Red and black OH Forester

OH Forester

stands out

28.07.2019 is ready again and to start fresh I would like to show you my latest 111mm OH Forester 0.8361.MWC SAK. This model got the combination blade with waves on the section from the tip. Which is perfectly ok and you have a rather large blade and therefore the use of a combination edge fits very well. There is absolutely no doubt that this category is well made and designed from A to Z in every possible way. It would be difficult to find or express doubts about this category and it is in my eyes the professional line. This is clear from looking on the knives and also from the information I have received over the years. Not to forget use...........

Every category got certain models that stand out from the rest. This is one of these knives and it reflects many of the most important factors in every way.  To describe why it stands out with only a few words could be difficult. One reason is the obvious selection of functions and the ergonomics with comfort. The design will also influence the choice about what is the best designation. This category alone stands out from many of the other popular dimensions. For the typical outdoors person the large construction fulfills demands on a different level. To doubt this is pointless, it is just a fact. Today we have even larger categories with the Delémont 130mm that is another top notch design.

I have shown you before the large flat screwdriver and most of the functions already on my webpage so no need to show many pictures again. I cannot make a page without showing some pictures of the tool. That would be sad and first I have some thoughts and information about the blade.  It locks in place with full precision and the slip-joint spring got that typical Victorinox tension and sound. The lock engages secure to prevent accidental closing. To release the lock the liner is pressed to the side. This you are very familiar with I would expect. Once again to also free people from any worry regarding the locking mechanism and the little play you feel against the lock. This is how it is made and not to worry about at all. It is very secure!

it is a beautiful design

I know it could be a controversy for some about the use of a combination blade. This could perhaps develop into a longer discussion. For me I like different models and this model got the combination edge and this is absolutely correct in my view.

Every time I find or get a hold of one of these sweet tools the full analyzing begins with looking over the construction and functions. The conclusion is that another high quality tool is in the collection.

I recommend taking a look on my rescue blades pages and hopefully you find some interesting impulses.

Super quality saw

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I dag | 03:07

Hi Mr. Trond. is there any special way or rule to sharpen and maintain the sharpness of the awl and chisel? I haven't found such tutorial. Would you make some?

11.01 | 19:20

Hi! Good observation. Yes it seems there are some differences on them, both Wenger and Victorinox.
BR Trond

11.01 | 11:51

Hi Trond! Question, do you know if victorinox at any time reduced the surface of the nail file like wenger did? I saw this in a couple of classic SD nail files

19.10 | 18:22

I would say on the economy line without sewing eye up to 1987. With sewing eye 1985-1987 until today. The economy line got variations. BR

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