You can find some information on the 84mm knives on the internet. Some years ago I received information from Victorinox also.

Usually these knives can be difficult to date and it can be difficult to find the correct name for them.

Many collectors use the numbers for identification usually. The names Popular and Secretary can be found on the internet. With the 84mm ribbed red alox knives I have found that they usually follow the Pioneer Range stampings and this can be helpful to know. The shim/spacer and key ring are made of Brass before 1986. The secretary with Victoria & crossbow stamp on the backside of the main blade was made 1968-1974. I am not sure if older blades could have been used further but the information on the Secretary from Victorinox say 1968-1974.

I have found that Victorinox has used different holders made of an imitation material and more.

It seems both the Secretary and popular can be found with different holders in history. 1957 ia s magic date for the alox knives by Victorinox but for the Pioneer Range. On the picture are knives from the 1960s-early 1980s in random order. If you have any questions just let me know!


It is fun to collect these knives and they are desirable for many. A victoria stamp is usually something extra.

I will post some more interesting things on this page. Many like minimalistic knives and these are very lightweight and slim. The quality is high!

The Red Alox knives with old cross is extra interesting!

Update 84mm Solo 2071 r+

Here are two interesting Elinox Solo 84mm 2071r+ knives. Like you know there are some production variations and evolution on knives. These two knives really get the mind working and going.

The Elinox on the top is extra interesting because of the different nail nick and that the blade is more in center + thicker on some places.

It is understandable that the main blade got production variations because on some knives it must fit into a body with more functions. Still i believe there is something more to the blade on the top. 1957-1974 is the period with the Elinox stamp and i believe these two are from around the late 1960s.

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21.01 | 09:23

Hi, thank you very much! I believe it could be because of them having different additional functions, example scraper and so forth. BR Trond

21.01 | 09:08

Hi! Thank you very much for question. The awl and chisel can be sharpened by following the grinded angle on them. I will have it in my mind. BR Trond

21.01 | 04:14

Now my question: how come that Vic has got TWO versions of an orange peeling tool in their "small" series. Oranges are not really that important here....

21.01 | 04:08

Hi there, first of all, compliments for this great compilation. the best for SAKs i've seen so far. just one question that only you may anwer (?): see next post

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