The Wenger Ranger 51 is very slim and comfortable to use. Very lightweight. The Ranger 51 is only 92 grams. Pouch and knife 133 grams.

A multifunction SAK or a Multi-Tool together with a single blade Wenger Ranger 51 can be a good combination.

The Ranger blade


Bare et steinkast fra huset. Hvem sier at en kjuke ikke er vakker....

Some knife talk again: I have used this Victorinox bread knife 5.1633.21 for some years now. It is a high quality knife for sure. Only positive impressions.

These two knives have seen much use on vegetables and fruit. High quality knives!

The insects are very important for the nature and life. Let us hope for a better insect year this year. This is the biggest Bombini (humle) that I have seen. Not the best picture.

Walked 9 km today with the dog. He is in good shape.

I am not a good swimmer but i can swim and i know very well about water temperatures and clothes. I did learn to swim at school. This is something that i hope will continue in the future. Children should learn to swim it is very important!

This is an old sharpner with tungsten carbide by Accusharp. If you like fast sharpeners then this is a a very high quality tool! Tested for many years.Pat 4599919

Ladybug 3 :)

Safety today!

This Kinetic lure/pilk was really good today.

Cought well with cod today!

Pineapple snack

The sea was extra low today at Tromøy

A worm made this

I recommend if you are in Arendal to visit Tromøy and see the Raet national park

Also see the very strange grown pine tree`s

Just out with family and the dogs for a walk and to take nature photographes.

28.04.2014 evening paddle today.


On my evening paddle i took a trip to Havsøy. Wenger Ranger for safety.

Paradis bukta Havsøya

Very nice out here!

I have forgotten what this was but i will find out.

The other side of it.

Now i remember what it is. It is a Sepia shell from an octopus.

Om du ser på satellittbilder over Hisøy ser du at man kan bevege seg i mye skog over en stor del av øya. Mange ulike trær og stier. Ta en fin gåtur!

Så finner du denne høyden. Lykke til!

Picture today 03.05.2014

Had a small fishing trip today. Caught an ok Pollock on a red rubber worm + some Cod and Coal Fish outside Merdø island.

The outside of Merdø island today early.

Healthy snack!

To make a selfmade firestarter then cut strips of paper and roll it up. Tie it together with rope. Melt some candles and dip it. See next Picture.

When it is dry and hard then put it in a sealed box or bag.

A very simple fishing hook i made with a nail. I used the SwissTool and you can use different colored thread.

Leather can be a very good material to repair a broken hinge with, for example on a lid.

The sun is up and the clouds are gone.

A multitool

Found another Sepia Shell today and i will show it further today.

The extra small coalfish can be caught for personal use without size limit. It is very tasty fried. I caught some cod from the kayak today but i released them again. Fishing from a kayak can be demanding.

natures artwork!


Herring is a fish that can bite on just a plain hook without anything or color on. It is a very healthy food to eat. Seafood is great.

Outside of Ærøya today 15.05.2014 . Did some fishing outside this island today and caught well with Pollock and Coalfish + a ok Cod on the way home. I also found another Sepia Shell:)Lovely weather!

Beaver :) Early morning.

Just got this cool missinglink holder. Can be used to carry stuff around the neck.

I have used different safety knives lately. Wenger, Victorinox and the Bear Claw CRKT.

18.05-2014 Up early today. The fog came and i had to wait for it to dissolve. Then i did paddle out and got a pollock and this nice cod from the kayak. Then the fog arrived again and i just went home because it is not smart to be out in the fog.

The rod holders works very well when fishing for other fish.

20.05.2014 I had a trip out to Tjuvholmen that is one of many outside the island i live on. I had some time for pictures and to enjoy the sun before the fog arrived very heavy.

Tjuvholmen towards Jærken


The white rocks

natt og dag/stemorsblomst

Some food

26.05.2014 Old lighthouse. Had a small fishing trip today. See the next pictures.

The outside of the old lighthouse

Looks like many geese:)

My dinner today. Look at the beautiful colors on this Pollock!. There are much cod and coalfish but i released them because of the small size. No mackerels yet.



The Pollock is fast and strong. It will try to go towards the seabed or do a sudden change of direction. It will shake hard to get free. It is a healthy fish to eat. Sometimes when it bites on the hook it comes fast and makes a proper signal. They got many variations on the color.

The outside of Merdø today 26.05.2014

29.05.2014 On my way out i observed the beaver swiming around my kayak from some distance. I took this picture of it. It looks like it got a nice white house under water:)

I paddled out to Jærken


One of the famous heaps

I also did some fishing but it was "Catch and release" today because it was only small ones. I lost a mackerel so it seems it has arrived.

Got to love "Raet"

I found this floating device today and took it home. It can be used.

This is a good paddle 80 degree/L 220cm

It works well but a sit on top kayak is bit different but it works

Also a TNP With 220cm 70 degree/L and it can be folded

It is a solid assembly with no wiggle.I like the yellow because it is easy to be seen.

There is no rudder on this kayak. It got its limitation against heavy current. One need to use force and speed. I remember when i used it the first months that i suddenly was paddling in the other direction:) It is very comfortable to sit or fish from. I have used it for some years now.

Red rubber worm 8/0 works very well around the year.In May the pollock like it extra. Cod like it well too!

I had a small paddle out towards Jærken today but it was windy and some waves. I did try a hook and the mackerel liked it. To much weather for any comfortable fishing today. On the way home then suddenly a huge number mackerels hunted in the surface and it was boiling and fun to see!

This is candy that got ingredients from trees and bushes. They taste very good. If I remember correct the green ones got ingredients from Juniper and Pine!

The Ranger blade is large enough to cut bread and for food work. Mmm.

Small fishing trip today(boat) 02.06.2014. Mackerel is one of the most healthy foods to eat.

The roe is Incredible good.

The size so far this year is medium to large. Good dinner today!

On the way home picture at "Østregapet"

I got this very low cost Coghland`s zipper pull with temperature and compass. It works and on the backside is a chill factor scale

I had a fishing trip today 03.06.2014 and caught mackerels and a nice cod.

I used this for safety and to clean the fish with.

This cod was on many times before it was hooked well. When hooked the cod swirls around.

There is much coalfish out now. Took this picture today(from boat) 06.06.2014

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