interesting things to see. Some of the galleries will be removed to make space for interesting knives. I will keep my pictures with nature and polypore’s for sure. I cannot get any answer about why the Facebook page could not be going so I will therefor do everything from here by showing knives I collect or research for my own interest. I will refresh and give it a step in evolution too. is a protected page and no attempt must be made to be harmful here. My intention is very good and I have done my time showing where I live, fishing and being in my kayak and so on. Not that I cannot do this anymore is just that it is time for a change for me too and I will focus on having a better specialized page about knives with collecting as my main view. My name is Trond Ole Mojlanen and it’s always been me running I can promise that I will continue to love the knives from Switzerland. In my adventure with SAKs I learned to take pictures, write better English, learned about Polypores and I managed to specialize in Swiss Army Knives. It is not possible to become an expert. I do not believe anyone outside the factory can.

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22.09 | 18:02

Hi! Very nice to hear. Best Regards Trond

22.09 | 17:01

You're welcome. I participated in the said NOCUS meeting in 1987, and received one of these knifes. Stil have it :)

13.09 | 20:43

Hi, thank you vert much! Wenger used the name Packlock for the locking mechanism also called Packlock system. Best Regards

13.09 | 16:04

Hello - Love your site - Please can you clarify if this system called the paclock or padlock system? Thank you

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