The Victorinox RescueTool with Luminescence handles can be used in combination with light.



Not so many people that bothers with this anymore. It is a shame because it is not so that the phone will save people always. I am rusty with morse code because i did not keep the knowledge up.

Future update


It is going to be interesting to see the future!

LL update


The only negative i have ever heard about the T7 was about the switch but this was rare. It is a good light that is easy to use and do maintenance on. It is a balanced product. I sad it got two power modes but it also got a boost mode. I feel the difference is not much but it can be used.

It is no problem signaling with it.

Batteries update

Why a battery tester and tip


A battery is fresh goods and should not be left in the flashlight over long periods of time. When you remove old batteries then check for damages. When replacing with new ones also check them.

Never use batteries from different brands in the flashlight. All the batteries should be fresh and the same type and brand.

If you have some batteries in a box that you can use then it is a good idea to check them with a battery tester to see. It is not smart to have an uneven energy supply in the flashlight. I always learned in electronics that this is so. It may not be so dangerous in a modern LED flashlight with the safety measures in them but I feel it is a good rule. So I just use the battery tester and see if the batteries are even.

Thermal update

For the housing material used on many modern flashlights aluminum is used.  More correct is aluminum alloys. This is also anodized to protect the surface or appearance of it. Also special coatings are used.

The alloys from my knowledge have certain thermal abilities and expansion abilities with temperatures and resistance. Please feel free to let me know because I am always interested in learning from you.

When the aluminum alloy and the cooling steps from a LED with driver or circuits transfer heat to the surroundings it is smart that the alloy it is in direct contact with air. On a LED flashlight with high power it is not smart with a plastic hood over the flashlights head. This will protect the flashlight from impact but it will disturb the heat transfer.


Light update

Here are two versatile cheap lights with one red and one white. They got two modes with on steady and one blinking mode. They are not water resistant but these types of construction usually light for some time even wet. They are for me to be used in the everyday purpose and in dry weather. I would always recommend using a fully water proof construction for wet or water purposes. This is easy to test for yourselves and make sure if they have a rubber sealing and that every part of the construction are sealed.

These lights on the picture are from China and I bought them today and I will put one in my pocket for sure. They got a versatile attaching that is useful.

Chaos update


The LED and reflector technology has come a long way.  Many lights today can perform with very much power or light strength but there is also much chaos in it. With a lens technology it is more harmony in the light and it can be controlled better. It is important for me that there is balance in the product and the light. With a harmonic light then this is also better for the eyes to focus in. These are my feelings and thoughts. It may be an individual feeling for people. I like a balance in a product with the output, temperature and light. It is difficult to explain but for there is a link between an overdrive and chaos in the light. You use much power to create a very high output but much of it is wasted in the chaos.

The technology goes further today with LED technology to make it a better product so it will be interesting.  

Light manipulation

Light waves can be manipulated to contain communications and this could be an alternative that could be incorporated into a flashlight. It sounds like science fiction but it could be done.

Could be interesting with two flashlights communicating with each other!

Light communication!

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Hi, thank you very much for question. During the last decade of Wenger history you find with or without patent stamp. Quality the same. BR Trond

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Hello. I have just bought a blue viking Wenger knife. But took my attention does doesn't take the PATENT sign in the open botlle tool. Is that possible? Thanks

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