Felco 506 model Swiza


It is time for a Swiza knife again

Felco is a famous Swiss Company with history about Swiss Army Knives. Many of you know about the link with Victorinox and different Gardening knives. Knives used for the harvesting, pruning and work with flowers, bushes and much more. Swiza made a deal with Felco for knives and this model 506 is just one of several. I got this one because it got many functions on it. It is close to the D06 Swiza knife but not completely because the awl is missing. It is very interesting because we have talked about the awl used for Swiza knives before. It is a very sharp instrument that is very good for leather and similar materials. It is not the best on wood because this can damage the tip on it. I have no doubts about this Felco knife made by Swiza. It is high quality. I like the logo and the white vs. the red handles. On the internet you can find information regarding the two Companies if you want further information there. The 506 knife is made as a gardening tool that can see many other utility purposes too. The locking blade and the sturdy wood-saw  got a powerful combination for use on trees, bushes and plants. Many other functions can be handy with machines and equipment.

I am still very interested in Swiza knives and I have and had knives in my EDC rotation.

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23.04 | 10:04

Hi, thank you very much for question. There are some on ebay, the prices are high. I recommend groups on Facebook, from time to time they are there. BR

23.04 | 09:36


Where may I buy the above knife (old Wenger)? Thanks for your help.

29.03 | 00:28

Hi, thank you very much for message. Yes please send pictures to TrondSAK@SAKhome.com. Best Regards Trond

28.03 | 21:58

I have one with the capital V on Victorinox (1987), but the spring mentioned isn't there, and the date suggested is pre 1986.

Can I send some pictures to you?

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