I would like talk some more about the Wenger Evolution and the scales. It was not new to this Brand with many different scale variations and materials used in them. From 2004-2013 the factory introduced many new innovation and incorporated different camo systems. This you can read about on the internet with the different Hardwoods, Blaze or Snow systems. For me the idea and impressions does fit well with a SAK because it does fit a versatile and multifunction knife very well.

That the handle scales by itself does more than just give a nice impression or a comfortable handle on them. The Evolution is a step to fulfill or make the Swiss Army Knife better and that these new scales could be made further versatile.

I have talked some about the scales around on my page or blog and I hope you could take the time to see.

If you search patent applications then you will discover the special inlays/emblems that Wenger use on the new and Evolution scales. It is specially made and it is an important factor with the knives because I know for a fact that this is part of the philosophy of the Brand. The Evolution scales represents to me a master design and even the rubber inlays in the two component Grip scales can be used for different engravings. All of my impressions and use does show that the rubber inlays are very durable and it really does increase the safety and comfort. What Wenger did with the new redesigning and knives is special to me. The Classic iconic knives with the normal style handles are iconic in the world and it does give a useful handle. The Classic shape could be used for different coatings and engravings very well. What happened with the Evolution was to me masterful because it did start a completely new book with SAKs. This is in the sense of making the versatile knife much more versatile in deed.

If we take a look at the Classic handles then most know about all the engravings, printing and inlays used in history. For me the Evolution is the next step also here and if we talk about the EvoWood or Evolution Wood to be correct then the use of laser engravings opens up many new possibilities on SAKs.

Update information

I have talked and explained about a company with the origin all the way back to 1893. The special changes in the 1970s are there and that the modern Swiss Army Knife from Wenger with example the S557 represents traditions from 1893-2013 or today. The philosophy on a SAK=S557 like I have talked about.  All the other Wenger products for that matter also. But it is the S557 that represents the total picture for me.

It is absolutely so that a SAK changes or show an evolution that follows the world or time we live in. New inventions, work, gear or society will be incorporated into a philosophy and evolution. Some functions are more lasting and will continue to be on the knives for a much longer time than some others. The S557 and functions have heritage and new inventions. I am convinced that Wenger did put the red evolution S557 in the set of united woods knives for many reasons. Some already explained in the company information.

Factors update

Development of Markets.


If you have been around Swiss Army Knives for many years both Victorinox and Wenger then you discover that there are some differences in the products in world markets. The differences may be a company philosophy or what the special market or country prefers. The quality is the same around the world.

Some markets are bigger and this is important for the makers naturally. I did study and research much on how the Wenger Brand and knives entered the US or American market. This was very interesting and important to learn. Also here the 1970s is very much involved.

Wenger and Victorinox has always been true to the philosophy on knives and products and it is especially interesting to research that some parts of the evolution on knives is not only because of new markets, time in history, new inventions or company innovation but also some on what people wish for. The Swiss Army Knife is a reflection of the world at the time and what would be the best products for the tasks. A SAK also have the symbolic presence of a being a product of multiuse. Only the imagination can put a stop for what it can be used for.

It is my impression that a SAKs evolution consists of factors with only some mentioned here:


Philosophy on products

Innovation and inventions

Time in history


People`s demands

Production methods


Business and economy

To uphold the multifunction presence

Best materials


Quality development

Respect for nature

Safety and comfort



Big Change update


This is a very important factor with the two Swiss Brands. Victorinox from 1884 and Wenger from 1893. This means that the two Brands have battled it out in history even with a gentleman` agreement.

That the two has been competitors or rivals for so long made a special influence on the knives obviously. This factor is now gone because it is only one Brand and this is Victorinox. So 2014 is a date in history that is very important with Swiss Army Knives and it will without a doubt have an influence on the products and knives in the future. It will develop differently than before.  I am very glad that so many knives will still be made in the Delemont plant and the products will continue but with some changes that is part of the new product range for the world.

Wenger`s product development in history has been a very important factor for how the knife look today but with this gone, if so it will be missed greatly. For a person that knows SAKs it is easy to understand that there is much difference between them but they sometimes intended for the same job. There has been two philosophies on SAKs until 2013!

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Hi and thank you very much for question. The closest I know is the Master Fisherman 1.4753.72. The. 73 is related to what inlay it got maybe. Best Regards Trond

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Hello Trond,
I received a Mechanic in a red/white Victorinox box. The box is stamped item number 1.47 53.73. Do you know what knife goes in this box? Not Mech

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Hi, sure I would like to see, BR. Trondsak@sakhome.com

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Hello Trond.

Would you be interested in seeing progress pictures
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