If you want to make a small survival pack for fishing


Many survival packs today got a small set of fishing hooks, line and sinkers. Usually the hooks are very small because of the size limits so it does not take so much space in the set with all the other items.

I do recommend using some hooks with some size like on the picture because it will increase the chances of getting larger fish and for other reasons. On the picture are some different types that could be placed in a set. I also recommend putting some strong multifilament line in the set because this will increase the chances of landing a good size fish.

 There are differences from inland and sea fishing but usually they will works anywhere.

There are hundreds of different things you can put on a hook to increase the chances. You can use plastics, threads or rope + much more. For a sinker you can use a piece of metal.  You can also make a hook from a nail, wood or metals. Plastic from an electrical cable can be stripped and used on the hook. Red is maybe the best color on the sea.  You would be surprised with just a plain hook or a normal black hook without any more on it. Many fishes will bite on just a plain hook.  If you get the chance to get some bait from insects, snails, fish, meat or worms then the chances increases by 100%.



If you use multifilament line it can be smart to use up to 15 kg type and with a color that is faint. Signal color line is not the best. It is smart to have some length of the line and to have a sinker that will allow the hook to reach further down into the water. Some fish are pelagic and some stay on the bottom. The reason for a multifilament line is the ability to have some strength even with damages on the line. A mono line (traditional) will or can get cut in the mouth of the fish. Even a cod got sharp teeth that can cut a mono line easy. If the mono line is weak (1-4 kg strength) then it can snap quickly. The multifilament line can be rather thin and still have strength. A SAK or a multi-tool can be perfect for survival use and fishing.

Fishing update

It is important to know that some fish behave very different in the way they bite on a hook. Some fish are more reluctant and as soon as they feel resistance they let go. It is important to know that some fish are interested in looking for a wounded target. The hand movement you use can be important. Usually it is smart to fish up and down in the water and try different speeds. Some fish hunt for a faster target. Usually it smart to give a good pulling motion when you feel something because many fish goes direct in attack mode.  It is also smart when the hook is in the water to use jerking movement because some fish swim around the hook to investigate and if you are lucky it will get in the way of the hook. It is smart to use different colors on the hooks because many fishes can hunt for a specific color.

Sometimes it can be smart with a floating hook as well.

active update

Sometimes it can be smart to tie on a reflecting material on a hook. Different foil can be used for this. If you have the luxury in a survival situation with many hooks then you can make several hooks with different color or bait because this will attract more fish. It is surprising how much a few hooks and some line can be used for. It is important to fish active if you can because it will attract fish.

At night it can be possible to tie light sticks on the line because this will attract fish.

Bait update

If you manage to get some fish it can be smart to use the intestines or some parts of the fish for bait. This will increase the fishing by 100%. Some fish are very smart to remove the bait from the hook so it is important to be active. Some fish will swallow the bait momentarily and it is hooked.


Survival fishing updates

Some people only want to use traditional mono line because of different reasons. There can be some problem with multi-filament line if you want to have several hooks on one line but it works good enough. It is possible to make a snare with both traditional and multi-filament lines as well.


To fish from land it is smart to use a rod made of wood to reach further out. Or use a bottle and weight to throw with. Remember that the water usually get more shallow towards land so it is smart to pull the line in a good speed so it does not get stuck on the bottom.

It is ok to use a rod and a floater to see any activity and to make sure the hook is in a certain depth in the water all the time. From land it can be smart to find a deep place and fish up and down at that place to get some fish. Many fishes hide in the seaweeds or areas near the rim of an island. Some of these fishes are easily frightened by shadows and daylight. It is very smart to use the sea snails as bait on a hook at those places.


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