Wenger ingenuity

Wenger has made products for many years with the possibility of separate functions and wrenches.

The hex opening that Wenger use on some of the products is a genius invention and together with a separate wrench or key it is formidable. I have talked some on this opening around on sakhome.com so check it out.

The Victorinox key with bits together with a Wenger Swiss Army Knife works very well. The plier together with a key for bits can become a combination that should not be under estimated.

The large functions on a Ranger model is already something many users around the world mention to be an advantage. The large blade with one hand opening and the extreme saw is really Wenger at its best.

The Wenger development the last years on the knives show us the little extra needed in the knife world.

I can see very many possibilities with such a combination shown on pictures here and today with the selection of bits and tools in the world then really it is just up to the imagination of the user for what it can do.

I love multitools and the evolution of it because this is how the human mind is created to be “ to be a multitool”

It is interesting to read about the history of knives and the function on the pocket-knives and sportsmen knives. I believe we are just in the beginning of the multitool phenomenon and it will be interesting to see the future.


Wenger is a brand that make products for normal or special purpose tasks.


The Titanium knives are made with ingenuity and they are special purpose tools or suited for many other tasks as well. This is what SAKs is about to be able to have this possibility.

Long bits update


Some electronic devices or different machines are assembled in such a way that one would need long bits. The normal bits may not reach with the result that one must use different screwdrivers and devices. Long bits are therefore smart to incorporate into the MultiTool pack if equipment would need repair. Another detail: The adapter/holder for bits may be to thick and therefore long bits may be the best sometimes.

Hex socket 13.02.2015

Here is a Hex socket 8mm that i got today. There are big advantages with such a device when you beforehand make a pack of tools needed for equipment or gear. This is a firm socket and it can be used for adjusting or maintenance in a more safe and secure fashion. The plier can damage or cause trouble if used directly on nuts and bolts. This socket got a strong magnet inside that makes the use even more comfortable. It is also possible to use the plier on this to avoid any damage on the important equipment.

The hex opening on the Wenger knives got so many possibilities today and only the imagination can limit it.



I recommend reading my pages on the New Rangers!

Hex sockets update 21.02.2015

Found some Hex sockets at Clas Ohlson, 7, 8, 10 and 13(not on pic). Fun!

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06.10 | 15:47

I agree

06.10 | 15:18

Yep - I have seen Packlock in lots of documentation too. It's just as a native English speaker I have NO IDEA what it means! :-O

06.10 | 13:50

In the Backpacker 1979, It is mentioned patented Packlock, by Precise. Google books. BR

06.10 | 13:35

Wenger europe used French language, It is possible error. Packlock became a name that followed it. It will be interesting to see. BR Trond

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