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OH Forester

stands out

28.07.2019 is ready again and to start fresh I would like to show you my latest 111mm OH Forester 0.8361.MWC SAK. This model got the combination blade with waves on the section from the tip. Which is perfectly ok and you have a rather large blade and therefore the use of a combination edge fits very well. There is absolutely no doubt that this category is well made and designed from A to Z in every possible way. It would be difficult to find or express doubts about this category and it is in my eyes the professional line. This is clear from looking on the knives and also from the information I have received over the years. Not to forget use...........

Every category got certain models that stand out from the rest. This is one of these knives and it reflects many of the most important factors in every way.  To describe why it stands out with only a few words could be difficult. One reason is the obvious selection of functions and the ergonomics with comfort. The design will also influence the choice about what is the best designation. This category alone stands out from many of the other popular dimensions. For the typical outdoors person the large construction fulfills demands on a different level. To doubt this is pointless, it is just a fact. Today we have even larger categories with the Delémont 130mm that is another top notch design.

I have shown you before the large flat screwdriver and most of the functions already on my webpage so no need to show many pictures again. I cannot make a page without showing some pictures of the tool. That would be sad and first I have some thoughts and information about the blade.  It locks in place with full precision and the slip-joint spring got that typical Victorinox tension and sound. The lock engages secure to prevent accidental closing. To release the lock the liner is pressed to the side. This you are very familiar with I would expect. Once again to also free people from any worry regarding the locking mechanism and the little play you feel against the lock. This is how it is made and not to worry about at all. It is very secure!

it is a beautiful design

I know it could be a controversy for some about the use of a combination blade. This could perhaps develop into a longer discussion. For me I like different models and this model got the combination edge and this is absolutely correct in my view.

Every time I find or get a hold of one of these sweet tools the full analyzing begins with looking over the construction and functions. The conclusion is that another high quality tool is in the collection.

I recommend taking a look on my rescue blades pages and hopefully you find some interesting impulses.

Super quality saw

Forester wood



In the mail today a beautiful Victorinox 111mm arrived. This is a SAK I have been waiting for that I finally got in my collection. It is the Forester in walnut wood!

It got a beautiful laser engraved emblem with nice darker color for the handles. It is probably stained some and it got a wonderful smell of protected wood. I have gone over it with a magnifier to see if everything is intact on the handles. Everything is perfect and it is a high quality product that is extra beautiful to hold and to look at. The backside scale got some more texture and grain and this is typical showing the growth of the wood material.

You all know how much I love the services range and the 111mm sturdy SAKs. From before I have collected several 130mm and 85mm models with Swiss Walnut. You will find that not only does the individual scales of wood contain darker and lighter material. It is also treated well and stained for some individual look on them. I can smell that it is protected with a nice smelling oil or substance. The Swiss precision is very nice and all the functions got the typical Victorinox quality, functionality and mechanism. There is no toothpick or tweezers on this.  I like when aluminum side plates that is under the wood material is so flat because this will make sure the wood material is sturdier. This Forester does not have the one hand opening blade with combination edge. It got the traditional edge and blade.

Beautiful Swiss Army Knife...

I have the same configuration as above in black handles, it is a very impressive SAK.

The wood material used on the pictures is just some random wood i had.


This is going to be a mixed text of a few factors I discovered researching Victorinox SAKs. It is always difficult to keep the words and text on a minimum level when talking about the knives. It is a lot of fun and it is interesting so therefore the number of letters rise. I would prefer just showing pictures of knives with just the name for it. Many like some information and text too so here we go.

First I know that many people across this planet like the Victorinox knives because you get much value for the money. It is high quality for a reasonable amount of money. This they mentioned to me back in 2008. “Our effort to provide consumers around the world with functional and practical high-quality products at affordable prices gives our lives deeper meaning and adds joy and satisfaction to our work” This is very true and since 2008 it is only natural that prices go up a bit. I fully agree with their philosophy. Victorinox knives are high-quality for a reasonable cost.

Since 2008 the world of steel has jumped a lot and some would prefer a higher quality steel. What I can say is that the Victorinox steel is satisfactory and it is a type of steel we know work.

Since I have shown the Forester model with wood handles and mentioned across my page about the 111mm services range and tools it can be interesting to once again mention what Victorinox said about the development of this category compared to the slide lock models and category.

During the last years we see what many say is the end of the slide-lock models and the stop for them. We see many of the well-known models transformed into the liner-locking sphere:

 We found them to be insufficiently robust and sturdy for the fire brigades, the rescue services, the police and armed forces. For this reason we developed a knife (0.83-0.84) of the same shape and size but much stronger, with thicker rivets and blades, linerlock for the blade and powerful screwdriver. In this range you will find the Victorinox lock blade for one hand opening (e.g. rescue Tool). Since 2008 the number of models with this construction developed further and today used for models in all ranges or purposes. It is a superb knife!

I also exchanged emails about “new tools” that could be interesting to develop for their catalogue of new ideas.  In 2008 it was mentioned to develop new tools and functions can be very expensive. This includes the machines and tools for making it. Estimated 20-30000CHF in 2008 for one tool. The slide-lock was developed from request for a larger tool with lock on it. So just worth having in mind or knowing about.

Victorinox today produce the larger 130mm category in Delemont and in many ways when Wenger developed this they had the idea of size matters. It resembles in many ways how Victorinox developed the services range. Victorinox re-designed it some for their philosophy.


The services range dates back to the early 1990s, until today the number of models increased very much. Wenger develped their Ranger 120mm around 1990-1991. This again develped to the New Ranger 130mm design. Which Victorinox re-designed some later.

18.11.2020 Soldier 2018

This is a highlight every time I get a new Soldier 2008 type for my collection. I do not have all of them from 2008 until today. I have a very good selection of years and I am very happy with this. Looking over this tool it is very clear to see the very high quality package. These SAKs are superb and actually very advanced. One factor I find extra interesting is the constant quality development from this Brand. Modifications and developments can be difficult to see at first. When this tool was issued for the first time in 2008 it was already high tech. I am glad to see this knife continues to be available for the civilian market because it is a professional services tool that can do the little extra. Many users like the sturdy construction and that is made for Soldiers in the field or for their service. Many users look for professional tools right away and I see no problem with this. The utility knives with large functions can make a difference in the outdoors, this is a true fact. I am also looking for production variations from time to time. This is find interesting.

Most of you know the stop function you find on the 111mm Liner locking models with plain blade. The OH models also can have a partially stop function too. Not as distinct in any way as the plain!


The Forester model on top is not so different from the Soldier knife. Both are services range construction in my opinion. The Soldier got the Phillips and not the corkscrew. There are always modifications and development from Victorinox. Both represent good alternatives for a large 111mm SAK.


Ok, time for some text…

This is a very smooth tool with very polished functions as usual. I cannot find a single spot on this Swiss Army Knife. I recommend looking on the polished surface with a strong magnifier and you will see the crazy good polish everywhere. It is super smooth opening and it is easy to unlock the mechanism and close it. These really are world class tools no doubt about it. I mentioned a partially stop for the blade. This is probably the interaction between the tang and spring. It is more a nice place to hold the blade open for taking the picture of the year numbering:) On the plain blade you have a cut flat section on the tang for the stop function so it is a different thing.  I wonder if it is related to having the easy one hand opening for the blade:)

You can feel the precision is superb on the functions. It is usual to feel some minor play against the liner-locking mechanism for the blade and large flat screwdriver with the cap opener. This is correct for them and how the interaction slip-joint and locking mechanism functions together. It is not a weak locking mechanism because this is a professional tool in deed. All the springs got the correct spring tension opening and closing. It is easy to use the nail-nicks for the functions.

The combination edge is very nice as usual and all my knowledge says it is perfect. It got the typical tip that is not very acute. It is a combination edge with the waves in front which is a type of edge you find on many one hand opening blades from Victorinox. It is always a question back and forth what is the best place for the waves. For a tool that must do some wood cutting then you need a plain edge on the inner section. I did a lot of research on both types with the alternation you see on the 130mm models. The difference is the wood. You will find picture of the edges on my pages. Hope you liked my page today…BR



If you are looking for some sharpening information then I recommend that you have a selection of diamond coated sharpening rods available. It is smart to find the rod or shape that fit perfectly with the waves. By doing so you can continue to have the set angle and the dimensions on the waves for a long time. Find the angle and continue it. After sharpening each and individual wave you get some burr on the other side. This you remove gently by lengthwise strokes with a stone or rod. Never use coarse diamond stones or too coarse stones. If you use diamond coated devices then medium and fine will be enough. Serrated and wavy edges stay sharper for a longer time and with some practice it is very easy to maintain them. The design on this blade allows you to cut yourself free from belts, webbing, rope and entanglements. This I know because I have tested this before. The tip section and locking mechanism, not to forget the one hand opening blade allows you to do this with one hand. If you or others are stuck in a belt you can because of the tip and design cut the belt without cutting yourself or others. It is a very good safety/rescue blade that can do many tasks. Most belt-cutter blades got the rounded tip and inwards curve with or without waves. This blade is different but very effective for the same tasks when every second counts. The tip is not very acute with the reason for this that could be a compromise because of the waves. I am not 100% sure. It got penetrating abilities still so it is for sure versatile. In some utility tasks you must or may have to puncture equipment. It is equipped with an awl that is good for puncturing and drilling.


Do not fear a wavy edge for maintenance.



Coarse diamond stones are usually always for repair and when you put on a new edge. That is why you never should use a coarse side for maintenance. You can for sure use coarse, medium and fine when you are doing the extra for an edge. It is also all about the pressure you use and how steady you are with the angle and hand. Many would say when you use coarse devices that the blade should be fixed on a holding device. That’s it for today!



19.11.2020 precision

If you like slip-joints then you will like the 111mm knives. On the picture to the right you can see the slip joint spring with cut part to fit the tang of the blade when fully open.

12.05.2022 Soldier

It is time for another 111mm New Soldier 2008 type SAK. This one got the year 20 for 2020 on it. These are super Swiss Army Knives. I was excited to see what year it had marked on the blade when I got it in the mail today. Next is the full look-see on every part for the interest and knowledge as usual. I do not have the full line-up from 2008 until today but as mentioned before I got a good selection of them now.

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James L. Rainey | Svar 22.03.2021 20.58

I have a SAK 111mm with only one handed blade and a saw. it was a prototype called a Walkabout. email me at for photos

Trond 22.03.2021 21.57

Hi, thank you very much for comment. The Walkabout is interesting!
BR Trond

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Hi and thank you very much for question. The closest I know is the Master Fisherman 1.4753.72. The. 73 is related to what inlay it got maybe. Best Regards Trond

26.07 | 19:22

Hello Trond,
I received a Mechanic in a red/white Victorinox box. The box is stamped item number 1.47 53.73. Do you know what knife goes in this box? Not Mech

01.07 | 23:13

Hi, sure I would like to see, BR.

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Hello Trond.

Would you be interested in seeing progress pictures
Of my custom Champ with Voyager digital clock scales.
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