I am very convinced that the big flat screwdriver with cap opener and cable stripper was designed to be a versatile function for more uses than I did mention.  It can be used to open the lid on paint cans and to be a holding device.  The awl on the Ranger knives is handy for a starter hole when using the flat screwdriver on wood. The push locking on the screwdriver is very handy because it prevents accidental closing.

The flat screwdriver on the Rangers can be used as a holding device for a hot wire for example. In the nature when cooking this can be a handy tool. The Ranger knives fit just as well at home too.

I have tested the flat screwdriver on many different screws, many more than on the picture. It is solid made and can be used for many tasks. I cannot find any negative things to say about it and I have used more force on this function just to see if it can take the little extra. It can be used on machines and devices with open screws. Because of the shape it cannot be used on hidden screws because this would require a longer and round shape.

The Ranger can be used on fishing gear or on an outboard engine gasoline tank.

update flat screwdriver

Remember with the flat screwdriver on the New Ranger knives that it is important with a controlled push towards the head so the screwdriver locks into the screw and the spring on the knife. With some experience this is a comfortable screwdriver and it serves a good purpose. This prevents the accidental closing and this is an advantage. Remember that the cut part of a flat head screw is sometimes shallow and these are not comfortable for any flat screwdriver in my opinion. With these it is even more important with a controlled push or press and the firm controlled turning. I have no idea why some got that very shallow track on the flat heads. For sure the Wenger flat screwdriver can be used on them. There is a limit for how large tasks it can do. It is a solid design for sure. The advantages are there with a screwdriver that follows the length of the construction because you can reach.  There are more advantages with the Hex opening used on the Wenger knives, or some of them. This you can use adapters and long bits + you get a very good momentum and strength. The best is always the functions that are assembled in the total construction for many. Take a look on the page for Hex opening and combination tools around my page.


I have no complaints on the Wenger New Ranger screwdriver!


I have touched this before and on the picture you can see a flat screw head. I am not sure what kind of bits are supposed to fit this properly. The track is very shallow and everything is not in proportion. This I have seen on many different applications and forms. It would be better with a different design. I know that this shall be sunk into the material. Maybe it would be better with a different design. They are uncomfortable for any bits and please let me know why it cannot be different made. I have used the Wenger on such a few times and it can be used on these.




Today it is normal to use different screws for many applications. Some are for softer and harder materials. It would be better to use Philips heads on some rather than the shallow flat head track. The problem today is that I have found the shallow flat head on many different applications. On plastic materials, wood materials and others as well. It can be different metal materials used in the screws with brass included. The problem with the shallow track is the possibility to damage them very easy, a few slips and the track is completely damaged no matter on how precise the screwdriver or bits are. I understand that some are made so because it is for appearance and so on. It is not pretty with the damaged track either in my opinion. Maybe a Philips head would be better? Or make the construction of the flat head deeper and with a different design.

The Wenger flat screwdriver is very good and it is a kind of universal design that would fit very many different types. So wenger is correct designed by a professional Company and i like it very well!



Wenger from the left and Victorinox from the right

Some functions are very familiar with SAKs like for example the flat screwdriver function. This is usually accompanied with a can opener on the other end. On the Wenger 120mm Ranger models from approx.1990 you find the extra-large flat screwdriver with the push lock for preventing accidental closing. It continued on the Wenger 130mm New Ranger models too but this time they switched side. Having a sturdy screwdriver with cap opener and notch is very helpful on a Swiss Army Knife. Victorinox continued this on their merged Delémont 130mm models. The push lock is a very smart invention and design feature. By pressing down towards the flat-head you can have much control. 

Many times I mention and talk about the important factors with larger tools. They must have some form of feature to prevent accidental closing. I guess many have experienced on the 84, and 91mm how the function can accidental close when you turn a flat-head.  On the 111mm liner lock Victorinox made a liner-lock for the extra-large and sturdy design they made.  Wenger made a push lock for the 85mm SAKs in the early 1980s. People will apply more force on larger tools like the 111mm, 120mm and 130mm. Therefore it is extra important. 

Two Wenger SAKs from the left(120mm & 130mm) Two Victorinox 130mm SAKs from the right.


Two very nice Wenger SAKs

11:25 some may wonder why it is 120mm and 130mm categories when the difference is so small. There is a difference and because it is a redesigned knife from a-z it is ok to have the difference.


In the late 1990s Victorinox developed a notch on the tang for the 91mm SAK. This is a clear indication with the accidental closing and how such features can help to improve the performance, safety and comfort.  The Wenger early 1980s push lock design continued all the way and you will find it continuing. Victorinox developed a liner-lock for their large flat screwdriver as mentioned above. This is probably the best solution and the best alternative for preventing accidental closing. Even so the push lock is a very nice alternative made with Swiss precision. The design on the Wenger function is very nice and sturdy. Good luck!

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The 120mm continued after the New Ranger. They had Patent and not pat pend. I say pat pend first then patent next. But! Wenger did many variations! :)

03.01 | 15:08

The old Ranger 120mm is from 1991, on my 1993 it is pat pend I have seen it on 1991 too and Swissbuck as well! Wenger can be a minefield because of variations

03.01 | 15:04

It is a superb question. Wenger used different stamps, some because of european laws. Usually the quality and steel is the same. Which is first? Not sure.

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Hi! Sorry for late answer. I have seen many variations with Wenger, please send pic to

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