RescueTool 0.8623.N and 0.8623.MWN

In 2007 Victorinox introduced the RescueTool and it is still one of my favorite knives in the collection. This tool is a milestone in modern Swiss Army Knives and professional knives for firefighters or other services that require such impressive functions. This tool is a large success by the Ibach factory in Switzerland. Every collector and user immediately recognizes the yellow handles and functions.

On the pictures you can see two models of the RescueTool that is very real, one with one hand opening blade and one with regular blade and edge. The tool was introduced in the Victorinox video with the one hand opening blade and the combination edge.

The 111mm services range or the liner locking style knives from Ibach are very strong and durable knives in the construction and functions.

The sheath or pouch for the RescueTool is very well made with leather inserts inside the nylon type pouch.


On the pictures you can see the functions with the window saw for use on car windows and more. The special belt cutter can be opened by using the tip against a surface. It got a Phillips screwdriver and an awl. The big flat screwdriver with a locking function is for use when removing a window for example. The main blade is also with locking.

The window breaker is very interesting in design and shape and with this a car window will break like thin ice. The window saw and window breaker can be replaced and this is an interesting detail because a Swiss Army Knife with this possibility is rare. I believe this got much potential and it could be made to fit other functions too.

The handle scales are luminescence made and it will store light and glow in the dark.


The design of the belt cutter is special and made to be used to cut seat belts. The curve and tip on the blade is to make sure when cutting free a person you will not cut or inflict any damage on the person. This curve will also help the wavy edge to cut a belt very quick. The tip part can be used to open it with one hand by using the tip part against the body or a surface. This function does not have a lock and this is why I show the 0.8371.MWC Dual Pro knife from Victorinox. This belt cutter with wavy edge and locking is probably one of the best developed functions by this company. It got one hand opening and wavy edge. The curve and lock will ensure a safe cutting and the tip is developed to prevent damage on a person.

The RescueTool got a small lanyard attached to the key ring to make it easier to get it out of the pouch.

You can also find some information in patent databases on the internet on this tool and this can be fun and interesting.  

There are more variations on the RescueTool than just the two knives I have showed here, for me these two are the most important models of it. This knife is a milestone and a professional Rescue knife but also a SAK gadget for further research.

One hand opening locking mainblade with combination edge and a belt cutter with special tip and curve for belt cutting, wavy edge. Window saw and big flat screwdriver.

Phillips screwdriver and awl

RescueTool belt cutter vs the Dual Pro

A very developed window breaker!


A wavy edge is used by the company to have an edge that will stay sharper longer. On the RescueTool and Dual Pro it is a combination edge with wavy and plain edge 1/3. It is a chisel type grind. Plain edge or combination edge variations is also used.

Two strong 111mm models.

toothpick and tweezers

Not so many knives in the world with a saw that is designed to be used on a car window. The one on the picture is exactly made for this purpose. It can also be replaced!

Update glow

how cool is this 🙂

update standard blade and edge

Strong blade

It stops here as a safety feature before fully closing or opening.








In the news today: in Amsterdam there was a dangerous accident with a car that ended up in the water. Luckily there were people there that rescued the two that was trapped inside the car. First one used a hammer that failed, a stone had to be used to break the window. A man is more than capable to break a car window with the fist in an emergency but that depends on how you are placed and how much of your strength that you can put behind the blow. In the water it is extremely difficult to use the fist and also difficult with a hammer or stones. In such a situation a window breaker like the type used on the RescueTool will make it much safer and easier to break a car window. It is not much strength needed.

Situations like these are a reminder about the safety and another confirmation about the dangers that can happen anywhere at any time. (This accident was on Tuesday)





On the internet there are interesting and useful information about how to react with the car in the water. It is a risk to rely on the knowledge that one may use elbows, fists, legs, pointy objects or the head rest to escape from the car. There are different theories about waiting until the car is full of water to open the doors and so on. This is a risky philosophy in deed. The best is if you cannot open the door or window to do this before the car is full of water with a breaker. It is also much more difficult to use the window-breaker under water because you slow down your speed because the water resists your motion. Another factor is that if the water is very cold you must react quickly. If you are hurt then you must rely on a tool that can break the window for you. Some speed and correct motion with the breaker will save you.



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Caio | Svar 05.04.2019 18.26

Thank you so much for your answers. In fact, this article on the Rescue tool was definitive to make me decide to buy one. It's on the way! Best regards

Caio | Svar 05.04.2019 17.01

The curved blade of my Hunter XT also presents some rub on that side plate. Such issue is not noticeable on my other OH SAKs....Thanks for the text and photos!

Trond 05.04.2019 18.32

When in closed position the blade sits deep for protection and construction. Avoids opening by mistanke too. Thank you very much. BR

Trond 05.04.2019 18.29

Thank you very much, the construction is very solid and to avoid opening by mistanke and strong during twist motion when other functions used. BR

Caio | Svar 05.04.2019 16.57

I've been considering buying a Rescue Tool. It's indeed so cool! But as it is far more expensive than Dual Pro, i'd like to ask you about the alignment of tools

Trond 05.04.2019 18.18

Hi, the precision and alignment are usually very high. It can happen that minor touching or some rub may happen still. Both SAKs got the same standard. BR

Caio Abe | Svar 05.04.2019 16.55

Hi! The tip of the curved blade of my Dual Pro rubs a little on the side metal plate when closing it. Came from factory like this. Does your Dual Pro show this?

Trond 05.04.2019 18.41

It is maybe a compromise related to batches, models, thumb pressure depending on what side, ergonomics, riveting and the very solid design. BR

Trond 05.04.2019 18.11

Hi, thank you very much for message and info. It can happen that some functions rub some. I would not worry about it. BR

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26.07 | 23:05

Hi and thank you very much for question. The closest I know is the Master Fisherman 1.4753.72. The. 73 is related to what inlay it got maybe. Best Regards Trond

26.07 | 19:22

Hello Trond,
I received a Mechanic in a red/white Victorinox box. The box is stamped item number 1.47 53.73. Do you know what knife goes in this box? Not Mech

01.07 | 23:13

Hi, sure I would like to see, BR.

01.07 | 16:24

Hello Trond.

Would you be interested in seeing progress pictures
Of my custom Champ with Voyager digital clock scales.
I could email them to you.


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