This Eka Swede 45 with carbon steel and coated Bubinga handle is from November 1977. Only 500 pieces made with this advertising.

Nice knife. A coating type on the blade too.

Opinel number 8. I like it!

The ferrule and the slider for the locking is very smart!

Opinel, Victorinox and Wenger

Gebruder Berns Solingen. Not stainless. I wonder if this is a pre 1940s knife? One of the tools look to be a cable scraper and flat screwdriver. Maybe a tool for electricians.

Solid made, hard used by people.

Eka. It is a very smart design with the screw assembly.

Some nature again :) A snail that has been over water for a long time may look dead. If you put some saltwater on it then something will happen.

It will move and try to find something to attach on. I gently put it in the water after this picture.

Also take notice of the Balanidae. It is alive and under water it will open.

Noen som vet hvilken Brusletto dette er? Fant en Mora slire som passer noenlunde. Logoen på bladet er litt slitt men er den fra 1979-1994. Laminert stål og malt tollekniv skjefte.

Gjennomgående tang som er festet bak. Dette må ha vært en type budsjett kniv(mye for pengene men litt enkelt laget). Den er helt i orden men litt hakk i eggen. Ny egg på den så er den i orden.

Ikke perfekt holking men bladet sitter rett og fast.

Info from a friend mention: Brusletto Tollekniv made until 1990. Two models 1 and 2 with 8 or 10cm blades.

On the first picture you can find some info on this knife. The normal Swede 45 bubinga/carbon steel was made from 1970-1997 500 000 pieces made. Eka have history with Wenger too.


04.04.2014 Dette må være stemorsblomst. Den er et multiverktøy.

On my evening kayak trip i found this. I believe it is a part of a bird marking. It is marked with a big number as well. I will find out. It must have been on a large bird.

Got a load today.

This Birch is soaked. I need the exercise. I recommend it to everyone.


Some of these are really tough to split.

Birch bark is strong. If you split the bark then it is easier to split the wood.

Then split.

A very good Wenger knife. I really like it.

Take advantage of cracks. When it starts to dry then it will crack. It is not always that this will be the best place to chop but usually.

The shape of the Fiskars Axe is very good. It is easy to sharpen and it can get very sharp.

Prøv dette: honningmelon, spekeskinke, ruccola og litt olivenolje.

The Axe continues to be a good tool.

I had to use two swings on this :( The day is busted:) Just joking. It is fun. some of these are grown in a twisted shape.

Wenger, Eka and Buck and Zippo are "fair priced" products. The Zippo lighter with the engraving is nice.

Always use high quality gas or fluid in the the Wenger Clava or Zippo lighters.

This Wetterlings is a good axe and it is versatile. It can be used on a tree. Good steel and it holds the edge for a very long time. It is not as good as the Fiskars X25 to cleave with.

This is a very good shape. The X25 works very well. I have really hit hard with this. I still do not trust the composite handle. If i really hit hard i kind of feel a strange motion. Maybe this is supposed to be so. For sure there must be some flex is the composite material. I do wonder if it can break. It is a good product!

This is the limit of what i dare hit with the X25 on wet birch. Very good Axe.

Sledgehammer and wedge works very well. Best is two wedges of metal or you can make one in wood.

Natures artwork! Sometimes when splitting a piece of wood a book opens. Just let the imagination happen.

Much cod today. Not so large but tasty.

Pollock or coalfish tastes very nice!

The seagulls ate well

The Wenger scissor is handy

During the winter i did a modification to the “Rykk” lure with a red thread. I sealed it with glue and this was done to prevent the line from getting stuck.

It is successful and the red attracts fish.

Now it is impossible for the line to get in between the hooks. There are probably other ways to do it but it worked.

I bought a Wenger S557 and removed the red scales. I replaced them with this blue. This color is also nice!

The Wenger S557 is one of the best and most famous Wenger knives.

Dette er fra Peter Prokosch sitt bilde i Agderposten. Det er interessant med Raet nasjonalpark. Jeg har sett mye skarv de siste åra på øyene i skjærgården her.

I like different colors on the knives.

It is much more fun with the SAKs :)

Wenger Mira

The Leatherman Micra is a very nice tool with high quality and it got an interesting function. The flat Phillips that Wenger also got! So far i have the Wenger flat Phillips from around 1976. Let me know if any other info is found.

It is fully possible to do simple maintenance or repair with a SAK. I would not recommend people to do it themselves at home because of the danger of fire. This should always be done by professionals. If you do a simple repair then pull out the cord after use.

Storesand idag

Litt lav..

15.04.2014 today

Older damaged shells and snail-houses

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Hi and thank you very much for question. The closest I know is the Master Fisherman 1.4753.72. The. 73 is related to what inlay it got maybe. Best Regards Trond

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Hello Trond,
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