Special purpose knives

In the different articles and pages on there is some talk about special purposes.

In many cases the selective Swiss Army Knives are picked by the services. It will fulfill the task it is intended for and be used for many a task but it got its limitations sometimes.

It is possible to choose a specific knife for a special purpose for a specific device. It can be difficult to select a single model sometimes. It is possible for a knife model to have both the versatile or usual functions and the special ones in one body. This is the advantage of a SAK and it can be built for such jobs easy. The possibility for the use of bits does amplify the versatile use very much. It is important to test beforehand.

The situation mentioned above does explain the key advantages the SAK sandwich construction.

If we study the history of Swiss Army Knives then we see the invention of the Soldier knife and the officer’s knife by the founder Karl Elsener. The development of sportsman knives and the possibility of a sandwich construction with selective functions you can see in the old catalogues.

Today the services use ordinary models that everyone can buy on the market and sometimes a more specific model is used that you also can buy on the civilian market.  The SAK can be made to be in a set for survival or medical sets. It can be in a set with different functions made for a device or gear. The advantages with a special purpose made knife can reduce weight or space. The mindset behind the SAK for me is that it can be used for very many tasks and with the help of improvisation it can be used for much more.  I do believe that the SAK can be used for specific or special purpose far beyond the improvisation philosophy.

In the history of SAKs we see many special sets made for sports or other tasks. Many times these sets are looked upon as gadgets but the truth is that these are made for use. For the services the role of a set or specific knife can be much more important.

The gear and devices today can be developed special for easy repair and together with specific made knives become a very good combination.  

In the history of knives and today we can choose from a multitude of knives or products made for an incredible range of use. The philosophy of knives is that it can be versatile in the world market.

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21.11 | 18:40

Hi, thank you very much for question. I will try to identify and date. BR, Please send pictures :

21.11 | 18:18

Scissors file and knife opens on 1 side and Phillips #2 on the other. Wenger delemont Switzerland stainless, I can't find this knife. What's the value and date

08.11 | 08:59

Hi, thank you very much for comment, sure:

08.11 | 03:11

Hello, I have one, but I’m not sure what year its from. Can I send you some pics?

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