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paddle today 07.06.2014 to Jærken

The second heap

Much life!

EvoWood S557

Wenger did set a standard that is extra with the introduction of the EvoWood in 2010.

EvoWood S557. I have tested another EvoWood knife for a long time and it is a high quality product for sure. I am glad for this.

I really do not know about any knife that can beat the looks on the Wenger knives. The wood is treated with protection that goes rather deep into the Wood.

Did some fishing from the boat today 10.06.2014. Waves and wind and not the best to fish conditions. Nice dinner anyway! :) I had on a huge fish today.

Remember to eat fruit

11.06.2014 Nice day for exercise because it was much wind outside today. I wanted to try and fish but it was to much wind so i did play instead. Felt like a kid again in the waves and wind. Nice to get into the river again afterwards.

I am lucky to live out here and places and the islands i grew up playing on. With a kayak it is a new experience for sure because i can get into places that i have not seen yet.

Safety knives is one of my specialities and i have tested it out. When fishing or in a kayak it is very important to remember safety.

I had a nice paddle trip today 14.06.2014 I caught some mackerels. It was windy and some waves. I got splashed a few times. It is fun! On the picture is a well used seat for my kayak.

There are 4 attaching`s for the seat. I rinsed it from saltwater and blood from the mackerels. Today there was many motorboats so be aware of boats when you are in waves or on the water in general.

The seat is placed here. There is a nice angle + material for it. It is a very comyfortable kayak to sit and fish from. I have not yet flipped by accident in this.

There are two scuppers for self drain that i never use. I would wish for better rest for the feet, it is to small. When paddling it is needed to have good support with the feet.

There is a wheel on the back but this is only helpful on a flat surface. Maybe the kayak would glide better without it. It is solid made, i have had this kayak for some years now.

On each side there is a place for the fingers when you carry it. It should have been a better handle here.

This is a cheap trolley that i have used for some years. I had to MacGyver it, see nect pic.

The nylon fabric holder broke here so i used a belt. Its been holding for a year :)

It is important to secure the kayak hard on the trolley. I use this.

The back lid is attached strong by itself but it can be smart to secure it more, see next pic.

I do not use this

We had a small fishing trip 22.06.2014 outside Østregapet to get some Mackerels for hot smoking. Nice larger ones.

On the way home i caught this Horngjel(Belone belone): There are many of these during the summer and it is not used as food here usually, included me. They are used for food in many countries. It is strong and serpent like.

Very long!

World class food :)Hot smoked mackerel.

This i believe is from the 1960s and it is an Elinox with the normal backside stamp. This 84mm should have the number 2070 g (g = with gold color)

No emblem

In older Victorinox documentation and catalogue this model can be found in the late 50s also. (goldfarbig = g)

Some refer to this model and configuration with different names. The handles are made of ribbed aluminium (alox). This is a very slim and lightweight type of knife. There is absolutely no play in the functions and the spring is in full order. These knives in different colors have much quality.

Jung swans


Theme Picture!


12.07.2014. We had a small fishing trip today just to get some mackerels for dinner. Nice small mackerel taste even better. Took some pictures too

The population of seagulls is reduced because of some factors. These got a good meal.

It does fit with the interest for sure.

Odonata i believe.

Here are some nice knives that i have not researched yet. All are Eskilstuna or Eka knives except the Peres to the right. Some of these got some age to them for sure.

This one i do wonder about. It looks to be marked Klaes Andersson. The small blade is marked Eskilstuna

Here is the blades on the number 3 knife from left. It is a EKA knife with some age. Nice

The Klaes Andersson knife with ESKILSTUNA stamp on the small blade.

The number 4 knife from the left. I do believe that this Collection i have not researched yet are from the late 30s-1980 so far.

Finally in a frame after 26 years.

18.07.2014 Should have had a better camera with zoom. I do believe this bird population got a big influence on the fish!

Two mini islands(Skurvene) full of them(Phalacrocoracidae)

Beautiful day on the water. Pictures from boat.

Today 18.07.2014

Two intersting Swibo handle designs

Wenger Swibo 2 29 13

The Swibo got the crossbow because of superior manufacturing.

Victorinox 84mm Tourist and 58mm Classic with SIG advertisings or print. Pretty cool! Still under research

The SIG classic got a imprinted and gold colored advertising. Nice holder as well.

Could be that the imprint is done with the hot stamp method.

The emblem side is oposite and this is a Classic and not Classic SD because of the nail file tip is round. No screwdriver. The 84mm and the 58mm knives are a bit harder to date. But i have a good idea on them. The oposite emblem is normal to find on Victorinox knives.

So far i have put the two SIG knives in around the years late 1990s-early 2000

The SIG Company is famous for firearms but it is a mess to try and find out more about this knife. The reason is that SIG and the companies been into much other products. I am still researching the logo and advertisings.

The backside functions. It is interesting that this does not have a keyring but it does have toothpick and tweezers. It was mentioned in the 2003 catalogue that the Tourist was New in the early 2000s. We will see.

There are many thing that makes these knives harder to date. Advertising knives may vary on the stamps + more. Is this advertising done by Victorinox or by a private company. Is it a real advertising? I believe the advertising is real so far.

They are two cool knives for sure. The slim tang also got variations on the dates compared to the 91mm line. It is fun!

Had a small and nice fishing trip today 08.08.2014. I caught a nice cod and some mackerels. Not so much mackerel this year on the usual places. The picture is outside Hasseltangen and on the picture you can see a Varde

Titanium 1

Got myself a keyring LED light today. This is very small and it produces an ok light(model 358). The Asaklitt brand is a low cost brand. Also on the picture is a Victorinox SwissCard, there are models with LED on them. The SwissCards are made with a good quality.

Two nice folding knives from Helle. Dokka and Skåla

3 Wenger Titanium knives, 1, 2 and Ueli Steck S.E

Nice and fun

Enjoy life and be good. On the picture is one crazy bastard:) Died as a baby, run down by a motorcycle when i was 4, shot after as a kid, survived a boat accident and more.

Wenger Mira floating lighter. This is a very good lighter.

17.08.2014 day-trip to Åmli


Nice up here

Just a reconnaissance trip





Special grown pine

Not smart to jump in there

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26.07 | 23:05

Hi and thank you very much for question. The closest I know is the Master Fisherman 1.4753.72. The. 73 is related to what inlay it got maybe. Best Regards Trond

26.07 | 19:22

Hello Trond,
I received a Mechanic in a red/white Victorinox box. The box is stamped item number 1.47 53.73. Do you know what knife goes in this box? Not Mech

01.07 | 23:13

Hi, sure I would like to see, BR.

01.07 | 16:24

Hello Trond.

Would you be interested in seeing progress pictures
Of my custom Champ with Voyager digital clock scales.
I could email them to you.


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