The «Worn» SAK

Today i would like to show you a strange Wenger knife from the snife series during the 1990s. For the 85mm category in the Snife series it was used the Commander SAK. I got this from a friend that found it at a second-hand store. It still need some work with removing a few spots. I have cleaned and oiled most of it. Some spots remain on the nail file. The blade got some scratches but this does not mean anything for this SAK because it is so much used anyhow. I sharpened the blade so the edge is sharp enough again. The blade and functions are not bent. The spring tension is a bit lighter from all the use over the years. It can still be used for a long time if needed. The name on this design is called the 7th avenue. These knives are related to the famous Swatch watches and art. When I find used SAKs I can learn from them. I can see how the quality is after much use and learn more about it. It is a bit uncommon to find such a knife with this design that is so very worn here in Norway. In the urban Snife is mentioned to be a name meaning spoon and knife joined together. This is a bit interesting in deed.

Over the years Wenger experimented with new designs and how the artwork or design was applied to the scales. This could be camouflage scales and artistic designs. Some could take wear better than others. Still somehow used SAKs that is worn got a certain appeal to me. They tell a story. I do not only collect perfect knives. I have been interested in used knives all the time. It is a great source for knowledge about everything. The plastic scales started up as a white before the decoration was applied.  

Looking on all the functions i believe this SAK is a mid-1990s made one. The artwork from the 7th Avenue is worn and in a way it still speak and got appeal.

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13.09 | 20:43

Hi, thank you vert much! Wenger used the name Packlock for the locking mechanism also called Packlock system. Best Regards

13.09 | 16:04

Hello - Love your site - Please can you clarify if this system called the paclock or padlock system? Thank you

10.09 | 14:47

Hei, Thank you very much for this! I had forgotten about it. I will update it! BR Trond

09.09 | 23:24

The 'Montreux' SAK actually is labeled NOCUS-87, short for Nord Computer User Society (NC computers was delivered to CERN, quite an achievment at the time)

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