The New Ranger handles


I have tested for myself the Wenger RangerGrip handles for two years. The rubber sections or inlays are durable and show no signs of damage. This RangerGrip knife has been tested hard with twisting motions and use. The handles are fully attached still and show no signs of warping caused by use.

The evolution and shape/design on the handles with the hidden liners does fulfil its purpose. When Wenger redesigned the SAKs the handles was made more versatile. In history we know about the red handles and the different emblems used but also the methods used to attach them are very important.

Both Swiss Brands has made many different handle shapes in history. The evolution represents to me an extra part of interest.

In general the handle on a Swiss Army Knife is important as a symbol and if we study the last years development on the use of the handle itself as a tool to bring the knife into a more personal presence it is clear to see. The secrets to a SAK handle are the iconic design, symbols, emblems, design, comfort and personalized presence.  Today the possibilities of the handle can go to extreme lengths.

Wenger did go with a completely different handle shape that could be built further on. It is not only a comfortable handle it also fulfill the secrets I did mention. This is very innovative.

I have mentioned some before on the handles on both companies and if we look at Victorinox the use of many different artistic or personalized ideas are in use. It is a fine balance between the iconic design on the handles and the personalized presence but Victorinox does it well.

The danger with personalized or advertisings are the limits of time, fashions and peoples interest. The iconic design on the red handles are in way separated from the more personalized presence knife but also borrowing from this main iconic line.

The presence or appearance of a knife is only limited by people’s imagination and the versatile multi-function tools can fit every aspect of life, interests and tasks.

It is also very important to know that the presence of the implements in combination with the handles is a key. This is obvious.

Both Brands are brilliant and Wenger did implement the evolution and a new secret factor in combination with all the others,  the evolution and different camo patterns represents a masterful success.





Today there is only Swiss Army Knife Company and it is Victorinox.


Iconic design, functionality and quality are linked together with the products. Victorinox has with the help of people’s innovative ideas and wishes made many personalized handles but at the same time kept the iconic shape. The use of artistic and personalized art on the knife with different printing methods does not hinder the quality of use and comfort. It can how ever be scratched but this only change the appearance without damaging the comfort. The quality is the best with the main iconic lines. The use of many colors and artwork does make the interest of the knives more global. The handle art can be used in the global market and for the different countries ways of life. This then for me is a quality and the personalized presence is functional for this.



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22.09 | 18:02

Hi! Very nice to hear. Best Regards Trond

22.09 | 17:01

You're welcome. I participated in the said NOCUS meeting in 1987, and received one of these knifes. Stil have it :)

13.09 | 20:43

Hi, thank you vert much! Wenger used the name Packlock for the locking mechanism also called Packlock system. Best Regards

13.09 | 16:04

Hello - Love your site - Please can you clarify if this system called the paclock or padlock system? Thank you

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